Who Is Trans Girlfriend Of Lamar Odom Daniielle Alexis?

Lamar Odom Daniielle Alexis Dating

Former star basketball player Lamar Odom is in news in recent days. Not because of his association with sports but because of his alleged dating rumors with transgender actress Danielle Alexis. Lamar & his new Trans girlfriend is all over the internet. People on social media platforms just want to know more about Danielle Alexis.

In this article, we will discuss all the details about Lamar Odom and his affair with an Australian actress Daniielle Alexis. We will also go through the facts about whether they are dating in real or if these are all just rumors and who is his alleged new girlfriend Daniielle Alexis.

Who Is Daniielle Alexis?

Daniielle Alexis is an Australian-born actress. She is the first transgender actress from Australia who has been signed for working in Hollywood. She gained fame from her very first worldwide Netflix series “Wentworth”. As the series was released and people got to know about her gender, she quickly became the star face of the LGBTQ community. She is currently in the USA on an acting visa permit.

Daniielle was born in Bunbury, West Australia, and later shifted to Perth. From her childhood, she faced a lot of bullying and discrimination due to her identity. According to her interview with 7 News Australia, she was six when her parents got divorced. And after the separation of her parents, Daniielle moved to Perth with her mother and older sister Ashton.

She later told in the interview that from the age of five, her identity crises started. From starting she was showing clear signs of being a girl or wanting to be like a girl to her parents. But in the initial days, her parents didn’t bother to give it a thought and just thought that their little boy is just trying to copy his older sister. But things inside her kept on growing about being a woman.

Daniielle further expressed that she moved to Perth with her mother and sister after her parent’s divorce was kind of a blessing for her. Because her father who is now very supportive of her was not that supportive of her in her childhood. But her mother was more open-minded about such behaviors and as a family Daniielle only had her mother and a sister, so it was very easy for her to open up about herself in front of women.

Revealing more about her growing up days, The Heights actress said that her schooling days were horrific for her. From bullying to mental abuse to even physical abuse, she had gone through a lot just due to her Identity. But she kept on going to school due to constant motivation from her mother and family.

Danielle Alexi Gender Transistion

After passing high school, she decided to change her gender at the age of 19. Danielle gives credit to her mother and some of her female friends who motivated her to undergo the process of transition. She describes her transition process as not an easy task. She said in the same interview that after a life of abuse and judgment, it was her family and friends who helped her in becoming the woman that she is today.

Daniielle Alexis Transgender

Acting Career

Daniielle’s older sister Ashton is the main reason behind her being an actress today. Ashton in her childhood was training herself for singing. Danielle’s mother wanted her to do something creative like her older sister. So, she gave thought to act. In her own words she said, “I got into drama and excelled in that, I knew that I wanted to go on the stage, or tv and film and express my creativity”.

But it was not possible for her to pursue acting as her career before she completes her transition fully. So, After her transition, she got into acting. It was her dream to do acting in Hollywood.

Lamar Odom Dating Daniielle Alexis

Neither Lamar Odom nor Daniielle Alexis has confirmed anything about their relationship. All these are just rumors as of now. The rumors started spreading after Daniielle Alexis shared a picture with Lamar on her Instagram.

People are speculating about Lamar’s new girlfriend because he recently broke up with her ex Khloe Kardashian. Yet nothing has been official from any of them but according to a report posted in All Hip Hip, Lamar is a Heterosexual male. So the rumors about Lamar And Daniielle’s dating might be or might be false, too. Let us wait and watch.

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