Who Is Paige Niemann? Ariana Grande Lookalike. Bio, Age, Height, Ethnicity.

Paige Niemann Ariana Grande

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American social media influencer Paige Niemann also known as Ariana Grande’s lookalike or her impersonate is news these days. Her exact face matching with Ariana’s face has grabbed the attention of a lot of people. 18 years old TikTok star is quite famous on various social media platforms with a huge follower base.

The fans of Ariana Grande completely showed their shocked reaction when they found similarities with another woman. The girl somehow looks like her and has taken the attention of the people very quickly. With a TikTok video, Paige Niemann became popular, and even though the Tiktok video has taken the attention more than Millions of fans.

 Back in 2019, Paige Niemann shared a lot of videos of her on Tiktok, a platform, and from there and she became viral. After she made a video with a cat-like voice, fans of Ariana found similarities between these two celebrities. Even she has to go through a lot of mocking from the fans of Ariana. On the other side, a large section of people event could not go through the similarities, and still, they could not believe it.

Moreover, this young talented social media influencer Paige Niemann has also taken the attention of the famous American singer Ariana Grande. In fact, she has also given her statement about the video where Paige used a cat-like voice in the video. She stated that she did not understand why Paige used such a voice. However, she looked very cute and sweetest in the video. 

Who Is Paige Niemann?

Paige Niemann is a very young talent and a very famous social media personality who has been recognized by millions of fans. At the same time, she is also famous as an entrepreneur, content creator, actress, Model, Tiktok star, and Instagram personality. This young talent Paige Niemann is taking the attention of people by making different types of music videos and lip sync for the Tiktok platform.

But for the audience, she has been recognized as she is possessed a similar kind of look to Ariana. Paige Niemann dubbed a lot of videos with the exact look of this famous American singer. In fact, she also made a lot of videos with very similar kinds of dresses, just like the American singer Ariana Grande. 

On the other side posting several videos on the Tiktok platform, she has earned more than 10 million followers. She is equally running a very successful YouTube channel, and for the YouTube channel, she has more than 10k subscribers. As a model, she also snatched the attention of the people and established herself. Equally, Paige Niemann is also famous as a content creator and social media influencer. 

Back in 2016, she started posting short videos on Tiktok social media platform, and after that, she made herself popular eventually with time. Typically in 2019, she grabbed the attention of the people for the first time when she appeared exactly similar to the American singer Ariana. Her presentation in the video and the overall look with her strong dressing sense helped her to go viral on the social media platform.

The huge recognition from the audience also helped her to receive the attention of the singer Ariana herself as well. And from then she made herself popular among the audience and shared different types of Tik Tok videos. Mostly the Tik Tok videos were lip sync, and she acted in the videos by singing and dancing. 

However, the incident of the viral video of this famous social media personality offended Ariana slightly. But she ignored the cat-like voice in the video and praised her acting and dubbing in the video. And after she received both positive and negative reactions to the video, people have also given their reactions too. 

Some people were very happy, and some of them were angry. However, with the passing of time, she has managed to take a secured position in the hearts of her fans. Now she is one of the most talented personalities in the American industry. She is also a very successful entrepreneur, and through her YouTube channel, she also communicates with the audience. 

Ariana Grande Lookalike

Millions of fans became completely surprised when they found out that similar kind of look of Ariana with Paige Niemann. By mistake, the audience at first thought that it was Ariana. But after observing several Tik Tok videos, they realized that it was not Ariana but Paige Niemann. Many fans have supported her, and many fans of Ariana also lashed out at her. 

Besides that, Paige Niemann appeared on social media platforms, mostly on Tik Tok by wearing the same kind of dresses and hairstyle as Ariana. And whenever she tried to copy the style statement and dress up of Ariana, the famous American singer, by mistake, the audience thought she was Ariana. At the same time, many people have also expressed their surprised reactions to having such similarities and faces. 

The lookalike discussion of Paige Niemann with Ariana became a hot topic for the audience. And from then often, the audience found a lot of similarities between these two famous personalities. 

What Reddit Have To Say About Her

Reddit is a Platform from where the audience can provide their thoughts and reactions freely. It is an open kind of platform to discuss anything. And when the audience found the similarities between the American singers, Ariana, with Paige they have given their reactions on the platform too. Multiple people have given multiple opinions on the platform.

However, the platform has given its statement on the matter. The platform said that the comparison between these two famous personalities was absolutely ridiculous. In fact, the controversy over lookalikes was also a kind of hilarious thing. 

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of threads live on this matter on Reddit. Some are talking about the similarities Ariana and Paige have and some of them are just talking about Paige Niemann’s only fans account. Yes, that’s true, Paige is on Only Fans. Here is a Reddit Thread you can check out for the same.

Age, Height, Ethnicity

Paige Niemann is a very young talent, and she was born on April 26, 2004, in the United States of America. She belongs to a Christian family. According to 2022, she is 18 years old, and every year on April 26, she celebrates her birthday with her family, friends, and her fans on multiple social media platforms.

According to the source, the estimated height of this famous social media personality Paige Niemann is 5 feet and 5 inches.  At the same time, Paige Niemann also shared a mixed ethnicity. Moreover, she also belongs to a very well-to-do family, and from her childhood days, she was very close to her grandmother. Besides that, her grandmother of her also belongs to Italian descent. As she was very close to her grandmother, she posted a lot of pictures on social media platforms with her grandmother.

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