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The Ex Factor Guide is created by well-known author Brad Browning. According to the creators, The Ex factor Guide is specially created for those people who want to get back with their ex. By using psychological technics you can do this. You can do this to repair your short-term relationship or even your long-term marriage. Let’s see whether it is even useful or just big claims by Brad Browning, is it even worth buying,  in our The Ex Factor Guide Real Reviews? Here we will try to understand everything about the ex-back guide.

People go through ups and downs in their relationships. Many are able to hold the relationship together and many people just can’t know the right way to be their loved ones when the time is not in their favor.  And at the stage where we think our relationship is going to get over, we try to find a solution because we truly want to be together with the person we genuinely love. We ask for advice, search online for solutions and get many results on google and Reddit forums and etc… 

But are they worth it? One such kind is The Ex Factor Guide. Brad Browing has created this book & the whole The Ex Factor Guide program. Which has big claims. So, let us start with this The Ex Factor Guide Real Reviews.

What The Ex Factor Guide Actually Is?

Breakup or getting separated from our romantic partner is one of those painful things and incidents which have the power to change people suddenly. According to research published in the Personality and Psychology Bulletin, the more you are committed to a relationship, the higher the chances of you changing after a breakup. You may feel like an entirely different person yourself. Breakup changes you emotionally, mentally to physically. The pain we all go through after breaking up is just not bearable. Science has proved that love is a drug due to the hormonal changes we have in our bodies in our minds while we are in a romantic relationship. Just the way you have a hard time detoxing or giving up on smoking, you’ll have issues getting over the ex.

After a breakup, you become totally a different person. It becomes very common for you to Constantly check your phone. You always try to get in touch with your ex. You stalk your ex on their social media profiles. 40-50% of people get back together after the break-up after going through all the pain but for the rest of the people, it becomes so hard to get back with their ex-partner even if they love the other unconditionally and no matter how hard they want to get back together. For such people to get back together they have to put in some extra effort and have to use a little bit of professional relationship and dating technics.

The Ex Factor Guide is your dating and relationship expert in such situations. It is a guide to give you the right direction on how you can get back on your track with your ex. How you can get him/her back after breaking up. It gives you insight into how you can restart your broken relationship or marriage and have a happy and have life filled with love. The Ex Factor Guide helps you in starting a new chapter of your life. It is more like a system that works around the human psychology of a broken heart person. And gives solutions to the person on how he or she can get back on track by using the psychological guide.

Even though break-up pain is the same for every human being but the thought process and the feelings for both men and women are different from each other in many ways, the ex-back guide has 2 versions. one for men and the second for women. So, the book can guide you in a particular way. It is very helpful to use the strategies suitable per the gender of our ex-partner.  You can feel assured about one thing that all the strategies come from a professional relationship coach. There will not be any cheap tactics or cheap and awkward one-liners or low-level texts to woo back your ex. The book is a  pure psychological structure that revolves around how to get back your ex.

The book is totally a digital product. So, you will have instant access to all products and you can start to read and implement proven professional strategies right away as you buy the ex-factor guide. So, as a plus point, this will be a secret that you bought a book because there will be no package delivery at your doorstep and no one will know not even your ex if you are still living with your ex. This allows you to use or read the book at your convenience.

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What You Will Learn From The Book?

The Ex Factor Guide is a digital program that is psychology and science-backed and proven in many relationships to work. It is the program that tackles modern times relationship issues.  The actual heartbroken issues we face in the 21st century.

The book has many practical real-world examples of different situations of different people about what they went through and has practical solutions given in the book if you go through the same in your love life. Yes, it is a guide to give you direction on how can get back your ex but it is also helpful for people who think that their relationship is on the verge of separation. And they just want to save it.

The book is created from the expertise of Brad Browning’s years of experience working with couples of different backgrounds and ages but they all were going through the same pain of heartbreak. Brad has developed psychology about how our mind works after a breakup and how we can use psychological tactics to get our Ex back.

This book is written in a very well format that you can choose the situation mentioned in the book as per the situation you are going through in your real life and can find the solution too mentioned in the book as per the situation.

The book contains all the details from how you can stop yourself from grieving to fighting for the love you want. The book has different chapters from body language to the difference between attractive and unattractive characteristics to the strategies of seduction. Everything you need to get back to your ex, you will learn from the book.

The Ex Factor Guide: Who Is It For?

There are plenty of options available in the world to help you out in your situation. But all the solutions are not effective for every problem you face. Every situation is different. So, before going to buy The Ex Factor Guide you must know if is it even useful in your situation. And for whom it has been created, who can use The Ex Factor Guide? Some scenarios and situations are mentioned below. And if you are going through any of them, then you can use this guide.

  • If you had a recent breakup.
  • Your relationship is about to end.
  • If you are going through a bad marriage.
  • You think your partner is gradually losing interest in you.

These are all situations, If you are going through any of the above-mentioned scenarios then The Ex Factor Guide Is For You. In very simple words this guide will help girls in getting back their boyfriend or husband and for boys, it will help you in getting back on the right track with their wife or girlfriend.

Basically, this is not for the person who has already moved on from their previous relationship. The book is recommended for people who are:

  • Still have hope in their mind and heart for a second chance.
  • If you want to understand the main reason for the breakup.
  • For people who want to learn from their break-up and don’t want to repeat any mistake in their future relationship.
  • You are still deeply in love with your Ex.

Who Should Not Use The Book?

After reading our review of The ExFactor Guide, you may have learned that this book is only for those people who have gone through a breakup and want to get back with their Ex. For those people who think that their relationship deserves a second chance and there have left something in their relationship that is worth fighting for. This book has some set of parameters, like if it works for some kind of situations mentioned above then there are other situations too where the psychology of this book won’t work. And such situations are:

  • Revenge is your only motive behind reading this book. You just want to take revenge on your Ex.
  • The main intention of yours is only that you are looking for some cheezy things only and not connected emotionally with your Ex.
  • You are not reading and learning the teachings of the Guide wholeheartedly.

Don’t become a person or have the intention in your mind of hurting your Ex. We know that break-Up hurts and your Ex may have done something very bad to you but, the program is just not created in a way to help you in taking revenge but has been created for people to help them reconnect with their partner emotionally and physically. And help them to get back on track to a happy relationship.

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The main focus of the book is to make people learn psychological technics to be with their Ex-love partner again. But by learning more and more deeply, you will find that this book is also helpful for those people who want to avoid the future coming of their break-up in their relationship or separation in their marriage.  Below are the main focus areas of the book:

2 Versions Of The Ex Factor Guide

As we have mentioned above The Ex Factor Guide has 2 different versions from each other. One is for females and the other is for males. As you know both genders have different psychologies and have different abilities to cope with the situation. Here you will get to know all the details about both versions in detail.

1- The Ex Factor Guide For Women

The female version is dived into 13 chapters. Every chapter has its own set of parameters and values. You will learn different but equally important things from every chapter.

The first chapter is an introduction to the book and the psychology you are going to learn. The introduction chapter revolves around 4 basic things.

  • Forget About That Thing You Think You Know: With this first basic and powerful step Brad wants you to wash away the notions you have in your mind about the breakup and heartbreak and restart the journey of getting back on track.
  • I Am Rooting For You: The most important thing in a heartbreak situation is support. James in his words tries to give you the most needed support in such time by providing you with the methods to cope with the break-up and stand again firmly.
  • I’m Here to Help If You Need It: With the psychology of the book, you will get the help you need to make your ex wants you back.
  • The Real Reason You’re Alone: As you know after going through some downside in our life, we have to figure out why our boat was on the edge of sinking.

The second chapter is “Attractive Characteristics“: You will get an idea about human psychology and the Attractive characteristics people often look for in their partner.

Chapter three is”Unattractive Characteristics“: As per the name suggested you will be guided, what are some basic common attitudes and characteristics that people find unattractive and try to drift away from us?

The Fourth part is about “Panic And Acceptance“. Which is divided into two parts.

  • Don’t Pressure Him.
  • Some Good News.

By learning both technics you will be able to prevent yourself as a mature lady in front of him and unknowingly he will start to attract you back.

The fifth chapter, “NO Contact“: This chapter is one the longest and most important chapters for the female version book. You will learn a lot from this chapter. This particular No Contact chapter is divided into 10 small points, so we can have a better understanding of the NO CONTACT theory.

And the 10 points are:

  • Why the wait is for 31 Days?
  • “But I Can’t Wait That Long!”
  • What If You’ve Done Too Much Begging and Pleading Already?
  • And what If You Broke Up a While Ago?
  • What if Your Ex Lives in Another City?
  • Pick Up an Old Hobby (or a new one).
  • Lean on Your Friends.
  • Start Exercising More.
  • Focus More Energy on Your Work.
  • What If No Contact is Physically Impossible?
The Genuine Review Of The Ex Factor Guide

And, The sixth chapter existing one “Start Dating Other Me“: Is one of the most enjoyable tasks and is worth reading chapter. If you implement this strategy perfectly, then your ex would start to feel that he may have made a mistake leaving you or breaking up with you. This chapter has 4 different sections. Just read carefully all of them. And the 4 sections are:

  • How to Let Him Know You’re Dating?
  • Why You Should Hang Out With Mutual Friends?
  • Take a Lot of Pictures – And Post Them!
  • What If He’s Moved On and Dating Other Women Already?

Each and every section is full of knowledge and has different strategies to apply.

Now, let us come to the 7th chapter ” What If He Contacts You?“: Basically, we have to be prepared for all the scenarios and the writer has successfully implemented them in the book very efficiently. By learning this chapter, you will get to know how you have to respond if he calls you. This chapter prepares you for this mentally and emotionally.

The eighth chapter is the opposite situation of the previous one “What If He Doesn’t Contact You?“: Nor you nor anybody is certain about your ex’s behavior. He might contact or might not. As we are preparing ourselves for his contact, then we have to prepare for the opposite, too. By reading this, you will get an idea about what you have to do next to get his attention without him knowing that you are trying to get his attention.

Coming to the ninth chapter and chapter is called “The Date“: Coming to the next strategy, this chapter is again divided into three very important sections:

  • Body Language and Tone of Voice.
  • Conversation Topics for The “Date”.
  • How to Tell a Good Story.

Each and every topic is very important. And as you go on reading the book, you will enjoy every chapter it has. And it will become more mysterious because you will always want to learn the next strategy.

Now, The Tenth chapter is all about “Seduce Him All Over Again“: Filled with excitement and patience. How not to overdo or underdo this strategy. This strategy is basically divided into 8 points. Which are very easy to understand because Brad has used such simple language to make these complicated-looking topics easy and simple. So the 8 points are.

  • Seduction in a Nutshell.
  • Rebuilding the Attraction
  • Tease Him!
  • Kinaesthetic Attraction.
  • Taking Kino a Step Further.
  • How to Kiss Him.
  • My “6 Magic Words”.
  • A Sneaky Attraction Tip.

The Eleventh chapter is about “Intimacy“: This chapter covers the details of what steps you have to take after getting physically intimate with your partner.

In the 12th chapter, you will learn how you can “Prevent Your Break-Up“: To learn this step in deep Brad has divided this chapter into 2 sections.

  • Keep Things Interesting.
  • Induce Jealousy.

Coming to the thirteenth and final chapter. The chapter is all about “Desperation Tactics“: This is one of the most important chapters of the female version of The Ex Factor Guide. It contains the Desperation Letter.

Female Version Of The Ex Factor Guide.

2- The Ex Factor Guide For Men

The male version of The Ex-Factor Book has all the above-mentioned 13 chapters but has been written by Brad Browning in keeping in mind the position of males. It has all the same value but with different angles of psychology. The index of the 13 chapters for MALE has been given below.

Male Version Of The Ex Factor Guide.

Who Is Brad Browning? The Creator

The creator and the author of The Ex Factor Guide are Brad Browning. He is a relationship coach and expert, especially working in breakups and divorces. Brad has experience working for more than 10 years in the field. And he continuously tries to learn and adapt the psychology of different relationships and different couples. After the experience of years, of counseling couples going through different stages of their ups and downs in their relationship Brad has developed an effective guide to help such people going through the tough phase of their relationship.

He is a well-known author and has previously given some good books like MEND THE MARRIAGE. He has an active YouTube channel with over a half-million subscribers and growing. To date, Brad has helped thousands of couples to get back together using the psychological technics that he had developed throughout his career of working with heartbroken people over the years.

One word or Brad is “EXPERT” in what he is doing. He just knows what he is suggesting to the people and how his technics will work.

The Brad Brownings The Ex Factor Guide

Pros &Cons Of The Ex Factor Guide


  • The main purpose of the book and its main advantage is that book helps you in getting back the love of your life.
  • Sometimes you don’t know the real answers to the separation and wonder what the heck has happened to your relationship, then this guide will help you in getting that answer.
  • It helps you to get mature in a way, so you can handle such situations without panicking.
  • It can be also helpful in building confidence in you. You get ideas about how to handle such situations with confidence.
  • You will learn the error code of your relationship. And it will help to avoid such things also in the future.
  • After the breakup, you are more sensitive and maybe even out of the sense that you may do some unwanted and hopelessly stupid things. The guide stops you from doing this through the psychological steps the book suggests to you.
  • All the actions and methods of the book are actionable and practical.
  • 2 Different versions for both genders. Because sometimes the strategies which work for men may not work for women that’s why Brad has created 2 different versions that can do wonders for both.
  • It also has videos and audiobooks for people who don’t want to read line by line.
  • Instant access. You will not have to wait for days for the arrival of the package of book.
  • Privacy. As the book have an instant download option, then nobody will ever know about the book. Not even your partner if he/she still lives with you.
  • 60 Days risk-free money-back guarantee.


  • For people who like to have hard copies of books, it is a bit of a disadvantage to have a soft copy.
  • It is going to take some time to get back to your Ex. It is not gonna happen overnight.
  • You will have to put in some effort and maybe you will have to work on yourself to regain the love of your life.

What Will You Get In The Package?

2 Different packages for Men & Women. Both packages are explained in detail below.

For Females

  • 160-page Interactive E-Book
  • 5-Hour Pro Audio Course
  • 3-Part Pro Video Series
  • How To Read A Man (E-Book)
  • Why Men Pull Away (E-Book)
  • Flawless Fat Loss Guide (E-Book)
The Ex Factor Guide Package For Men

For Males

  • 160-page Interactive E-Book
  • 5-Hour Pro Audio Course
  • 3-Part Pro Video Series
  • 10 Commandments of Sexual Attraction (E-Book)
  • 7 Steps to Sex Appeal (E-Book)
  • Flawless Physique Fitness Guide (E-Book)
The Ex Factor Guide Package For Women


Pricing is simple. You can get a whole package for $47. Including all the videos and audiobooks and free ebooks for both gender.

Buy Now

Real Customer Reviews Of The Ex Factor Guide

The Ex Back guide is here for years. People are buying the book and taking advantage of Brad’s psychological technics that he has developed from his years of experience. There are many people out there who have bought the book and has implemented the strategies in their life and have experienced positive results. We would like to share some of the testimonials or genuine customer reviews of the book here.

the ex factor guide real user customer testimonial
Real Customer Review Of The Ex Factor Guide

Apart from these customer reviews, you can watch videos of people the real customers who bought the ex-factor guide, and what they have to say about their experience with Brad Browning’s The Ex Factor Guide. You can click here to go to the official website.

The Ex Factor Guide: Legit Or A Scam?

After going through the whole step-by-step review of The Ex Factor Guide, We can say that it is not a scam for sure. The program has helped a lot of people get back to their exes. The author Brad in his professional life has helped thousands of couples in getting in along and having happy relationships. So, you can trust the book.

Final Word: The Ex Factor Guide Review

To give detailed knowledge about The Ex Factor Guide And to review the book honestly we have researched a lot. And after learning about the ebook in detail and the other products included in the package we can say that it is worth trying the eBook. It surely has helped people to get back with their exes in the past. And as it has been created by keeping in mind modern times, the guide is helpful in the situations and problems which The Ex Factor Guide claims to have the solution. It is worth the try, you will definitely learn and will be able to take advantage of Brad Browning’s psychological technics.


Que. Does The Ex Factor Guide Work?

Ans. YES, It Does. But The Results May Vary From Person To Person. Because We All Are Different From Each Other. Have Different Thought Process And Different Learning And Implementing Abilities. Results Depend On The Work You Put After Learning From The Book. Brad Only Can Help You In Learning, He Can Only Makes It Easier For You But How You Work On His Teachings Totally Depends On You. And If You Are Going Through Separation From Your Partner And Still Love Him/Her, Then This Will Work For You Because You Will Try Your Best To Implement Brad’s Psychological Knowledge.

Que. What If It Doesn’t Work For Me?

Ans. All The Packages Come With Risk-Free 60 Days Money Back Guarantee. So, You Have Plenty Of Time To Learn And Implement, And Even After You Think That It Is Not Working For You, Then You Just Can Return It.

Que. Can I Get A Hard Copy?

Ans. NO, The Ex Factor Guide Only Comes In A Form Of an eBook.

Que. What If I Feel That I Want More Advice Or Some Personal Guidance?

Ans. No Worries. You Can Contact Brad On Their Official Website  By Clicking On The Button Saying “Seek Brad’s Advice

Que. How To Avoid Any Scam Of The Ex Factor Guide?

Ans. If Any Product Is Working And Loved By Its Users, Then Most Probably Chances Are That The Fake Copies Of The Original One Might Get In The Market For Sale, Too. To Avoid This Scam We Recommend You To Buy Only From the Official Website.

Que. Is The Ex Factor Guide Legit?

Ans. The Ex Factor Guide Has Helped Thousands Of People In Their Broken Relationships. The Ex Factor Guide Has A large Base Of Happy Users. It Has Helped Many People In Mending Their Relationships. So, The Ex Factor Guide Is Genuine And Working.

Here, we have tried reviewing Brad Browing’s The Ex Factor Guide With honesty. If you feel something we have forgotten to mention here or do you have any queries related to our content and review, please feel free to write down your concern in the comment box.

We Also Have Written A Genuine Review Of His Secret Obsession. You Can Read That, Too. Apart from this Brad has also created a guide on Mending The Marriage, you can read that, too.

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