Who Is Andrea Iervolino? Selena Gomez’ New Boyfriend?

Selena Gomez And Andrea Iervolino Dating

The entertainment industry is full of mysteries. Celebrity dating, their link-ups, and their break-ups are always the talk of the town. Their fans always want to know more about their favorite stars and their personal lives. Who are they dating, their new girlfriends, and new boyfriends are always on the radar of big media houses. Even though celebrities are always in the sights of news publications,  some celebrities sometimes successfully manage to hide news about their dating life. But where there is smoke, there is fire. Celebrity dating rumors are not uncommon on the internet. In recent times, one of the biggest singers in the world Selena Gomez is in news due to rumors of her dating Andrea Iervolino.

Recently, Selena was seen celebrating her 30th birthday with some close friends & Italian movie producer Andrea Iervolino. Some sources say that the couple are seeing each other for quite some time. After the news of Selena Gomes dating Andrea Iervolino came out, people became curious about Andrea Iervolino.

If you are also having questions in your mind like who is Andrea Iervolino, whether is he married, his wife, children, and family, what is Andrea Iervolino does, what is his net worth, and whether is he really Selena Gomez’s new boyfriend, then your all questions will be answered by this article.

Who is Andrea Iervolino?

Andrea Iervolino was born on the 1st of December 1987 in the area of Lazio, Cassino, Italy. He was born into a wealthy family where things were mismanaged hence, they went bankrupt after some time. Following his early life, Andrea was a stammerer. It is believed that it was a result of his father’s turn to alcoh*lism considering the hardship in the family.

At the age of thirteen, Andrea and some of his friends built an e-commerce website for small business owners in his hometown,  where they used it as an advertising aid. They were successful in the project, thus, Andrea left Cassin* 2 years later for greener pastures. Firstly, he became an assistant to a producer on ‘’Broadway-style shows in the resort town of Bibione, Italy’’.


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Andrea grew up to become an influential Italian-Canadian entrepreneur, film producer, and business mogul. His first movie The Cavalier of Love was produced in 2003 in Italy and he made his debut production with collaborative work on The Humbling in 2014 in the USA. Andrea’s movies  In Dubious Battle and Waiting for the Barbarians were displayed at the Toronto International Festival in 2016 and the 76th Venice Film Festival respectively.

Mr. Iervolino was once an Italian Cinema ambassador, head of Ischia Global Film and Music Fest, and co-founder of AMBI Media Group, a filmmaking and distribution company. 

On the 18th of June 2018, he was awarded Knighthood by the Italian Republic ‘’Cavaliere Della Repubblica Italiana’.’ this award was in respect of the massive recognition and honor Andrea brought to Italy’s Economy, Literary organizations, military and civilian careers, and social, humanitarian and philanthropic services he rendered.

andrea iervolino

The notable filmmaker was recognized as an outstanding producer in 2016 and one of the ‘’Variety Dealmakers’’ in 2015. He made it to the top 500 names in the list of Varieties’ most influential people.

Andrea Iervolino’s And Monika Bacardi

There are a lot of rumors about Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi on the internet. But let me tell you in one simple line that they are not married at all. All these were just some rumors. The information is false about their marriage. Monika Bacardi and Andrea Iervolino has no personal relation.

Monika Bacardi is fondly called ‘’The Girl of Bayfield Corridor’’. She’s a successful businesswoman, art patron, philanthropist, and film producer. Monika is a dedicated member of the ‘’Prince Albert II Basis of Monaco’s Improvement Committee and the Meeting of Les Amis du Musée Océanographique de Monaco’’. The Italian woman is active on social platforms with over 56,000 followers on her Instagram account @ladymonikabacardi.

andrea iervolino And Wife Monika Bacardi

Who is Maria Luisa Bacardi?

Maria Luisa Bacardi is a songwriter, philanthropist, and popular business leader in the beverage and art industries. She started work as a sustainable energy producer and cancer researcher after her parent’s long battle with cancer which unfortunately led to her father’s death in 2005. 

Maria is currently a serious supporter of many cancer organizations and charities. She lives in Monaco and speaks a different language owing to her exposure. She is the daughter of Monika Bacardi and Monika’s husband Luis Adalberto Facundo Gomez del Campo Bacardi, Lord of Bayfield Hall. 

Maria Luisa Bacardi

Andrea Iervolino And Selena Gomez 

Over the years, Selena Gomez has remained a popular celebrity well-known for her acting and singing skills. She’s been a little bit reserved about her personal life, her struggles in relationships, and men’s things but recently she’s been spotted having her 30th birthday celebration at Amalfi Coast, Italy with Andrea standing right beside her as she blew out the lights of her birthday cake. 

Shortly, still, on the same birthday vacation trip, Selena was seen swimming together with the Italian-Canadian film producer, Andrea Lervolino, and the two are speculated to be having romantic moments.

Selena during an interview on Giving Back Generation, a Tatatu series, said she’s presently single and hopes to get married and have kids. These are her words; “Eventually, I’m going to be tired of all of this, so I’m probably just going to devote most of my life to philanthropy before I peace out. … Just keeping it real.”

She continued teasing the media by saying that she met and had fun with somebody wonderful and some years older than she is. Selena explained that the hang-out was the best she has had in a while because she felt comfortable and taken care of. This is a kind gesture that Gomez will not forget in a hurry knowing that people of such sweetness are rare. 

Selena Gomez And Andrea Iervolino

But, do you think she was talking about Andrea in all of these? Well, probably! We can’t say for sure.

Selena Gomez and Andrea Iervolino have worked together in the past, keeping a healthy relationship as friends, but, they haven’t gone public to clear the assumption that they are lovers. Thus, everything remains in people’s opinion as there is no reasonable evidence to prove they are dating. Certainly, if there’s more information on their romantic engagement, you will be updated following our blog.

Andrea Iervolino Net Worth

Following the recent speculations about Andrea, a lot of fans are fascinated to know his net worth.

Many of Andreas’ filming projects have gone viral, in Italy, the USA, and so many other places. He is best known for his works Beyond the Edge and Finding Steve McQueen, making fame in the entertainment industry as well as the business investments industry. According to Distractify, he’s worth $5 million. It’s crystal clear that Andrea has done fairly well for himself.

Though he owns millions of dollars of investments, he’s nowhere to be compared to Selena Gomez, his rumored girlfriend.

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