Sian Brooke In House Of Dragons

Who Is Sian Brooke? Queen Aemma Of House Of Dragons. Filmography & Husband

Hollywood is one of the successful movie industries with talented and wealthy actors. Despite the fact that many of them come from different walks of life and places, they’ve been able to endorse million-dollar projects within the industry. The glamour industry always becomes the center point for many people. With millions and millions of fans around the world, Hollywood actors enjoy the most lavish & luxurious life full of fame. Their personal lives are always the most intriguing thing for their fans. 

Here today in this article we will talk and know more about the very talented actress Sian Brooke. Sian Brooke took part in the most intriguing drama of all the years “House Of Dragon“, a spinoff of Game of Thrones which premiered on August 21, 2022.

Let’s get to know more about Brookes and some of her movies and TV shows.

Who Is Sian Brooke?

Her full name is Sian Elizabeth Philips. She is a 42 years old English actress born in 1980 in England, Lichfield, Staffordshire to be precise. Sian Brooke is the last born of her parents who decided to go by the stage name Sian Brooke in order to maintain a difference from the prominent veteran actress Sian Philip.

She is the daughter of Welsh parents. Her mother was a teacher and her father was a policeman. She started her schooling in Lichfield’s local school Friary School.  She was quite interested in acting from a very young age. Sian started her acting career at the age of 11. She started performing at the Lichfield Youth Theatre. Sian Brooke decided to pursue acting as her career and joined the National Youth Theatre In 2002. That same year, she made her acting debut in the television series Dinotopia as KristaHotel Babylon,

Sian Brooke Young

A Touch of Frost, Phyllida Law,  Foyle’s War, and The Fixer are some of Sian Brooke’s TV appearances. She appeared in the movie Strangers in Utah as a young girl alongside Adrian Dunbar and she starred as Laura in All About George and Lori Marcuse in Cape Wrath as one of the key characters. 

Sian also has shared the stage with one of the prominent actors of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Benedict Cumberbatch. They were performing Hamlet onstage in 2015. You might or might have not noticed but Sian was also a part of Sherlock Holmes where she played Sherlock Holmes’ hidden sister Eurus


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Apart from acting she also has done some voice-overs, too. She lends her voice to Radio dramas, such as Murder on the Homefront. Sian is also a good human being. Apart from all these glittering lives of her she also holds a special place for Climate in her life. Brooke is a proud brand ambassador for ’The Glacier Trust’’. This is the organization that is actively involved in publishing various types of research about glaciers. 

Sian Brooke In House Of Dragons

House Of Dragon is a prequel of Game Of Thrones. It has set up 200 years prior to the story of GoT. House Of Dragons is one of the most awaited shows of 2022. According to some sources, the release of House Of Dragons on HBO has broken all records. The show has received 10 million viewership. 

The show is based on the book “Fire & Blood”. Sian Brooke played the role of Queen Aemma in the HBO series. In the series, she had 5 miscarriages and finally got pregnant for the king (King Viserys I Targaryen). Queen Aemma married his cousin King Viserys I Targaryen for the good of their bloodline. 

“House Of The Dragon” is the biggest chance that Sian Brooke has ever got in her filmy career. Being a part of such a big series and playing a pivotal role in it is such an honor for an actor. The show has reignited the interest of GoT fans. And GoT fans are expecting so much from the House Of Dragons.

Sian Brooke In Sherlock Holmes

Prior to landing the role, Sian had no idea she would be playing Eurus Holmes in Sherlock. The actress gave three different roles in the show auditions, but she wasn’t told that they were all for the same part—playing Sherlock’s hidden sister—until the creators, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss gave her the part.


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She commented after the screening of The Final Problem, “When I found out I’ve gotten the part, I felt incredibly lucky to be part of it, and to join something that I love for such a long time.” The actress portrayed Eurus Holmes, the girl on the bus, John’s therapist, and Culverton’s daughter in the BBC drama.

Sian Brooke Husband & Kids

Sian Brooke got married to Bill Buckhurst in 2010, they are happily married and have an exciting relationship.

She also appeared in Bill’s feature film “Pond Life.” She stated in an interview that it was their first time working together and that it was a wonderful experience. Brooke continued by saying how intensely they love one another. They use facetime whenever they can’t see each other in person to communicate.

Bill is a renowned director in addition to being a talented actor. Movies, TV shows, and miniseries are just a few of the things he is responsible for producing. 

He received the 2020 Off West End Award for Best Director of a Musical in recognition of Dave Malloy’s film Ghost Quartet and also performed in many TV shows. Although Bill has appeared in many movies, Pond Life stands out.

Sian Brooke In House Of Dragons

Sian Brooke and Bill Buckhurst have two kids, their names are Ben and Archie. They are estimated to be six and eight years old, respectively and their parents prefer to keep the specifics of their family life a secret.

Sian Brooke Movies & TV Shows

Here’s a list of movies and TV shows acted by Sian Brookes from starting her acting career in 2002 to the recent days.

YearMovie/TV With Character
2002–2003>Dinotopia as Krista
2005>All About George as Laura
>Under the Greenwood Tree as Susan Dewy
2006>A Touch of Frost as Carol Haymarsh
>Housewife, as Evelyn Edwards
2007>Foyle's War as Phyllis Law
>Hotel Babylon as Lisa
>Cape Wrath as Lori Marcuse
2008>The Fixer as Melrose Cassidy
>Midsomer Murders as Christine Turner
>The Commander as DC Marian Randall
2009>Doc Martin as Claire
2010>Vexed as Suzie Miller
>New Tricks as Eileen Harrison
2011>Garrow's Law as Ann Hadfield
>Silk as Annie Laidlaw
2013>Man Down as Daisy
2014>Lewis as Jennie Brightway
2015>Not Safe for Work as Martine McCutcheon
2017>Sherlock as Eurus Holmes
>The Moorside as Natalie Brown
>Doctor Foster Sian as Lambert
2019>Good Omens as Deirdre Young
>Guilt as Claire
2020-21>Trying Karen, Lead Character
>Stephen as Cressida Dick
2022>No Return as Megan McGee
>House of the Dragon as Queen Aemma Arryn.
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