Climate Change

Climate Change: Global Warming Is What We Say In General Temperature Rising Of Our earth The eco System. And This Rise Is Going To Harm Everything That We are Taking For Granted Today. Climate Change Causes Its Definition. Facts About Global Warming And How We Can Slow It Down. and eventually Can Stop it From destroying Our Only planet Our Only Home.

What Is Fossil Fuel

What Is Fossil Fuel

What Is Fossil Fuel So What Is Fossil Fuel?   Natural Gas, Crude Oil, Coal are considered as FOSSIL Fuel. These are made from fossilized buried remains of plants and animals which lived millions and millions of years ago. Burning fossil fuels is the biggest reason for Climate Change.   Facts About Fossil Fuels We burn …

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climate change facts you must know

Climate Change Facts You Must Know

Climate Change Facts You Must Know. So what climate change or global warming is? In very simple words climate change is the rise in the average temperature of the earth’s climate. And What causes a change in climate: In simple words again Sunlight and Solar radiation the Earth receives, most of the sunlight and radiation …

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