SZA Dating History. Relationship With Bill Nye & Ex-Boyfriends.

SZA Dating Bill Nye

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SZA a popular America singer & song writer always remains in news due to her songs and off-screen love affairs. In the past, she dated Drake & Scott Sasso. Recently her name is linked with Bill Nye. But none of them has confirmed anything yet. SZA recently released her new song “Kill Bill”. The name of the song is raising the bar of speculation.

Are you curious to know whether SZA is dating or not? Do you want to know her previous relationships? Are you excited about how many relationships she has till today? Then find out all of these answers here in detail. There is a huge section of people who are taking an interest in the personal life of SZA. The fans and followers often get excited to know every single detail of SZA.

In fact, as of 2022, a lot of questions are spreading on the internet about the relationship status of SZA. We all know that she is a very popular American songwriter and singer. Therefore, it is very natural to be in a relationship with someone. But according to the sources presently, she is not dating anyone. And SZA is single right now.

Rumors are also claimed that in the previous years of her career, she had a few relationships. But right now, she is not anymore with all of them. She is leading a single life status by following her passion and love for singing. She was born on November 8, 1990, in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. The full name of SZA is Solána Imani Rowe. Usually, all of her friends call her with the name Solana. 

The romantic affairs and scandals of Solána Imani Rowe have always increased curiosity among her followers. But she always kept her personal life private so that the fans did not get much information about her personal life and relationship status.

However, she eventually accepted a few relationships in her personal life in public appearances. Here is a detailed article about SZA’s dating history.

SZA Dating History

To conclude the dating history of SZA, We would like to offer all of you in detail. So let’s get started with the information about her dating history till today. According to popular news magazines, she is currently single in 2022. However, she has had some relationships previously. In fact, according to some online magazines, she was engaged and was in a relationship for at least one Year. However, she did not marry anyone.

Apparently, the speculations and the rumors of being in a relationship of SZA with Scott Sasso came out in public. The fans and followers came to know the truth that she dated Scott in her previous years. But no exact information is available about how many years they have dated each other or when they started dating each other.

She has always kept herself very private and did not let the audience know much about her personal information. Therefore, the audience did not know anything regarding the relationship. On the other side, she also dated Drake back in 2008. According to the sources, both of them spent a few months in a relationship with each other. Even they have appeared in numerous events and public appearances with hands in hand.

 In fact, SZA also accepted her relationship with Drake in 2008. But unfortunately, the relationship of both between them did not work out very well. And after a few months in 2008, they decided to separate their paths in their lives. In 2021, she also went through the rumor of being in a relationship with her friend Kehlani. 

After both of them appeared hands in hand in public appearances, the fans and the followers of both of them suspected a relationship with each other. They have seen many events and locations together; therefore, the rumors and the speculations rose higher among the audience. After the confession of her friend Kehlani that she is a lesbian in front of the audience in a Tik Tok video, the public took the rumor as true.

But there was no official confirmation from the singer SZA. Hence we are not sure whether she dated her friend or not. But she once, in her song, expressed her deep feeling for a girl. And eventually, the fire rose to its peak. This is all the information regarding the past relationships and the dating history of this famous American singer SZA. 

Is She Dating Bill Nye?

Being very famous and recognized people, celebrities open has to face rumors and affairs news with their co-stars. Even while working on the same project, both of them can fall in love with each other, and there are many cases in Hollywood. But the dating news of SZA with Bill Naye has had no official confirmation. After watching the picture of both of those on Instagram, people started assuming that they were in a relationship.

However, this is not a true rumor about SZA. Both of them had just met at a public event with each other and clicked the photo. They have not shared any romantic feelings or relationships with each other. 


Talking about the ex-boyfriends of SZA, then there are two. She was in a relationship with two people back in 2008. She was in a relationship with Scott and Drake. But both of the relationships did not work out, and eventually, she broke up with them. After long years of gap, the audience again suspected that she was in a relationship with her friend Kehlani. But Kehlani was not a male. Rather she is a lesbian. 

Kill Bill by SZA

On December 9, 2022, SZA released her new musical album d, and it became one of the top best musical albums of the Year. And with the advantage of this album SOS, SZA has expressed her deep concern and thinking about love, relationship, and life. She shared her thoughts in the album in contrast, just like Shirt and Blind. 

And on the other side, she expresses her aggregation and thoughts in the song Kill Bill for the man who has done injustice to her. Even the lyrics of the song built also shared her thoughts about killing both her ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend. And after the release of the song, the audience became interested to know the name of her ex-boyfriend.

As the audience did not know what she was talking about in her song. Therefore, the level of curiosity among the fans and followers increased every single day. On the other hand, the song has received a lot of admiration and love from the audience. And eventually, the song became one of the biggest hits in her career.

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