Victoria Vesce Brain Tumor

Who Is Victoria Vesce? Attorney, Model & Brain Tumor. Detailed Bio.

Victoria Vesce is a real example of beauty with a brain. On her beauty side, she is the finalist of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s 2022 and will be featured in the Sports Illustrated Swim Magazine Launch. And on her brain side, the model is a full-time attorney with Berman Law Group. She is gaining quite a popularity on her Instagram. She has more than 200K followers on her Instagram account. Her increasing popularity has made people search a lot of things about her on the internet.

If you are searching for Victoria Vesce’s bio, height, age, measurement and other personal details about her then you will get all your questions answered by the time you end reading this article.

Victoria Vesce Bio/Wiki

Full Name:Victoria DeHart Vesce
Birthdate:12 April 993
Age:(In 2022)29 Years Old
Birthplace:Nashville, NC, USA
Birth Sign:Aries
Instagram:Victoria Vesce @victoriavesce
TikTok:JD @victoriavesce

Who Is Victoria Vesce?

Victoria Vesce is a lawyer by profession and currently, she is working with Berman Law Group in South Florida. Her full name is Victoria DeHart Vesce. According to Victori’s personal website, she has done her graduation from North Carolina State University in Media Communications & has completed her Juris Doctorate from Charleston School of Law. Apart from being an attorney, Victoria Vesce has modelling contacts with JL Model Management and Marilyn’s Agency. She has been featured in different fashion magazines like Charlotte Girl, Today’s Charlotte Woman, Elevate Lifestyle, etc. And also did catalogue shoots for Miami Swim Week.

Apart from being a model, Victoria Vesce is also very good at dancing. In her college days, she used to be a cheerleader for her team Carolina Hurricanes. From dancing at NBA Global Games in China to performing at the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro are some of Victoria’s successes as a dancer. Victoria Vesce is also one of those famous Monster Energy Girls working with NASCAR, Supercross, etc.

Victoria was a very active student in her university days at NC State University. She was a part of many programmes like the National Society of Leadership and Success, the National Honor Society, and the Equestrian Club & she was also the staff writer for her University student paper. She is a multi-tasking woman.

Victoria Vesce Measurment

Being a model Victor Vesce maintains herself a lot. The 29-year-old attorney is quite famous for her perfect body shape, beautiful looks and amazing smile. She has provided data about her measurements on her official website

Height:5 Feet 8 Inches or 176 CM
Waist:27 Inches
Hips:36 Inches
Bust:34 D

Victoria Vesce Brain Tumor

According to Victoria Vesce’s interview with Fox News, in 2017 Victoria was diagnosed with multiple Paraganglioma. It is a rare medical situation or a disease that 2 people in a million have a chance to be diagnosed with this. It is a brain-skull tumour and a carotid body tumour. The tumour requires surgery & pinpoint radiation treatment.

When Victoria was at Duke University Hospital for her treatment she voluntarily participated in a study. This study has helped many patients in fighting & successfully overcoming rare tumours & do the different types of pinpoint radiation that Victoria did in a study. Since then Victoria has been doing a lot of work with the National Brain Tumor Society. And she is going to be honoured at the 5th Annual Wonder Woman Initiative at Miami Swim Week.

In the same interview with Fox News, Victoria told about her journey with a brain tumour. At the age of 23 in 2017 when Victoria was the healthiest, she suddenly started getting sick. Her illness started with dizziness & migraines. But initially, Victoria ignored all the signs as she thought she is a just 23-year-old healthy girl and what wrong can happen to her health. And top of that she was misdiagnosed for 6 months.

One day suddenly Victoria lost around 40% of her hearing ability. Her ear was bleeding and he was feeling so dizzy. After that, the coming six months made her more & more sick without any solid explanation. Slowly her symptoms got worse. She started to have sudden extreme nausea, facial numbness, low blood pressure and most of the symptoms of a brain tumour. Until six months it was a crazy journey for her. Victoria was running to emergency care every now & then and finally, she was diagnosed with a tumour.

Before her diagnosis, she did a lot of tests. And by the time she was doing her gearing test she was already losing her hearing ability. Victoria Vesce has lost 100% hearing in her right ear. When she finally found out about her rare disease, Victoria’s heart just dropped. Being just 23 years old and physically healthy it was hard to accept that she is suffering from a brain tumour. It was a nightmare for her.

After she was diagnosed she was referred to Duke University Hospital. There she underwent many other tests and right before her 24th birthday, Victoria was diagnosed with a second tumour. To save herself from paralysis or even death, Victoria was advised to undergo surgery. She underwent the surgery in May 2017. And it took her six weeks in recovery to eat & walk again on her own.

Victoria Vesce Photos

Here is the collection of Victoria Vesce’s professional photographs. I hope you like the collection of Victoria Vesce’s Pics. Victoria Vesce has experienced a lot at a very young age.

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Victoria Vesce

Final Words: Victoria Vesce Bio

From being a successful dancer at her university to participating in dancing at the opening of the 2016 Olympics to bottling a rare brain tumour to becoming a lawyer to being a successful model, Victor Vesec has suffered a lot. She is an inspiration for all the women out there. In her life journey/bio, I tried to share everything about Victoria Vesce. I hope you liked the information about Victoria.

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