Who Is Dell Curry Dating Now? New Girlfriend & Sonya Curry’s Boyfriend Details

Dell And Sonia Curry

Who Is Dell Curry Dating Now? There is a new girl in Dell Curry’s life. Former American Basketball player Dell Curry is in the news after he came to watch his son Steph Curry’s Warriors Vs Celtic game 4 match with his new girlfriend. And people want to know more about Dell Curry’s new partner. Dell curry’s relationship with her wife & Steph Curry’s mother Sonya Curry was over last year. In last year June, they filed for divorce and both accused each other of cheating in their divorce papers. Dell Currey & Sonya Curry got divorced after 33 years of a happy marriage in August last year.

While filing for divorce, Sonya said that during their marriage Dell has had affairs with different women. And Sonya further stated that people from family and close friends knew about Dell’s infidelity. But this turned uglier when Dell Curry caused Sonya Curry of having an affair with Steven Johnson while being married to Dell Curry.

This was the matter which was later sorted out and they got divorced. But after appearing at game 4 of The NBA finals for watching his son play, Dell is again in news for his new girlfriend.


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How Dell & Sonya Curry Separated

After a lot of speculation and accusations, Curry Couple finally got divorced on the 23rd of August 2021. The couple was together for almost 33 years. First, they met at studying at Virginia Tech while they were studying. After dating for a long time finally, they married in 1988. From the marriage, the couple has 3 children 2 son Steph & Seth, and a daughter Sydel.

It almost looks like the couple was having a good marriage and they were happy together for almost 3 decades. But the reality is something else in their marriage. The couple decided to choose to be separated. Before getting divorced the couple was living separately since March last year. Sonya filed first for divorce on 14 June in North Carolina citing Dell Curry’s “Marital Misconduct” as the main reason for her filing for divorce.

After the accusations of Sonya Curry, Dell responded and accused Sonya of infidelity. Dell accused Sonya and told her that she committed “Illicit Sexual Misconduct” while being married to Dell. And further Dell also accused her of lying about the “Martial Misconduct” acts.

And as far as we look into the divorce records of Steph Curry’s parents divorce, we learned that Dell accused Sonya of living with another man Steven Johnson who is a former NFL player who played for the New England Patriots. Dell said that Sonya & Steven are living together at Dell’s 11,674 SQ foot residence in Tennessee in his fillings. Sonya later denied these allegations and tried to clear things up by saying that she lived in several places all alone because Dell didn’t allow her to stay at his place in Charlotte.

Dell also refused to give Spousal Support to Sonya due to his accusation of Sonya living with another man already before they get separated legally. In response to this, Sonya said that her current relationship started months after both Dell & Sonya mutually agreed to separate legally.

Dell & Sonya both tried to put the other in a bad light throughout their separation. But it was Sonya who took the first step and accused Dell of having affairs outside the marriage throughout their 3 decades of marriage. Sonya also said that the infidelity of Dell Carry is like an “Open Secret” in their family and close friends, they all know about the deeds of Dell Carry. Sonya further stated that she always tried to save their marriage & protect her family from public scrutiny & exposure that’s why she never came out and exposed Dell for his affairs. But she didn’t leave with any choice now apart from filing for divorce and exposing Dell.

Who Is Dell Curry’s New Girlfriend-Dating Now

Dell’s Ex-wife Sonya accused him of having many affairs while they were married. In fact, having affairs outside the marriage was one of the main reasons why the couple separated. Almost a year has passed since Dell & Sonya got legally separated. Now dell is again in news for his affair. Dell Curry raise people’s interest in his new partner when he arrived to watch his son Stephen Curry’s NBA finals match.

After searching a lot for details about Dell Curry’s new girlfriend, we found something about Dell Curry’s new girl. And you won’t actually believe me for this. Dell Curry’s new girlfriend is the ex-wife of Sonya Curry’s new Boyfriend Steven Johnson. Dell Curry’s new girl’s name is Nicki Smith. It is confusing I know. Until today we were not able to find anything about Dell Curry’s new girlfriend but we found something on Twitter today. People are trying to find out more about Dell’s new partner and Twitterati has successfully completed the findings.

nah this crazy. They switched partners πŸ’€ pic.twitter.com/XqsduY4B90

β€” LakeShowYo (@LakeShowYo) June 11, 2022

Cause they were! pic.twitter.com/u8k119dB35

β€” Mike Wright (@mikewright2424) June 11, 2022

People are giving different reactions on social media platforms about Dell Curry being spotted with his new girlfriend. Most of them are mocking and taking a dig at Steph Curry’s father Dell.

Dell Curry Dating New Girlfriend

Dell’s new girlfriend?πŸ€” pic.twitter.com/ie8rS7wr3B

β€” Took 3 πŸ’ from your King πŸ‘‘ (@DubMnE) June 11, 2022

Wait a minute lol does Dell Curry have a new little snow bunny girlfriend?? 🀣

β€” it me (@ash_guid) June 11, 2022

This the rebound? What a disappointment in his choice of companion he really must be grieving…lol

β€” SarahESizzles πŸ’«πŸŒ΅πŸ‘©πŸΎβ€πŸ’» (@Iam_MissSimpson) June 11, 2022

Sonya Curry Boyfriend

Here is the second side of the story. A story about Sonya Cussry’s boyfriend. Who is Sonya Curry’s new boyfriend? Steven Johnson is Dell Curry’s friend from Virginia Tech. And he is the ex-husband of Dell Curry’s New Girlfriend. When Sonya filed for divorce her ex-husband Dell Curry was accused of her having an affair with Ex-NFL player Steven Johnson before they agreed on separate. Sonya Curry was also spotted with her new boyfriend when she came to watch the finals of her son Steph Curry. Her Boyfriend Steve Johnson is a businessman and previously he was a tight end for England Patriots. Steven was also studying at Virginia Tech. He played for Virginia Tech from 1984 to 1987. Later he was selected by New England.

Dell Curry New Girlfriend

Sonya Curry and new boyfriend congratulate Steph after the game #NBAFinals pic.twitter.com/WsR2wrmpKh

β€” Breakingtrendsnews (@Breakingtrends1) June 11, 2022

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