Full List Of Top And Best Golden Goose Sneakers For Women With Pictures


Golden Goose Sneakers For Women. Golden Goose is an Italian high-fashion sneakers brand. Venice-based sneakers brand Golden Gosse is quite popular among youngsters. The brand was founded in 2000. The brand offers a wide range of varieties to its consumers. And these wide ranges of designs make it impossible to select the best one.

Are you also planning to buy some sassy Golden Goose sneakers and confused about which one to choose, then this article is for you, my dear friend. Whether you are purchasing for yourself or going to gift one pair of the latest Golden Goose sneakers to your girlfriend or wife, this article will help you definitely.

So, let’s get started. First, let me start by explaining all the different types of Golden Gooses Sneakers for women.

Types Of Golden Goose Sneakers For Women

There are more than 10 types of different variations available in Golden Goose sneakers for women. Here I will explain each type to you and will tell you which type will be perfect for you to choose.


As the name suggests, these types of sneakers are 100% animal free and are made from bio-based materials. The VEGAN segment is best for those who want everything in their life eco-friendly. There are currently 5 designs available in the VEGAN segment for women in Golden Goose sneakers.

  • Women’s bio-based Mid-Stardan with a white star and heel tab.
  • Women’s bio-based Starter with a white star and heel tab.
  • Women’s bio-based Running Sole with a white star and heel tab.
  • Women’s bio-based Purestar with white star and heel.
  • Women’s bio-based Stardan with a white star and heel tab.


Yatay is another environment-friendly sneaker from Golden Goose for women. According to the company, YATAY is an animal-free, long-lasting, and low-environmental impact sneaker crafted with bio-based and recycled materials. In this segment, Golden Goose has 3 sneakers for women.

  • Yatay Model 1B sustainable sneakers with white bio-based upper and white Y.
  • Yatay Model 1B sustainable sneakers with white bio-based upper and black Y.
  • Yatay Model 1B sustainable sneakers with white bio-based upper and silver recycled glitter Y.


It was first designed in 2007. STAR is the first segment that was released with the iconic GGDB star. It is one of the most sold designs for Golden Goose sneakers. Elegant, casual, and stylish shoes. And the biggest thing is that it comes in wide varieties. In the STAR segment, Golden Goose offers more than 180 designs in women’s sneakers.

Here are 5 designs I like personally.

  • Super-Star sneakers with shearling lining, silver glitter star, and lizard-print dove-gray leather heel tab.
  • Old School with suede star and Swarovski crystal straps.
  • Super-Star in platinum glitter with a dove-gray suede star.
  • Women’s Super-Star Penstar LTD in blue suede with a white star.
  • Light blue Super-Star with a gray star and glitter heel tab.


These model sneakers come with open heels or you can say with a low heel. There are around 12 designs that Golden Goose offers in women’s sneakers in this segment. Here is the list of the best 3 that I personally recommend to any women who want to purchase Golden Goose sneakers.

  • Super-Star Sabots in white shearling with glitter star.
  • Super-Star Sabots in silver metallic leather with a suede star.
  • Super-Star Sabots in silver glitter with a red leather star.


Space star sneakers from Golden Goose for women have a different shape from other Golden Goose sneakers. It is not utterly flat in shape like others but slightly looks big than others. Currently, there are 10 designs in Golden Goose Space Star women’s sneakers, and here is my top 3 pick from the list.

  • Women’s Space-Star shoes in tobacco-colored suede with shearling lining.
  • Women’s Space-Star shoes in leopard-print pony skin with black leather star and heel tab.
  • Space-Star Sabot shoes in silver glitter with shearling lining.


These are the sneaker types that you can use on almost every occasion. It is kind of cool-looking mid-ankle sneakers. Not the high ankle and not low ankle sneakers but with mid-ankle English style. Here is the list of the top 3 Mid Star Golden Goose sneakers.

  • Mid Star sneakers in white suede with star and flash in silver-colored Swarovski micro-crystals.
  • Mid Star in black nappa and suede with Swarovski crystal star.
  • Women’s Mid Star sneakers with ice-gray suede inserts and white leather star.


These sneakers will remind you of a retro look. Dive into the past! An inspiration from the world of basketball and skateboarding from the old days. Here are the best 3 Ball Star Golden Goose Woman sneakers.

  • Ball Star LTD sneakers in ivory leather with pink and black zebra-print pony skin heel tab.
  • Ball Star sneakers in white nappa leather with a silver glitter star and fluorescent lobster-colored suede inserts.
  • Women’s Ball Star sneakers in white nappa leather with black leather star and heel tab.


The shape of Golden Goose’s most popular Super-Star with a new look touch. In this variant, a foxing tape has been added to the sole. The perfect blend of classic and contemporary! According to the company, it is designed with vintage touch looking to the future. In the Hi-Star variant, you will get to choose from around different 24 designs. Select from our best 3 Hi Star Golden Goose women’s sneakers.

  • Hi Star sneakers with leopard-print pony skin star and white crocodile-print leather heel tab.
  • Hi Star in dark gray glitter with a black leather star.
  • Hi Star sneakers with petrol-blue suede star and gold glitter heel tab.

These were the best Golden Goose sneakers for women. We have tried to put every detail and information in this article about the best and top Golden Goose women’s sneakers. Still, if we have missed any detail, then please share them with us in the comment box. For more please read our FASHION section.

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