Tia Mowry On Life Support. Actual Cause Of Sickness & Hospitalization

Tia Mowry On Life Support

American actress Tia Mowry is suffering from serious health issues currently. She is badly sick & hospitalized. Her fans are praying for her health and hoping to see her again on screen soon.  “Family Reunion” star Tia Mowry has worked in dozens of TV shows and in many mainstream movies. She also worked with her twin sister Tamera Mowry in “Sister, Sister“. Apart from her acting career, Tia Mowry is a successful entrepreneur and a big advocate of a health & healthy lifestyle. She also runs her Youtube channel to provide good meal ideas & make-up ideas to her subscribers. Even though she is a fitness freak and always motivates others to manage their health, she has become the victim of a dangerous disease.

Her fans are shocked by the news of Tia Mowry’s sickness & hospitalization. Everyone just wants to know the health update of Tia Mowry. People have plenty of questions in their minds related to Tia’s health. I have made a lot of research and finally found the issues Tia Mowery was struggling with in her life. Her health journey was always full of ups & downs. But before I tell you more about her illness, I would like to tell you more about her personal life. You will get a clear & more idea about her life & health issues.

Who Is Tia Mowry?

Tia Mowry is an American actress, YouTuber, and successful businesswoman. Her full name is Tia Dashon Mowry-Hardrict. She was born on July 6th, 1978 in Germany. Har both parents were in U.S. Army. She has a twin sister named Tamera Mowry and she is also an actress. Tia’s brother Tahj Mowry is also an actor and her other brother Tavior Mowry is a musician. She started her acting career with her sister at the age of 12.

Tia & Tamera Mowry is quite famous for playing sisters in the American sitcom SISTER, SISTER. The show’s story revolves around two twin sisters who were separated at birth and later reunited in their teenage. Tia Mowry has played various roles in various TV shows like Twitches, True Colours, Full House, Love, Inc., Instant Mom, Mistress, Girlfriends, and many more.

Tia gave her voice to the animated character Shasha in the animated series Bratz. Mowry married actor Cory Hardrict after dating for long 6 years. She has two children son Cree Taylor and a daughter Cairo Tiahna.

Tia Mowry Health Issues

According to her interview with HealthLine, Tia struggled with her health a long time ago, and after she realized the importance of taking care of her health. She revealed that she was first diagnosed with Endometriosis in her 20s. Mowry stated that though her symptoms started earlier, she didn’t have any idea and was living in pain for years.  She further stated in the same interview that she consulted with many doctors but her case was dismissed by most. None of them was able to identify the symptoms.

And eventually, Tia found a doctor who understood her situation and recognized the symptoms. Later she was diagnosed with Endometriosis. She has been hospitalized in July 2022 and this interview of her with HealthLine was published on 30 July 2021. Exactly about 1 year ago,  and in this interview, Tia Mowry mentioned that her journey was far from over. Previously Tia Mowry had undergone two surgeries to remove scar tissues. And her doctor also explained to Tia that she would continue to need these operations unless her condition improves by changing her lifestyle.

Tia Mowry Hospitalized

According to the report posted in Forbes, Tia didn’t stop at one doctor but visited many doctors and consulted with them before she finally found out about the real cause of her symptoms and suffering. Tia had two friends with the same condition and their diagnosis pushed her to find the real reason behind her suffering.

What Is Endometriosis? Tia Mowry Suffering

You might also be having questions in your mind like what is Endometriosis, and what are the causes & symptoms of the disease. Here are some details in short to give you the proper information about Tia Mowry’s health condition. Tia was always very expressive and did not hide any details about her health issues. She always inspired the women out there fighting Endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a chronic condition in which uterine-like tissue grows outside of your uterine cavity which results in pain, inflammation, and even infertility in women. It can affect up to 15% of women of productive age. The biggest issue with this disease is that most of the time doctors just ignore the symptoms and consider the symptoms as bad period cramps.

Endometriosis’s symptoms are commonly seen during the menstrual period. This mostly happens due to women’s bodies having hormonal changes during the period and this may cause uterine-like tissue to become irritated & inflamed. In Tia Mowry’s case, her symptoms were abdominal pain, migraine attacks, eczema on her hands, and infertility. Symptoms can start at an early age but generally, it can take an average of 7 years before most women are finally diagnosed with Endometriosis.

Tia Mowry On Life Support?

There is no update yet from any official media channel about Tia Mwray being hospitalized or if she is on life support. There has been no confirmation from Tia or any of her family members. We all are aware that the 44 years old actress is suffering from Endometriosis for the last 2 decades and have been undergone surgeries twice. But apart from some youtube videos, there is no report has been published stating Mowry’s hospitalization.

I do not confirm the news until I get some solid proof about Tia being rushed to the hospital. But I do pray for her speedy recovery and her reunion with her family soon.

Tia Mowry Lifestyle Change

After being diagnosed with a disease that can even cause infertility in women, Tia was forced to think about her health. Her doctor advised her after 2 surgeries that she may have to continue undergoing surgeries until she makes the necessary changes in her lifestyle. She made many changes in her routine and finally, she was able to become a mother and even delivered two babies.

When she first got pregnant with her baby boy in 2011, she knew that she has to share her experience with women who are also suffering like her & motivate them & encourage them to fight and overcome. To share her experience with women out there she wrote a book A Whole New You. In this book, Tia has shared her healthy food recipes to encourage others to follow a healthy diet routine.

Tia Mowry Health

She made changes in her diet as per her doctor’s advice. She stopped eating foods that contribute more to the body’s inflammation like added sugar. And she also started to take advice from a nutrition expert. Tia Mowry focused more on eating whole foods. Mowry also stated taking necessary supplements to fight her condition.

Apart from focusing on a healthy diet, Tia also started to follow an active lifestyle. She started meditating & exercising on regular basis. All these lifestyles change improved her condition. Eventually, she felt that slowly but her pain has gone, her eczema went away and she was feeling fewer attacks of migraine. And the biggest happy moment for her was that she was finally able to get pregnant. Tia has been blessed with two children after getting diagnosed & and fighting Endometriosis.

Tia Mowry Weight Loss

After she delivered her second baby, Tia gained a lot of weight. And to show her full weight loss journey she even made a video on her weight loss transformation and posted it on her YouTube channel.

In this video, Tia revealed the details about how she lost 60 pounds of weight after her delivery. Tia expressed her feelings in this video and expressed how she is fed up with hearing about perfect women’s bodies. This video shows  Tia Mowry’s weight loss journey and how she fought and beat postpartum depression by working out.

Tia’s Supplement Products

As per the official website, Tia started these supplement products after her battle with Endometriosis. She wanted to empower other women and show the world that taking care of your health is the ultimate solution for feeling whole. She was diagnosed in 2006 and fought with the ideas for years and still fighting but still, she is encouraging other women to take care of their health.

In the conclusion, I will only say that Tia Mowry is a fighter and has inspired many women out there. I pray for her speedy recovery.

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