The Famous American Rapper Who Was On The Brink Of Heart Attack, How Saved His Life And Lost More Than 100 Pounds Of Weight.

Big SMO The Popular American Country Rapper Was More Than 400 Pounds Heaviy.

Drinking, Getting High & Smoking Was A regular Life Of The Rapper Back Then.

He Was Advised To Under Go Surgery To Save His Life.

After Surgery, He Was Advised To Follow A Healthy Lifestyle To Maintain A Ealthy Weight.

He Started Focusing On What Is He Eating And He Bulit-up A Small Gym Inside His House.

With The Help Of Surgery & Healthy Lifestyle He Lost 110 Pounds IN The Span Of 3 Years.

But The Most Important Thing Is His Eating Habit & Workout Routine That He Followed For Over All Health Improvement & Weight Loss

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Recently Big SMO's 19-Year-Old Daughter Lanica Was Went Missing And Fortunetly She Was Found After Soe Ties.