Who Is Nicholas Galitzine Dating? Sofia Carson Or Camila Cabello

Celebrity relationships are a big deal in the news among gist lovers and fans all over the world, who either follow these news items to ‘keep up with the Kardashians’ or just out of pure admiration for those who hold celebrity crush status. Recently Netflix’s original movie “Purple Hearts” was released on 28th of July. It has been widely loved by the people. And as the film dropped, people started to speculate that the onscreen couple Sofia Carson & Nicholas Galitzine started dating. It’s no wonder journalists and paparazzi turn to full-time private investigators in a bid to uncover these celebrities’ lives, keeping the fans informed on who the ‘items’ in Hollywood are.

While a lot of these celebrity couples enjoy the spotlight, few others are in constant battle with the media and private investigators to keep parts or all of their personal life private. This seems like a futile effort for some, while a couple more has succeeded in keeping the prying eyes of the media and adoring fans out of their personal lives.

None of these celebrities however have been able to achieve the level of media silence about their relationships that the famous actor and singer Nicholas Galitzine has achieved over the years of his rise to fame. This has made news about his relationship and love life all the more sought after.

Who Is Nicholas Galitzine?

His full name is Nicholas Dimitri Constantine Galitzine, he was born to one of the ruling Russian royal lines who had established businesses in Europe on 29th September 1994. Nicholas was a healthy and agile baby, showing a lot of potential even as a child as he sang in the church choir at the age of ten. 

The 27-year-old actor, singer, and songwriter started his rise to fame with his debut role in the awesome award-winning movie “The beat beneath my feet” were, acting as the character Tom who starred along with famous actor Luke Perry. And even though it was his debut movie, he wrote and performed most of the songs that were used for the film’s OST.

Nicholas Galitzine

He quickly rose from there to become a highly sought-after actor for musicals and other scripts that presented challenging roles. Playing a young closeted gay student in Hansome devil an Irish comedy show which had up to five nominations in the 15th Irish Film & Television Awards.

He was also nominated in 2016 for the ‘star of tomorrow’ acting award by screen international. Nicholas has gotten a lot of other nominations based on his excellent acting and the melodious OSTs he seems to always have a hand in making. 

He also played an emotional role acting as a bisexual teenager Timmy in 2020 in the movie sequel for The Craft. In 2021 he played the famous lead role of Prince Roberts in the musical Cinderella, winning the heart of many a damsel with the role.

One of his most recent movies in 2022 cast him as the fictional character Prince Henry of Wales in the screen adaptation of an LGBTQIA romance story, Red, White, and Royal Blue where he acted in one of the lead roles. His latest movie feature, however, that has once again pushed him further into the spotlight is his role as Luke in the Netflix movie Purple Hearts which is due for release on the 29th of July 2022. 

He recently wowed his fans by unlocking yet another surprising angle to his creativity when he dropped his first single Comfort on the 24th of June  2022. The song, which seems to be making its way fast up the billboard, has been well accepted by his fans and both the movie and music communities as a great piece of art that would open the door for other great musical works of his.

Comfort is OUT NOW!!!

Thank you to everyone who guided me on this project. I’m still learning so much but im beyond happy I get to share this journey with you. pic.twitter.com/RioY6XAaQg

— Nicholas Galitzine (@nickgalitzine) June 24, 2022

Is Nicholas Galitzine Dating Sofia Carson?

As their movie was released on Netflix, rumors started to spread on the internet about their dating. Fans are very excited after watching “Purple Hearts”. The on-screen couple acted so well in the movie and the emotional connection between them was so real that people were forced to believe that something might be brewing between them. But the answer might disappoint you. Sofia Carson is not Nicholas Galitzine’s girlfriend in 2022. No, they are not in a relationship. They are just good actors and co-stars.


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Nicholas Galitzine Current Relationship

Whether or not the sensational actor and singer Nicholas Galitzine is in a relationship has been an elusive topic for years. The superstar has been known to never talk about his love or relationship life, both to the media and on shows. The only time he mentioned any romantic attachments was in an interview with Wonderland Magazine, where he said he tried out for his first acting job because a girl he liked was going to be there.

Apart from that, little to no mention has been made about who he is currently in a relationship with. Though the revelation in the interview and the fact that Nicholas has come out to say that he is a straight man are strong indications that he may be in a relationship, the details of his affairs or partners remain as elusive as ever.

Nicholas Galitzine dating Sofia Carson

Though Nicholas Galitzine has been seen on several occasions on outings with many of his co-stars and some musicians, especially people he has shared a set with. Since neither he nor any of these female celebrities have come out to openly admit to being intimate, romantic, or in a relationship it can only be safely assumed that the talented maverick is still single in every sense of the word. 

So currently, Nicholas is believed to be single by both the media and the world, until he or any other reliable source proves it to be otherwise. A lot of his fans are taking this well as they would rather have their man-idol single and be the man of their fantasies. Other fans however are eager to hear he has found himself a soulmate so they can watch him live out the starry-eyes love scenes he has served them ever so often.

Nicholas Galitzine Dating History

Nicholas Galitzine has made several appearances on occasion with some of the most beautiful stars in Hollywood hanging from his arm, but he is yet to record a relationship. It is not unusual to see the Cinderella actor on outings with stars he has worked with either in movies or in making the beautiful soundtracks of most of the movies he has been on.

Some of the most enduring rumors however have involved beautiful women like his co-star in the prominent movie Chambers, Lilli Kay. News of his alleged relationship with the actress hit the internet after they were seen together a couple of times after they shared a set.

Other celebrities who have been accused of having a relationship or a fling with this great actor would include Camila Cabello, who has been his partner in making up to 70% of the OSTs he has made. Camila Nicholas even shared a picture on his Instagram with the caption Luv you @camila_cabello.


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Sofia Carson is a very talented actress who he met on set at the shooting of the Netflix movie Purple Hearts. And Gideon Aldon, who happens to be the only lady he has openly come out to say they are friends.

Final Words: Nicholas Galitzine Dating

Nicholas Galitzine is easily known for a lot of his iconic work, but he is yet to make the news because of his love/relationship life. The Libra-born prince charming is either sticking to his principles and keeping his love life very quiet or is open to a budding, life-changing relationship. Or just isn’t ready.

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