Whats Your price. Genuine review, Do you really get paid?

Whats your price

Are you fed up with swiping right and left in usual dating apps And looking for something new which is also fun? So here we are today with a Genuine Review of Whats Your price, after using it personally. After completely reading this article You will have complete information about this app and all your questions will be answered Like, Do you really get paid for going on a date? How do the payments work? how much you can earn with this app? And is it legit or not?

What is “Whats Your Price”?

It’s an online Dating Auction website based in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Founded in 2010 by Founder and CEO.-Brandon Wade. According to an article from Insider.com published on Mar 24, 2017, the website has 800,000 active users and the number keeps growing. The company’s founder Brandon Wade has not developed any application for WYP (Whats Your Price). The only way u can access this dating function is only through the official website according to the website, Users receive 8 million dates request every day.

How Does It Work?

Have you ever thought that going on a date, having fun, and also getting paid for it? Yeah, you read that right. We will tell you how. WYP is an online dating site and marketplace where people buy or sell opportunities for going out on a date. So let’s get deep inside and learn In a simple step how this whole site works!

Login to the website.

  • You will just have to log in to Whatsyourprice.com 
  • Click on the Join now button
  • Fill up the basic form of Age, Gender, and Interest
  • Then fill up all of your personnel info like height, Weight, interest, etc.
  • That’s it you are all set to go.

After Setting up your profile and filling up all the information. You will have to choose what kind of member you wanna be. There are two options for you. Generous member and Attractive member


Attractive Members

Members who get paid are the Attractive members. An Attractive member should have full self-confidence that people will pay them money for meeting them. And that’s it You will get a certain amount for every date you went. According to the official website of WYP Every day 120$ is the average date amount for everyday dates.

Generous Member

Generous members are those Who pays for a date. The website has a simple user interface all you have to do is choose your Generous membership type and start searching for an amazing date find an appropriate date then you will have to bid to make an offer or you can also ask a person what offer they give you and bingo you are done. Now all you have to do is to Wait for the other person’s response to your offer.

Let’s understand the difference between both members with a simple table.

Attractive Members Generous Members
WYP Date Offers from Generous Members come straight to your inboxSend a WYP Date Offer to show Attractive Members you’re interested
Accept an offer and let the date planning beginOffer accepted? Great! Unlock messaging to start planning your date
See if sparks fly while enjoying a unique dating experienceThis is it! Time to see if you have a true connection

As you can see in the table this is how both memberships work. This is how simply you choose your date, go out and have fun. (Note: When your offer is accepted you will at least have to pay 5$ for connecting to a member. You can also make a free request but only if they accept so.)

How Do The Payments Work?

The payments work your way, Yeah that’s true. You can take the rest of the payments as you like to receive them like bank transfer wallet transfer or cash in hand. Once you are done with your date you will get paid as u want to get paid. A member can also get paid before the date as both members have a mutual understanding But it’s hard to trust someone before meeting them. Like if you sent the money and what if they don’t show up on a date? So just work smart!


Let’s not forget to discuss the pricing. On this website, You have to spend money on credits, The whole site works on a credit system. The more You buy the cheaper it gets

Whats your price

On average it costs you 3 credits for 1$.

What are the credits used for?

Free servicesPaid services
Making your profileMaking bids
Browsing profiles and photosSending messages

Our Word

As long as we have searched the Internet and used the website ourselves we have found that the website has kind of mixed reviews these are some pros and cons according to us after reading and using the website personally.

✔ Website intention is very clear from start✘ people complain there are so may fake profiles
✔ You can finally get a date and spend some time.✘ Fake profiles will become ghost after receiving credits
✔ No monthly Membership or Subscription✘ Credit vanishes so fast so you will have to buy new ones
✔ Refund for failed date if the partner did not show up.✘ People claim the web is full of escorts so be aware

WhatsYourPrice received a 1.82-star rating from 244 reviews, indicating that customers are generally unhappy with their purchases. Consumers complaining about WhatsYourPrice most frequently mention fake profiles, second dates, and customer service problems.WhatsYourPrice ranks 406th among Dating sites.

The website has an average of 1Million visitors every month. We have read lots and lots of Genuine customers review. The Positive vs Negative ratio of the review is 50-50. There are so many customers on the website who claims that more than 50% of the profiles are fake and after connecting they ghost you. The website’s customer care service is poor as claimed by so many customers the website also protects these kinds of ghost users to keep generating revenue.

Some genuine customer reviews
Whats your price

Whats your price review

There are plenty of reviews all around the internet like these which criticize the website for its poor customer service. However, there are also people who got to get on a date for the first time ever in their life because of this website, And they are in support of this Sugar Daddy website. There are always two sides to the story but in this story, the negative-to-positive review ratio is 70-30. As you know the website uses credits for any facility so just use your own brain before using any of them and verify first the profile isn’t fake.

How to verify a fake profile on Whats your price?

  • The simplest trick to verify any profile is to always look for a profile with multiple photos of the same person. you can also search for the same person on social(Note: You do not have to contact them on social media from your side. It’s not about saving money, The other person could feel that you are stalking them or they can feel threatened) The social media is just for verification.
  • Always look for more details, Like bio work, etc. a genuine person will never hesitate to let you know about their basic things. Like city or Qualification and Work. Or what type of person you are.

What’s your price Vs Seeking arrangements?

When it comes to choosing human brain’s tendency is to demand more options. And as far as more options are concerned. Seeking Arrangements seems the best website for comparison with Whats Your Price. But first, let’s know.

What are Seeking Arrangements?

Seeking Arrangements( Now Rebranded as “SEEKING”) is also an online dating site just like Whats Your Price. It was founded by Brandon Wade(former C.E.O.) in 2006. First, it was known as a sugar daddy website. But now it’s a mainstream Dating website. Brandon is also the founder of What’s your price as well.


Seeking also works on just Like the same concept as Whats Your Price there are Attractive Members and Successful Members. Just like the other site. And the original concept of the website is to set you up for a date if you are willing to pay for it.

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