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Space Facts You Must Know

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Space Facts You Must Know 

Space is filled with amazing things. There Are Many Things We Don’t About Space. Here we are sharing a little of Space Facts You Must Know with you and please do tell us if would like to add some more interesting facts in this blog.

  1. The closet Planet to the sun is Mercury but the hottest planet is not Mercury but Venus. Venus’ surface temperature is about 460 C ( 870 F).

  2. The Highest Mountain Peak is on mars (OLYMPUS MONS) which is about 23 KM high.

  3. Helly’s comet passes the Earth every 76 years. Next time it will pass the Earth in the year 2061.

  4. UYScuti is the largest known star in our observable universe.

  5. Light travels at a speed of 299792 KM per second.

  6. The nearest star system to our solar system is Alpha Centauri which 4.367 Light Years Away, Which Means If We travel by the speed of light then it will take us 4.367 years to reach there.

  7. Largets known black-hole in our observable universe is TON-618. It has 66 Billion solar masses.

  8. The First Astronaut to go in space was Yuri Gagarin Of Soviet Russia.

  9. The 55 Cancri e — which has a radius twice Earth’s, and a mass eight times greater – may have a surface made up of graphite and diamond. It’s 40 light-years away but visible to the naked eye in the constellation of Cancer. It’s a DIAMOND Planet.

  10. One day on Venus is longer than One year on Venus.

  11. Approximately after 5 Billion years, our sun will become a red giant which means it will consume Mercury and Venus and maybe earth, too.

  12. If two types of the same type of metal touch in space they permanently bond.

  13. There is a cloud of alcohol in space.

  14. The moon was once a piece of Earth. A giant object Collided with earth and some piece of earth broke and gone away and hence created the moon.

  15. There are mountains on pluto.

  16. There are about 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (that’s 1 billion trillion) stars in the observable universe. And many of them may have life.

  17. There are around a total of 200 moons in our solar system.

  18. Saturn alone has 82 moons.

  19. Our universe is 13.7 Billion years old.

  20. Earth has formed around 4.5 Billion years ago and 3.5 Billion years ago life may have started to thrive on our beloved planet.




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