The Hero Instinct & Secret Way To Trigger It. 12-word Text Examples Revealed.

The Hero Instinct

Do you have ever come across “HIS SECRET OBSESSION“? If you have then you must have heard a word called “Hero Instinct”. Do you exactly know what is Hero Instinct in reality? And how you can trigger Hero Instinct in your man? How you can use this secret method to grow your relationship with your partner? Or even can learn how to attract any man just by using this “HERO INSTINCT“. Hero Instinct is the best ever relationship psychological trick I have ever heard about but the first thing is that you have to learn how to use it properly otherwise it can backfire and can cause damage to your relationship. Here is James Bauer’s Hero Instinct 12-word text revealed for you, my friend.

Have you ever felt that you are stuck in your relationship at the stage where you are trying and doing everything to save your relationship but the man is not responding as much as you are? Or you have dated previously but not found the man of your dreams? Do you want to learn simple yet powerful psychological tips and tricks that can give you the upper hand in dating and relationships? Then “Hero Instinct” is for you.

If you already have an idea about “Hero Instinct 12 Word Text” and have various questions in your mind like what is men’s primal drive, how does Hero Instinct work, is Hero Instinct even works, Is it still even useful in 2022, then this article is definitely for you.  Let me show what Hero Instinct is and how powerful it is for a healthy and romantic relationship in this detailed article. Please spare 5-6 minutes of your precious time and learn the most useful secret way of a relationship “The Hero Instinct In Men & 12-Word Text Revealed“.

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Hero Instinct 12 Word Text Short Details

Concept Name:Hero Instinct 12-Word Text
Introduced By:James Bauer
Concept Was First Introduced In:His Secret Obsession Book
Purpose: To Guide A Woman Psychologically In her Relationship
Hero Instinct Meaning:Hero Instinct Is a Natural Emotion Of A Man That Pushes Him To Care & Love Her Female Partner
12-Word Text Meaning:It Is A Secret Text Created By James Bauer To Trigger Man’s Hero Instinct
Hero Instinct 12 Word Text Example:“You Always Be There To Save Me From Anything Like A Real Hero Does”

What Is The Hero Instinct?

What Is Hero Instinct In A Man? The Hero Instinct is a natural biological drive of a man that pushes him to become essential to you. This drive makes him try to rescue you or become a helping hand for you in every situation. Hero Instinct makes him try to save & make your day somehow, this makes him feel that he has to protect and care for the people he loves. In simple words, for example, think about a hero of a Hollywood film. What does he do? He saves his female partner or you can say tries to impress her every time. And praise from her female partner makes him try more and make more efforts towards saving and growing their relationship.

But in real life, this thing is a little different. We want that our male partner does the same for us as a hero of a Hollywood film does for his partner. But in real life, just praising him won’t do this. You will have to trigger his hero instinct. Hero instinct is a set of psychological tricks and tips developed by relationship coach James Bauer.

Why You Should Learn To Trigger His Hero Instinct?

That’s the main question you should ask yourself before learning about Hero Instinct. And the answer is that in any relationship if a man thinks that he is not able to live up to your expectations or he is not able to put his masculinity and his charms to any good use then the probabilities are that he will end up feeling undervalued and emasculated. And when a man doesn’t feel that he is necessary to you, then he will not feel connected to you and gradually will lose interest in you.

There are three main things that a man wants in his life. The first is to live meaningfully and get appreciated for his deeds, the second thing is to provide for those whom he cares about the most and the third one is to get respected by the people he loves the most. These are the main things he wants for himself. Some men are able to express their needs and some are not. Apart from this, man has a lot of hidden desires, that no man ever expresses in front of their partners. But by learning more about Hero Instinct you can even learn the silent psychological signals that you throw at him and he slowly starts to open himself in front of you without him getting a hint that you are doing this knowingly.

So, If you are ready to know more about the hero instinct, then you can watch this video of James Bauer explaining all about the Hero Instinct.

His Secret Obsession Why Men Pull Away

Warning: This Video May Change Your Relationship Into Something Unique. Watch Now

Ways To Trigger His Hero Instinct

You may have gotten the idea about how important the hero instinct is for a happy relationship. Now you may have a question how to trigger the hero instinct in a man? Here are some tricks to trigger his hero instinct without letting him know that you are pulling out his hidden hero.

1)- Never Pull Him Down

I can say one thing always put your love ahead of your EGO. Because everyone has it. Whenever he needs you, support him, cheer him up. If you think that he has made a mistake and this time he is not right, then don’t try to insult him. Arguments are very common in relationships but always try to solve them by love not by insulting him.

Or when you are out with your friends, try not to make him look bad in front of his friends. A little bit of teasing is a part of a healthy relationship but doesn’t overdo it in front of his friends. After all Hero Instinct is all about him getting respected. Apart from this, simple compliments can do wonders for you. Just like saying that he is looking amazing today or something that makes him smile. This will definitely boost his confidence and throughout his day he will think more and more about you and about the compliments you give to him.

2)- Overdo Kills The Charm

Yes, overdoing anything kills the charm. Praise him, support him, and give compliments to him but understand the limits. Overdoing these things will surely make him sense the difference in you. Because he is not a kid, he is a grown-up man who understands everything. He wants to feel like a real hero of your life a real man so treat him like a real man. Never try to treat him like a child who smiles every time after crying with the same chocolate. He is a grown man, he needs different treatment. Always try not to do it over.

3)- Let Him Sense That He Makes You Happy

Seeing our partner smiling because of us is one of the best things ever to happen in a relationship. This feeling gives us something different kind of happiness and confidence that we are doing the right thing in our relationship. And we are capable of pulling this together. This thing is the same for your man. Let him feel that he makes you happy. Let him feel that, he is capable of keeping you happy in this relationship. Smile, laugh, and enjoy his company. Tell him that you love being with him. He makes you happy. I am not telling you to smile every time when he is around. Whenever you are sad, feel sad show him that you are sad, and let him cheer you up. And let him gain the success of cheering you up.

How To Trrigger Hero Instinct

4)- Support His Goals

If a man’s partner believes in him and in his dreams & goals, then this support from his female partner boosts his desires. His goals can be anything from a career to some kind of travel plan or even some childhood dream of world adventure. It can be anything. If his dreams and goals are good and possible and achievable you must support him. And even if his goals are something out of the line, you still support him and motivate him to achieve those. You don’t know that your support and motivation can do wonders for him. He will think of himself as a real hero of his & your world together.

5)- Show Him That You Love Him

If you are together for a long time and you are confident about him that he is the one, then you must show him that he is your love of life. This is what a real man wants in his relationship. Show him how important he is to you. How deeply you are in love with him. Pay more attention to his talks, and give him a loving look or even a gentle touch while having a romantic conversation with him. Say ” I Love You” to him whenever you feel. And never forget that there is nothing wrong in confessing in front of him how important he is to you. This confession boosts his morale. Boosts his feelings for you.

6)- Be Challenging

Man loves challenges. Whenever a man feels like he has been challenged and will be awarded when he wins, man feels like to try more to achieve and win the challenge. In a challenge man always try to show his hidden talents & skills in front of you. This is not about the attraction and affection and not even about you making him chase you. But this is about giving something new task to him. For example, trying an adventure or playing new sports together. Or even you can ask him o fix something around the house. Anything just gives him some task and lets him show you his talent. This type of new challenge makes him show you his talent. And winning over the challenge makes him feel his inner-hero of him.

7)- Be grateful

Gratitude above attitude. Always remember this formula. A simple THANK YOU can be a key to his heart. Research shows that gratitude has the power to strengthen and maintain a healthy relationship. There are plenty of ways to show him gratitude but according to research, thanking him for his responsiveness to your needs can be very beneficial for your relationship.

8)- Don’t Try To Control Him

Controlling him every time can result in him losing interest in you over time. Controlling in the relationship is a form of abuse verbal abuse mental abuse. Criticizing him or blaming him every time is not good for a healthy relationship. You have to support him not make him doubt his reality. According to research posted in Relationships Australia, If you are fearful about your relationship’s future and want to control him in this relationship, then unknowingly you are just pushing him away from you. The relationship will eventually break down and will become unhealthy someday.

12 word secret signal text

9)- Take Decisions Together

I am not asking you to entirely be dependent on him for any decision. You are a grown-up smart woman, you don’t need to ask permission from anyone. But here the matter is asking him for advice and taking decisions together. But why is it important? Because taking decisions together increases the bond between you. It increases the trust and connection between you both. And asking for his advice makes him feel that he is as important to you as you are to him. This will boost his Hero Instinct drive more.

Benefits Of Hero Instinct For You, For Your Man & For Your Relationship

Hero Instinct is the brainchild of relationship coach James Bauer. He has been working in the field for almost 12 years. During his work life, he has seen many couples during these years and has given them the right advice. From his experience of years, James created a book called His Secret Obsession.

Alright, moving forward. Hero Instinct term was first used & introduced by James in His Secret Obsession Book. He is a relationship psychologist, he has observed human behavior in relationships for years. He has mastered how a man’s psychology works in different situations in a relationship.

James himself is a man and knows exactly what a man wants from his past experiences of counseling. He has poured all his experience into his book His Secret Obsession. Reading and learning more about Hero instinct from James’s book His Secret Obsession will definitely give you some psychological tools to win over your man. His Secret Obsession is full of real-life events and situations you face in your relationship. And all the information has been given in the book on how to tackle such situations. After reading the book you will feel that you have a better understanding of your partner’s desires and feelings. Now you are even able to understand those deep desires, he never tells you. You have learned the way to make your relationship stronger.

After learning more about The Hero Instinct, you will be able to ignite and trigger this feeling in your man. And you could be able to see the change in your relationship. Because when you know what a man exactly wants, you treat him like that. And when a man is treated and appreciated as he always wanted to be when he feels more connected to his female partner. This triggers his Hero Instinct more and he feels that he has to care more for his loved ones, for you.

When a man feels connected to his partner, he always tries to do more for her. Always try to protect her, and try to make her smile every time. And seeing you smile at his deeds boosts his confidence. He feels, everything is good, he is in the right place and in the right relationship with the right person. He just can not forget how happy  & confident he feels when you are around him. And he always tries to stay with you because he feels that he is in the right relationship.

Mostly, the men who don’t feel connected to their relationships are the men who feel unwanted. This kind of man always tries to find the right place for themselves from one relation to the other, from one woman to another. And the woman who makes this man feel wanted and appreciated keeps the man.

I suggest you read His Secret Obsession Book, so, you can learn in-depth about Hero Instinct and more secret ways and signals to trigger Hero Instinct in your man. I can say that His Secret Obsession is one of the best relationship guides for a woman currently we have in the market. Or if you don’t like to read then you can even use the audiobook which you get with your eBook for free. His Secret Obsession book basically teaches you to tackle three basic problems of every relationship. And These 3 things are:

  1. You like or love someone, but he is afraid to commit. Then His Secret Obsession can help you in getting that guy into a committed relationship with you. You will also learn how to gain his trust, love, and affection in long run. If you are thinking of a long-term relationship.
  2. You are already in a relationship. But your relationship is going through a lot of ups and downs. He is losing interest. Your relationship is fading and losing its charm. Then His Secret Obsession can help you in strengthening your bond with your partner. No matter how cold and distant he has become, you will still be able to manage to get him back on track.
  3. You just had your break-up but it’s very hard for you to overcome. It was the love of your life. You still want to be with him. Then in this situation, His Secret Obsession can also help you in rekindling his interest in you and again make him chase you.

His Secret Obsession is a complete relationship guide with a set of real-life examples, situations, and practical ways to handle those situations. When you have a guide with you on any journey, then the journey becomes easy. If you would like to learn more about Hero Instinct then you can watch this video below.

Hero instinct his secret obsession review

12-Word Text Secret Signal

12 Secret Text is also a term invented by James Bauer and these secret texts are also the part of book His Secret Obsession. These secret texts are very popular these days. Maybe you are too wondering what are these secret texts and words and what emotional power they have that they are even able to change a man’s mind and heart. Let me tell you and break the ice for you.

In His Secret Obsession book, James mentions a girl named “Rachel“. Rachel is the same girl as you are, happy-go-lucky and full of love, meeting great guys but always has an issue that she never can go further in any relationship she ever had. After being in a relationship for some time, her partner loses interest most of the time. In fact, she met a great guy, and in starting it was a fairy tale story, but after some months somehow he started to pull away himself from this relationship.  And one day Rachel was left with many unanswered questions like what wrong she had done in this beautiful relationship.

Many of us may have gone through this same painful situation as Rachel has. It is so disheartening seeing your love of life gradually losing interest in you and suddenly one day calling it off. But the story of Rachel had an interesting turn. She met James Bauer one day for counseling and James the writer of His Secret Obsession, told her to take a different approach.

Like other people, James may have also told her those cliche lines like “Everyone Is Not the Same“, “Try Another Relationship“, “This Time It Will Work“, etc, etc. But instead, James told her to go differently this time. James told Rachel to send a text message that contains only 1 word. But to her Rachel’s surprise, these 12 words were powerful and had an impact. These 12 words instantly triggered something different in her man and the new approach toward her life changed everything for Rachel.

The Below Video Tells You Exactly What These 12 Secret Words Are. Have Patience And Watch The Video For Your Own Good And Best Of Luck For Your Love Life.

His Secret Obsession 12 word secret phrase revealed

Does Hero Instinct 12 Word Text Works?

Even after reading all of these positive things about The Hero Instinct 12-word text, you might be skeptical and confused. You still might have questions in your mind about whether Hero Instinct is legit or not or does it still works in 2022.

Then let me help you with this. Yes, Hero Instinct 12 word still works like a charm in 2022, too, and will continue to work ever. Hero Instinct is all about triggering your man’s that point which makes him adore you. It doesn’t matter how deeply you are in love with your partner, it doesn’t matter how truly your man loves you but the day will come when he will start to lose his interest in you if you don’t have any idea about Hero Instinct in men. Hero instinct is not magic but a proven scientific technic to help any woman in getting the love they deserved from their men.

Hero Instinct 12 Word Text Revealed With Examples

A simple text message can ignite your man’s hidden hero instinct. This text can help you in making him more attracted to you and your constant appreciation for him. By using correct phrases you can make him devoted to you.

For example, Here is your text for triggering his hero instinct by using only 12-word text

“Time or situation nothing matters, you’ll always be a hero to me”

Apart from this one phrase example,  I have researched and found other phrases for triggering your man’s hero instinct. Keep on reading to know more about them.

You might have understood the concept of Hero Instinct, Men’s Primal Drive & 12 Word Text after reading the article. The Hero Instinct is a concept of relationship coach James Bauer. After years of his experience in the relationship & dating field and after years of couple counseling and helping hundreds of couples in their relationships, James Bauer himself learned the way why relationships work and why they don’t work.

From James’s years of experience as a relationship coach, Hero Instinct was created. He has given all the details about Hero Instinct 12 Word Text in his Book “His Secret Obsession” with full examples. His Secret Obsession is a book that has changed many women’s lives over the years. But unfortunately even being one of the most helpful dating guides for women, James Bauer’s book is still not known by the majority of women. You never know anything without taking any steps. It will take only 5-10 minutes of your while surfing through his website but the things you will learn will change your mindset toward your relationship. I recommend you must learn more about James Bauer’s book “His Secret Obsession”. You can click here to go to the official website of James Bauer and learn the secrets that he has been teaching to women from last many years.

Ok, let’s move forward. Here in this article section, you will get to know about some of the Hero Instinct 12 Word Text Examples. That you can use in your daily life to make your man obsessed with you. This is not a full guide of James’ teachings but some psychological tips that you can use.

These text examples are divided into three different sections to help women in different situations.

Here are your Hero Instinct 12-Word Text Examples according to the different situations in your relationship:

  • When I am with you, it makes me feel like I am worthy of millions. You always make me feel like you are the hero and I am your lady.
  • I feel safe when you are around me. You always try to protect me and be the hero of my life.
  • I never feel bored with you.
  • Your intelligence always intrigues me to know more about you.
  • My friends are bored with my constant talks about how caring, and loving you are.
  • You always know that my mood is off even before I tell you, how?
  • You always know how to make me smile.
  • Sometimes, it feels like time is going too slow when I am eagerly waiting to see you and hug you.
  • For me, the synonym of perfection is you, the synonym of a gentleman is you and the synonym of a hero is you.
  • Thank you for being with me every time, you always act like a hero.
  • I have become a better human being after you came into my life.
  • You make me smile, you make me happy, and you complete me.

Conclusion: The Hero Instinct

If a man is really in love with you then he will always try to protect you, try to make you smile more & more, and always try to care for you more. He will always try to keep you away from anything that can be harmful and dangerous to you.

But for most people, this feeling of real love and bliss does not last for long. Can you tell me the reason for this? Most relationships are doomed because the man loses interest. Yes, that’s the biggest reason. But why? Because he feels that he is not getting what he anticipated from this relationship in the early days of the relationship. He starts to think that all his deeds are not getting respected. Even though you are thinking that you are doing all good from your side as his partner but still unknowingly you are pushing him away. So, he starts to find those desires elsewhere that he always wanted from this relationship.

I know all men are not the same, some are just born with wanderlust minds. But if you are confident about your man that he is a good guy but somehow losing his interest in you then Hero Instinct is for you definitely. His Secret Obsession is a guide that has the potential to help you in resolving your issues. I am not saying that Hero Instinct & His Secret Obsession will give you a magic stick and you will be able to fix all your love problems in one night. Everything takes time. Some problems are resolved within days and some may take weeks. But it will surely help you.

If you think that your guy is a wonderful person but his Hero Instinct is still not activated and you don’t want him to sleep away. Then you can try to ignite and trigger his hero instinct using simple psychological tips that are given in His Secret Obsession.

I can imagine that your relationship is very precious to you, that’s why you have read the whole article and came to the last paragraph of this helpful article. I wish you the best of luck and all the happiness in your love life that you have ever imagined for yourself. If your love life is this valuable for you and you want to grow it more and want to have a grip then give His Secret Obsession a try. A few dollars are not more than your love.

Get It Now

Get Instant Access To The His Secret Obsession eBook & Audiobook Now.

Best Of Luck Dear!


Que: What Is Hero Instinct 12 Word Text?

Ans: The Hero Instinct 12-Word text is a brainchild concept of relationship coach James Bauer. Hero Instinct in men is a biological drive of a man. This is always hidden in every man. But as a woman, if you are able to trigger Hero Instinct in men, then you will be able to keep him with you forever. It is not like a miracle thing but a psychological thing. James introduced Hero Instinct In men in his popular relationship book “His Secret Obsession”. I have tried to reveal some ways how you can trigger the hero instinct in your men in this article.

Man’s urge to feel loved and valued by their lover is biologically ingrained. Asking your man for assistance, allowing him to defend you, and showing your love, gratitude, and passion for him will all activate the instinct. This will make your man feel like a hero.#heroinstinct

— Feetway News (@Feetway_Fashion) August 16, 2022

Que: What Are James Bauer 12 Word Text Examples?

Ans: Apart from The Hero Instinct, James has also introduced the concept of a 12-word text message in his book. These 12-word phrases helped James’s friend Rachel in getting back together with her ex-boyfriend. In His Secret Obsession book, James had given many examples of realistic situations that you can go through in your relationship. All these realistic situation examples are given proper solutions with examples in the book, so you can handle the situation. These 12-word sentences will definitely help you when you feel that your relationship is tearing apart and you are losing your man.

Que: Is His Secret Obsession 12-Word Text PDF Available For FREE?

Ans: I have tried to reveal 12-word text and Hero Instinct for you here in this article. But for the whole details about all the concepts of His Secret Obsession, you have to read the book. The book comes with a full program like an eBook + Audiobook +Video series. So, it is not possible for anyone to provide these materials for free. Unfortunately, His Secret Obsession 12-word text pdf is not available for free on the Internet. You will have to pay around $47 for the full program. But 50 bucks don’t matter when the issue is about your love life. I wish you all the luck, my friend.

Que: Hero Instinct Text Examples?

Ans: You need to learn and then act according to the text examples you will get to learn from His Secret Obsession book. In His Secret Obsession book, James Bauer has introduced many real-life examples of the situation you may face in your relationship. These examples are very helpful in growing your relationship with your man.

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