Yoga Burn Review & Cost. Does It Work For Weight Loss In 2022?

Yoga has been used for centuries by the oldest civilization in the world Indus Valley civilization. The creation & invention of yoga has helped many people in their health journey. You know that Yoga is very helpful in overall health improvement but do you know that yoga is also very beneficial and helpful in promoting weight loss? But the only condition is that you perform yoga completely. Just normal yoga poses & positions will not help you in weight loss with yoga. And how can you do this professionally? To take a help of a yoga professional or by joining yoga classes? The answer is a BIG NO. You can learn how to do professional yoga and get the optimal & maximum benefits from yoga poses AT HOME, too. Without even trying so hard. It is just a mind game and smart learning.

Yoga Burn is a program that teaches you the best way to use yoga for weight loss and overall health improvement. But Yoga Burn does actually work? Do people get success with it? What is the cost and time frame for yoga learning? You will get to know all the details about yoga burn in this detailed, genuine & honest Yoga Burn Review.

Zoe Bray’s Yoga Burn Features

Name:Yoga Burn
Type:Yoga Teaching For Women For Weight Loss
Creator:Internationally Certified Yoga Trainer Zoe Bray-Cotton
Program Time-Frame:12 Week Yoga Challenge.
USP:Dynamic Sequencing
Access:Instant Access
Main Program;12 DVDs For 12 Weeks + Audiobooks
Bonus:4 Bonuses
Refund60 Days
Contact:1(866) 730-7334 Or
[email protected]
Availability:From Official Website Only
Official Website:Click Here

What Is Yoga Burn Actually

Zoe Bray-Cotton developed Yoga Burn. She has already developed a very popular Yoga Program called “Her Yoga Secret” before. Zoe created this program on the basis of  “Dynamic Sequencing Yoga”. Dynamic Sequencing Yoga is totally a new type of yoga program. This program is specially designed to help women lose weight in three different stages with increasing difficulties in every stage. Dynamic Sequencing Yoga helps women in developing a toned, tight, flexible, and healthy body.

Zoe Bray-Cotton has developed this Dynamic Sequencing Yoga method. It is a method of combination of specific yoga poses and doing them in a specific order to give your body more flexibility and strength. As you become familiar with the previous yoga pose, you will be given a little harder pose to do. This whole yoga method is a cycle of different yoga poses with increasing difficulty. This way your body will adapt to the yoga poses gradually. Going further and pushing yourself a little every day will eventually result in you doing difficult yoga poses with ease and comfort. And this will boost your overall health. And by going further with an increasing challenge you will avoid hitting a plateau in your workout progress.

The most important and the main USP of the Yoga Burn program is that it is a progressive learning method, so even a beginner and completely new person can also start easily and become an expert in yoga in very less time. By using this program you won’t have to do the same repetitive yoga poses every week because this program comes with 12 weeks of different yoga workout routines. As week by week, you become familiar with yoga, then every new coming week comes with a bit harder yoga session. This is the best way to get long-term benefits.

Yoga Burn Review

Stages Of Yoga Burn Program (Dynamic Sequencing)

Zoe has developed & divided Yoga Burn into 3 basic stages, so anyone with no prior experience can learn & also do their best. You learn and lose weight through these 3 stages. The combination of these three stages is known as Dynamic Sequencing.

1st Stage:  Foundational Flow

For building a strong and long-lasting construction a solid foundation is the basic requirement. The same is applied to building a strong and healthy body. If you want to lose weight, then it must be achieved healthily. For this, you need a strong basic foundation of a healthy body. And as per the name of this first stage of Dynamic Sequencing of Yoga Burn, this stage is all about building a solid foundation of flexibility, strength & fitness.

2nd Stage: Transitional Flow

After getting the basic idea and learning more about strength, the second phase comes in Yoga Burn which is called Transition Flow. In this stage, you will learn to combine the poses you learned in the first phase in a smooth, effortless, and dynamic sequence. From this stage, your actual weight loss journey starts. This stage is designed in a way that performing the yoga exercises as per the Transition Flow guides you, you will burn more and more calories. This stage also strengthens heart health.

3rd Stage: Mastery Flow

This is more of an advanced phase of Dynamic Sequencing. This is a difficult stage from the previous two. In this stage, you burn more calories and lose more weight. And as the name suggests you learn to master yoga. And if you master yoga then you will not need any other kind of exercise for your health ever in your life. Just do the yoga you learned from the Yoga Burn and nothing.

What Is Included In Yoga Burn

The whole Yoga Burn program comes in both ways. Physical & Digital. If you buy yoga burn then you get instant access to the digital program. You can instantly start to use the program from your phone or tablet or desktop and start your weight loss and health improvement journey with Dynamic Sequencing Yoga. And after purchase, you will receive your physical DVDs in a few days.

In this program you will get your full “Yoga Burn 12 Week Body Shaping Course“. This yoga course consists of three stages. Apart from this, you get instant access to the ” Quick Start Class & 20 In-Depth Pose Tutorials“. In every phase, you will get workout videos and before going to the next level, you will have to complete all the workout sessions of the previous stage.

Bonuses With Yoga Burn

With the main set of the Yoga Burn program, you get other free bonuses, too. All the details about free bonuses are given below

Bonus #1: Basic Audio Versions:

This is an audio version of each and every class. You can just put up your headphone, find a calm place and just start to listen to your tutorials. This is the best way for people who travel a lot and don’t get time.

Yoga Burn Free Bonus

Bonus #2: Tranquility Flow Class:

This program is basically not designed for weight loss but this is a program for mental relaxation. Whatever journey you are on, you will need to have a relaxed mind first, so you can focus more. This program is the best way to get your mind and body relaxed.

Yoga Burn Challenge Free Bonus

Bonus #3: Immersion Community:

This is a women-specific community of those women who are on the Yoga Burn journey right now. You get access to the community. You can talk to each other, ask for help, support and clear your doubts. Even get coaching calls in this community. I must say I have not seen any kind of fitness community as Yoga Burn provides for its users.

Yoga Burn Review Free Bonus

Bonus #4: Yoga Burn Monthly:

This is a set of DVDs of other types of Yoga poses like Vinyasa, Kundalini, Hatha, etc. All yoga poses included in this Bonus DVD are very beneficial for optimal health improvement. This is a set of ancient yoga poses and this is much more than you will ever get in a Yoga Class.

Yoga Burn Review

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Benefits Of Yoga Burn

There are plenty of other yoga programs available in the market but I can say that no one comes to the comparison with Zoe Bray-Cotton’s Yoga Burn. It has plenty of health benefits and numerous reasons why you should join this program. Some of the benefits of Yoga Burn have been mentioned below.

  • Challenging: The biggest benefit of yoga burn is that the program constantly challenges you to improve yourself by providing you with more advanced and hard workouts than your previous one. This program is not open to all programs but it is specifically designed for women only. So you get the maximum benefits from the program.
  • Weight Loss: The program helps you with weight loss. It helps you in burning more & more calories as you get more comfortable with the exercises.

weight loss after before java burn

  • Beginner Friendly: One of the biggest benefits is that the Yoga Burn is designed in a way to help a person, who has never done any yoga or exercise. Even a newbie can join this program and easily learn the Yoga Technic for a healthy and slim body.
  • Improves Strength, Balance, and Flexibility: While doing yoga burn poses your slow body movements and deep breathing increases blood flow in blood vessels. This process warms up your muscles and holding a pose increases strength building.
  • Back Pain relief: If you are going through back pain for a long time then Yoga Burn can be beneficial for you. It helps you in learning the basics of body stretching for easing pain. It also helps in improving mobility in people with lower back pain. It has been recommended by The American College of Physicians to do yoga as a first-line treatment for chronic low back pain.
  • Improve Heart Health: Regular practice of Yoga Burn poses, helps you in reducing stress levels and inflammation in your body. This improves heart health. The main reasons for bad heart health are high blood pressure and excess weight. These both can be tackled by doing Yoga.
  • Better Sleep: Regular yoga practice helps you in releasing negative energy and toxic thoughts and clean & calm your mind. Apart from this, constant yoga practice helps you in preparing your mind for peaceful rest. Thus your sleeping improves with the Yoga Burn yoga workout.
  • Community Support: With Yoga Burn, you get access the like-minded people’s community. All women in this community are on the same ship as you are. You get ideas and clear your doubts about the community. You can even share your little achievements with the community.

Who Can Use Yoga Burn?

Yoga Burn is designed specifically and only for women. This program is basically for weight loss using ancient workout technics without using any weight loss supplement or weight loss diet. Any woman who wants to lose weight and want to get in shape again without spending hours sweating at the gym or without lifting heavy weights can join Yoga Burn. If you want to lose weight naturally then you can also join the Yoga Burn program. It is not a magical 1-week weight loss program but a long-term plan for a healthy & fit body. Yoga Burn is a great gift for ladies who loves to stay healthy but don’t have any kind of guidance.

How Many Days For Weight Loss

The first rule of weight loss is always don’t rush. You will never see healthy results in your body in just 1-2 days. But by using Yoga Burn, you will start to notice changes in your body in the first few weeks. It is a 12-week program. You will notice a lot has changed in yourself after this 12-week course completion. Most women start to see a change in their physics in the first phase and for others, this change starts from the second phase. But the users of Yoga Burn are happy and Yoga Burn doesn’t have complaints about non-working for any of its users.

And by the end of the third phase, you will see yourself where you always wanted to be. Weight-wise most of the goals will be achieved if you follow all the guidelines as per the program. And apart from these workout yoga sessions, you will have to make some diet changes, too. If you already eating healthy then you don’t have to change. But if your most meals are pizzas and burgers then you will have to think about stopping or lowering to 1 day a week of eating these all unhealthy foods. Weight loss is all about healthy food + healthy workout.

Yoga Burn Price

I recommend you buy only from the official website, so you get the authentic program. To buy from the official website click here. You can buy Yoga Burn just for $37. $37 is way less than going for a weight loss center like Red Mountain Weight Loss or another, where you will have to pay around $200-$500 for different weight loss programs. And you will get the benefit of doing yoga as per your choice and your comfortable time and at your comfort zone in your house. This is a whole program fee. For $37 you get both physical DVDs and digital programs, too.

And there is a second option of buying a 2 copies combo of the program for $57. If you have a friend or a family member who also wants to join the Yoga Burn then you can buy this second option of combo copies. By doing this you save $9 dollars each.

Yoga Burn Price

Buy NowBuy From Official Website. Click Above.

Refund Policy

The Yoga Burn program comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 full days. If you by any chance feel that, you have not achieved the results your desire from Yoga Burn, then you can get a full refund. You just have to call them on their toll-free number 1(866) 730-7334 or Email them at [email protected] and ask them for a refund. Just contact them from Monday to Friday from 9 am – 5 pm EST.

The Creator: Zoe Bray-Cotton

Zoe Bray-Cotton is an internationally certified yoga instructor and personal trainer. She is a specialist in the female transformation field. Zoe has helped over a million women around the world in transforming their lives through her various fitness programs. She is the creator of a popular fitness program for women YOGA BURN. She has completed 15000+ hours in Yoga training sessions and has helped many women in transforming their physic. Yoga Burn is a combination o Zoe’s knowledge & experience.

Conclusion: Yoga Burn Review

Zoe Bray-Cotton has carved a special place for her in Yoga World. She is a popular and well-respected fitness trainer in the world. Her experience has helped many women in achieving their health goals. So, if you are a woman who wants to gain back her healthy, toned, slim and thin body and if you enjoy yoga or like to give yoga a try, then Yoga Burn is definitely for you. This program already has helped thousands of women out there. Many women have seen tremendous changes in their bodies and in their overall health. Who knows, yours could be the next Yoga Burn success story. Best Of Luck!


Que: How Does Yoga Burn Work?

Ans: Yoga Burn Works On The Principal Of Dynamic Sequencing. It Is A Method Which Teaches You To Learn Yoga An Then Gives You a Bit Harder Yoga Challenge.

Que: Can Pregnant Lady Join Yoga Burn?

Ans: As Per The Official Website, Yoga Burn Is Very Beneficial For Pregnant Ladies. It Can Help You throughout Pregnancy And Even After Your Delivery.

Que: Is Yoga Burn Different From Yoga Classes?

Ans: Yoga Burn Is Way Different From Crowded & Over Priced Yoga Classes. Yoga Burn Is Specially Designed Only For Women To Help Them In Weight Loss & Body Shaping In The Shortest Time.

Que: What If I Find Workouts Heavy?

Ans: It Is A Program Designed In A Way To Suit All Kinds Of Women From Beginner To Advanced. Dynamic Sequencing Will Help You In Getting Comfortable With Each Pose.

Que: From Where Should I Order?

Ans: I Suggest You Order Only From the Official Website Of Zoe Bray- Cotton

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