Tami Roman Weight Loss. Actual Reason Behind Her Sickness.

Tami Roman Weight Loss After Before

Reality TV show Basketball wives fame Tami Roman is in news in recent days. Her physical appearance has changed and people are noticing that. The internet is full of speculation about what is wrong with Tami Roman’s health. Everybody wants to know whether she is ill and why is she so skinny in recent days in 2022. Tami Roman has lost weight. It might be due to her Diabetes issue. Or there can be many other reasons too for Tami Roman’s weight loss.

Fans want to know the real reason for Tami Roman’s illness. Here in this article, you will get to know all the information about Tami Roman’s health, weight loss, & illness.

You might don’t know but Tami Roman has been suffering from an eating disorder since she was 13 years old.  And currently, she is battling body dysmorphic disorder.

Who Is Tami Roman

Her real name is Tamisha Akbar & her professional name is Tami Roman. She was born on 17th April 1970 in Mount Vernon, New York in a middle-class family. Tami Roman is mostly famous as an American Television Actress, NBA Basketball player’s wife, Businesswomen, and Anchor. She is quite popular for her reality TV show Basketball Wives.

Tami had to face many difficulties as a teenager. She did not have a chance to grow up with her father. Her father left her mother when she became pregnant at the age of 15. Since then her mother had to work hard to meet their daily needs, So Tami had to look after her own self. They did not even have their own house. Then one day her mother Nadile met a guy named “Ali Akbar”.

Tami Roman Health

He seemed a nice guy to Nadile so she started dating him and got married to him. Ali was a well-settled man so he took good care of Tami’s Education and also introduced her to Islam coz he himself was a Muslim.

Things for Tami started to get better but then slowly-slowly Nadile and Ali started having fights over different mindsets They took Divorced and mother and Daughter were again without shelter on road. Her mother worked three jobs only to meet their needs.

Tami has faced poverty at its best but Tami is also an inspiration to millions of girls for her Journey from poverty to sky-high success and for not giving up on her dreams and keep struggling. Tami did not even have money to buy a gown and cap for her graduation ceremony.

But their lives changed totally when Tami got her first recognition in 1993 From the Reality show The Real World: Los Angeles. According to the Article from L.A. Times posted in 1993People use to stop her in a shopping mall and ask questions about her recently released show for hours.

Tami Roman Weight Loss

Tami Roman’s weight loss has always been a hot topic in news for years. Tami’s post on Instagram has shocked her fans with her 30 pounds of weight loss and new look. Her Instagram post left people speculating many things about her weight loss and health. This image sparked the curiosity of the people about Tami’s sickness.

Tami Roman Sickness DiabetesTami Roman Sickness Diabetes

Tami Roman has been obsessed with keeping herself slim and skinny. Since her childhood, Tami wanted to become a model. And her dream of becoming a model made her obsessed with weight loss. According to her interview with Shape.Com, Tami started her first weight loss journey in the year 2012 and she lost some pounds in her weight loss journey. Tami took the NV Clinical supplement for faster weight loss. She further added in the same interview that she lost around 7 pounds in the first week of using the NV supplement. Further to lose more weight, he underwent liposuction, too 2011.

After Liposuction, she was in a good shape & enjoying a healthy life but after years she was diagnosed with T-2 Diabetes. And due to her Diabetes issue and quitting smoking, Tami gained a lot of weight. She was at 185 pounds the highest weight of her life. This was the point where Tami decided to do something about her weight and lose all her excess weight.

Tami made some changes in her lifestyle. She started working out. Tami started her workout routine with 10 minutes exercise routine. Later slowly she increased the limits of her workout session to 15 minutes and eventually reached 30 minutes of workout every day. She also changed her diet with the choice of good and healthy food. Tami Detox, suppress her appetite and made better food choices for a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Tami Roman Health. Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

Tami revealed that she has been battling Body Dysmorphic Disorder since the age of 13. And her Body Dysmorphic Disorder triggered an eating disorder in her. About explaining her this health issues, Tami Roman said that At the age of 13 with the dream of becoming a model, she visited a Modeling Agency in New york. With the mindset of I m 13 years old with a height of  5’9″ and less than 120 pounds, I am just perfect for a model figure. But the Agent at the Agency ripped all her dreams apart by showing her a totally different side of her by making her stand in front of a mirror and showing her weak points as she has fat over her knees and back fold. From that day Tami developed  Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a mental health condition. In this condition, a person can’t stop finding one more flaw in their looks. The person with BBD becomes very anxious about defects in their body. They always try to dwell in imagining the defect, or it’s so minor that others can’t see it. BBD makes the person consider him/herself Ugly. This disorder hampers the person’s social life a lot.

Her Battle With T-2 Diabetes.

Because of her Body Dysmorphic Disorder and a totally disappointing meeting with the Modeling Agency Agent, Tami decided to lose more weight she was already skinny and still wanted to be skinny. From that moment on Tami started abusing Laxalative, Throwing up and starving herself, Tami was doing everything possible she could do to get skinny, she even wired shut her mouth in 1993 to lose weight. Tami was so obsessed with being skinny and losing as much weight as possible.

Later Tami eventually developed Type II Diabetes. According to the report published in Yahoo, Tami once revealed that due to her Type-II Diabetes, her weight fluctuates a lot. And it is hard for her to maintain all the things together from her weight to Body Dysmorphic Disorder to diabetes.

Is Tami Roman Sick? Why Is She So Skinny?

Tami Roman’s obsession with always remaining skinny is not hidden from the world. Every now & then she has been seen confessing about her obsession on various media platforms. It was her dream to become a model since her childhood & that’s why she always focused on being skinny.

Her obsession led to her becoming the target of Body Dysmorphic Disorder and eventually, she developed an eating disorder due to her BBD. Her recent Instagram posts have sparked fear among her and for her health. She looks so thin in her latest pictures. At the age of 50, Tami was diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes and that added more to making Tami Roman unhealthy. After being diagnosed with diabetes, her weight fluctuates a lot.

Tami Roman After Before Images

Tami Roman came from a very low background and has achieved a lot in her life. She is an inspiration for many hard-working women out there. Here are some of her before and after weight loss pictures.

Tami Roman Weight Loss Diabetes
Tami Roman Weight Loss
Tami Roman Weight Loss After Before

Tami Roman Career.

After the show The real world: Los Angeles she got to Work on various T.v. shows and movies. like Married with children in 1993, Card Sharks in 2001, and her most famous show Basketball wives from 2010-2019.

Tami was also cast in a Basketball wife extended franchise in Basketball wives L.A. Roman has also worked in many films like Tara, Sacred in the flesh, South of pico, and many more. She is also a businesswoman who has launched her own Cosmetic brand TR LOVE. Tami also has an Interior design business in partnership with her mother.


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Personal Life.

Because of the struggle of her early life. Tami has always been a practical person in her life during the days of her show The Real World: Los Angeles she met NBA star, Kenny Anderson.

Kenny and Tami started dating and in 1994 they got married in 2001 after 7 years of their marriage, they got Divorced.

After a long time of not getting married. Tami met American actor Reggie Youngblood. Who has been on various Reality shows like Rupaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race and love and hip hope it’s a love thing.

Roman and Reggie got married in August 2018 and since then they have been happy with each other and are still together.

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