What Is 7a Quality Products

What Is 7a Quality Products

Nowadays, The desire to wear or have luxury brand products are increasing. But to afford that is not an option for anyone. Not everyone can have that luxury to have luxury brand products. So, some people prefer to buy the first copy products. There are many kinds of first copy products are available in the market. Some manufacturers just use brand logos on any kind of product. But some people try to copy exact designs with logos on products. This kind of product has different names from cheap products to exact-looking 7a first copy products. So, here we will try to have a slight idea of what actually it means.

7a quality means the exact replicas of brand’s product exact designs exact stitching exact shape exact finishing just not exact material. they use lower quality material to make such quality products to make them look exactly the same but to reduce the cost of 7A quality product in comparison to the original product.

In the making of 7a quality products, no cheap or local quality material is used but the lower material than the original product. Just for example making a replica of the Rolex watch manufacturer will copy the exact design but will use maybe stainless steel instead of  950 platinum. We have written a whole blog about how you can not get cheated if your buying a branded product. Read the difference between the first copy and the original product.

7A quality products are made up of high-quality material but not as high as the original products. Other qualities are also available in the market like 10A and 5A. 10A Quality means more high-quality material than 7A but not as much good as the original product. 5A means more local material is used in making the replica.


NOTE: Selling Replicas Is Illegal




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