My Secret Of Weight Loss

While there are many breaking times when you are overweight, for me it was the period after my second delivery in 2015, when I had gained a lot of weight and weighed 94 kg. I was at the time, eating a rice-heavy diet with little to no physical activity. The situation gradually worsened, and I began to experience health problems such as shortness of breath and low Vitamin D and B12 levels.


That was the exact time at which I decided to begin my weight-loss adventure, and I've never looked back since!
To combat fat growth, I followed a quantitative eating plan, as well as running and physical training, and happily, all of my efforts paid off!

3 Things I Followed

Diet followed


2 Egg White/1 Ragi Dosa/Oats/Poha/Sprouts for breakfast


Lunch consists of one bowl of dal, one bowl of green and leafy vegetables, salad, two small rotis, or one bowl of brown rice with curd.


Dinner consisted of one bowl of brown rice, chicken breasts or Paneer, and a salad.


Fruit, almonds, and toasted seeds make up my pre-workout meal.
Along with my pre-workout breakfast, I consume a cup of black coffee.


Whey protein as a post-workout meal


A cup of steaming black coffee is something I enjoy.

Recipes that are low in calories
Boiled moong Sprouts are something I swear by.


My workout


I go to the gym six days a week for at least two hours each time.
Resistance training and running alternate days in my fitness routine.

LifeStyle Changes


1.Sleep before 10 p.m. to get a full seven hours of sleep.

2.Maintaining a healthy level of hydration.

3.Confirm that my diet plan has all macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

4.Before you eat anything, consider your nutritional needs.

5.I've eliminated sweet foods from my diet, particularly tea.


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