The Watcher’s Bobby Cannavale’s Weight Loss & Wife Details


Recently the exciting show, The Watcher released on Netflix. The series is filled with so many mind-blowing twists and turns of the story. The story of the series is entirely unexpected. One another thing that was also unexpected in the series that the audience noticed is Bobby Cannavale’s weight loss. when the last year launched series “Nine Perfect Strangers” he was a bulky old man, and now in The watcher, he is a perfectly well-shaped and healthy husband and father of two children as well. Seems like Bobby is aging backward instead of forwarding (Jokes a part). In this article today we will discuss everything about Bobby Cannavale Weight Loss.

Who is Boddy Cannavale?

Name Bobby Cannavale
Date of BirthMay 3, 1970
Place of BirthUnion city, New Jersey
SchoolSt. Michael's Catholic School
WifeJenny Lumet (1994-2003)

Roberto Michael Cannavale AKA Bobby Cannavale was born on  May 3, 1970. and grew up in Union City, New Jersey. When Bobby was in school and very young he started taking part in various activities of school functions. he attended three different schools during his education period and was expelled from Coconut Creek High School for being a cutup. Then he shifted to New Jersey again to do a diploma and also to stay near New York to also start his acting career. He soon got a role in the Industry in 1996. Bobby has worked in various movies and series since then. Cannavale got his first attention from the series Third Watch for the role of Bobby Caffey. Van Pelt from Jumanji also received nice feedback from the critics and we all have seen The Watcher a mind-blowing series with amazing performance.

Bobby Cannavale Weight Loss

Everybody wanna know what is the secret behind the weight loss of The Watcher star Bobby Cannavale. Like everyone has seen Bobby in the last year’s Amazon prime series Nine Perfect Stranger based on the book of the same name. Cannavale was a retired footballer in the series with a long beard and fat belly. Bobby looked 55-60 years old in the role. Where in The Watcher it looks like Bobby has lost weight magically and become a decade younger.

It’s simple to assume that it’s a simple work of Cannavale’s strict Diet and regular workout routine. You can not achieve anything without hard work, dedication, and consistency. Bobby has previously struggled with his overweight. In an Interview with Collider, When asked about the most challenging part of the “Nine Perfect Stranger” shoot, Bobby replied

“It was physically challenging for me. I was not taking care of my body and my knees were hurting I couldn’t run properly. I did gain so much weight, and it was tough for me to move easily. whenever it comes to running I was a bit worried, I wasn’t in good shape so for me, it was more physically challenging than other roles.”

There are no official statements from the Star about how he lost weight so rapidly. But it’s always obvious you have to take control of your eating and workout habits to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. Every further update about Bobby Cannavale’s Weight loss will be updated here.


Bobby Cannavale’s Wife

Cannavale was first married to actress Jenny Lumet from 1994 to 2003 they were married and they both share a son Jake Cannavale who is also an actor. Jake and Bobby were cast as father and son in the fourth season of Nurse Jackie. Jake is now 27 years old in 2022. After having each other’s different perspectives on life Bobby and Jenny got divorced in 2003.

Bobby Cannavale And Rose Byrne

Rose and Bobby met in 2012 a decade ago through a mutual friend. The couple is dating for a really long time and likes to keep their relationship status off the spotlight. Bobby and Rose have two children both boys. Rocco(2016, February), Rafael (2017, November).

In 2014 Both stars became costars in two movies “Annie” and ” Adult Beginner“. The couple isn’t Married yet but Bobby calls Rose a wife. In an interview with “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert“, Bobby revealed that he calls his partner wife. Explaining further Bobby said, “girlfriend” and “boyfriend” are quite young, and “My lady partner” doesn’t suit me, But I am comfortable with “Wife” People don’t ask questions after that.

It is easy to say that the couple is spending nice and peaceful life with other while maintaining their professional life as well. There is no news of their wedding coming any day soon in the near future.


Bobby Cannavale Instagram.


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A post shared by Bobby (@bobby_cannavale)


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Bobby doesn’t possess like other film stars on his Instagram. Cannavale isn’t hiring photographers for candid photoshoots, For his Instagram handle. He likes to keep it simple. Bobby’s Insta is also filled with his two cute kids.

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