Sheryl Underwood Weight Loss 2023. Diet & Before-After Pictures

Sheryl Underwood Before After

Sheryl Underwood’s Weight loss is the talk of the town in recent days. After losing whopping 50 pounds, Sheryl has become the center of a lot of discussions. People who know her just want to know how she lost weight and which weight loss diet or method has helped her in weight loss. People are getting motivated after seeing her weight loss After & before images. And maybe you are aware that Sheryl Underwood is a well-known talk-show host on The Talk show and a famous comedian. She also has worked in many movies throughout her career. Sheryl has been awarded many awards for her work in the entertainment industry.

She is a famous person and doing a great job in her industry. She is popular throughout the nation. But how many of you know that her childhood was not as great as her recent days?

Before we talk about Sheryl Underwood’s weight loss I would like to walk you through her personal life. This will give a better idea about Sheryl Underwood, her personal life, and her weight loss secret.

Who Is Sheryl Underwood?

Her full name is Sheryl Patrice Underwood. She was born on 28th October 1963 in  Little Rock, Arkansas. She has 2 siblings brother Michael, and an older sister Frankie. In her childhood, Sheryl Underwood had a lot of ups & downs. Her sister was diagnosed with Polio and Sheryl is her sister’s Caregiver.  Sheryl was born with her twin but unfortunately, her twin didn’t survive. Sheryl Underwood‘s mother stabbed her father but he survived that.


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Sheryl is a multi-tasking celebrity, she is a TV host, comedian, and actress. After completing her graduation, Sheryl went on to join US Air Force and worked there for almost 2 years. She was the first-ever female finalist on the show Miller Lite Comedy Search in 1989. In 1994 she was awarded the “Funniest Female Comedian on Comic View” at the BET Comedy Awards. Later in her life, she won many awards for her exceptional performances.

Sheryl Underwood Weight Loss

When you are a celebrity and constantly being n TV is your job then definitely you have to look good and fit because a lot of people admire you and get inspired by you. Sheryl Underwood is also one of those celebrities. After having twins, Sheryl started to gain a lot of weight and she was around 230 pounds when she was the heaviest.

And in the last 2 years after the breakout of Covid, many of us have gotten used to the life we had in Lockdowns. During this time millions of people were locked in their homes and this became the biggest reason for plenty of people getting fat. Sheryl Underwood was also one of these people. She also gained a lot of weight during these times. In an interview, Sheryl openly confessed that she has been struggling to lose weight after the pandemic. And she is constantly trying to shed some extra fat. In the same interview, Sheryl further added during her struggle period to lose weight, she was at 230 pounds and which was the heaviest weight Sheryl had.

She has been very open about her weight issues. And that’s why we got to learn the ways she used to shed those 50 pounds from her body.

Sheryl Under Wood Weight Loss Method

How did Sheryl Underwood lose 50 pounds of weight? Here is the answer. In a talk show, Sheryl revealed many things that helped her in weight loss. She told that she started her weight loss journey with a very strict routine. It was her target to burn at least 3900 calories throughout the day. Because you only lose weight when you are burning the required calories per day to lose weight. For losing these many calories, Sheryl Underwood followed an intense workout routine.

Losing weight is a journey of hard work. It is full of ups & downs. You get motivated, you restrict yourself from doing many things you liked before, you restrict your diet, you start exercising and you lose motivation, you give up then you again get motivated and do the same cycle. The transformation journey is full of stress. Sheryl was on an intense workout routine and to avoid any kind of stress, her dietician advised her to have food containing low cholesterol amount. In her show, she expressed how her weight loss journey was and also shared some advice & tips that helped her in weight loss for people who wants to lose weight. Below are some methods Sheryl used for her weight loss.

Weighing Herself Daily

I know some might not like this idea of getting on the scale every day. But this is one of the methods that helped Sheryl to prepare her mentally for her next move in order to lose weight. She told in the show that you have to develop a healthy relationship with a scale. Sheryl further added that she step on the scale at least three times throughout the day to understand how her choices were affecting her weight. Stepping up on a scale might be a stress for some people but the scale is there to inform you not to scare you.  This habit of Sheryl reminds her that what is need to be done throughout the day to maintain her goals.

Drinking Plenty Of Water

Sheryl makes sure that she is having at least 8 glasses of water daily. She drinks a lot of water and tries to stay hydrated throughout the day. Water is calorie-less and doesn’t add any fat to your body. And water also makes you feel full, so you can have longer gaps between your 2 meals. Even though she is a very busy woman, she never fails to drink enough water. Drinking water is very good for the skin also. It was one of the healthy drinks a person can have thought the day.

Getting Enough Sleep

According to one study, as the time of sleep decreases the body weight tends to increase person. Lack of enough sleep increases appetite. You tend to eat more and you suffer from often hunger cravings. Sheryl Underwood also insists on having a good sleep. Sheryl never fails to have enough sleep. Apart from weight loss, sleeping for a good amount of time also helps in boosting your mental health. You feel more energetic throughout the day.

Physical Movement

Sheryl Underwood promotes physical movements also. She says in order to stay healthy you have to be active and do some physical activities. She further told that Physical movement doesn’t mean that you have to go to the gym and lift heavy weights. Simple running or walking your dog or doing 100 pushups at home are also part of various physical movements. Everyone’s body is different from the other and requires a different type of dedication for weight loss. But physical movements are necessary for all. It helps in burning calories. And as you burn more calories than you intake, you lose weight.

Daily Meditation

Every journey starts from within. First, you have to think and then act. Being centered on yourself helps you in knowing what actually what you want to achieve and how you will execute all things. Sheryl practices meditation on daily basis. Sheryl further told that no matter what your thoughts are or whether you agree or not on this matter of meditation, she advises everyone to at least try practicing meditation for a week and see the changes. Meditation helps in boosting thinking power also, you will feel your mind is now working more accurately.

Sheryl Underwood Metamucil

Metamucil is a supplement that is widely used for treating constipation. But in recent times, People are using Metamucil for weight loss also. The supplement has the ability to decrease appetite and promote feelings of fullness. Thus, you will lose weight with Metamucil. The supplement helps in digestion. It also regulates healthy blood sugar levels, improves cholesterol levels, and helps you in feeling full and less hungry often.

Sheryl uses Metamucil. And she also promotes the supplement, she is officially advertising the product. I have seen many posts related to Metamucil on Sheryl Underwods’s social media platforms. Metamucil helps Sheryl in reducing appetite and thus it helps her in weight loss. She says that if she isn’t hungry as often, she has no real reason to eat or be tempted by eating food and snacks again & again throughout the day.

Sheryl Under Wood Weight Loss Diet

Once she was on TED talks and there she revealed many things about her weight loss and the diet she follows. She told many benefits of a good diet and how a healthy diet can lower the risk of death. She further added that having a low-carb or high-carb diet decides whether you will lose weight or gain.

She was constantly working out for weight loss but not checking her diet. After some time when she realized the benefit of a healthy diet then she checked how healthy she is eating. And as result, it turned out that her diet contains unhealthy foods and meal plans. After this realization, Sheryl made significant changes in her diet and her updated diet helped her a lot in her weight loss.

In the last 10 years, Sheryl almost has lost around 100 pounds of weight with her healthy diet and workout routine. She lost weight and then regain it and then again lost weight.

Sheryl Underwood Keto Diet

Previously Sheryl lost around 110 pounds of weight in one year using a low-carb keto diet. Mother of 4 struggled a lot due to pregnancy weight gain and after delivery weight loss. Her weight loss inspired a lot of people around the country. On her official website, she regularly shares her ideas and fitness mantras. When she was on a Ketogenic diet, she lost around 36 pounds in just 2 months.

Sheryl Underwood After Before Images

The people we see on TV screens are kind of an idol for us. We look at them and try to get inspired by their journey. Sheryl Underwood’s weight loss journey and her body transformation definitely would have inspired many. Here are some of Sheryl Underwood Weight Loss before and after photos for your motivation.

Sheryl Underwood Weight Loss
Sheryl Underwood Weight Loss Before After
Sheryl Underwood Before After

I know losing weight is not an easy task but if you are motivated and do the proper work in the right direction, then no one can stop you from becoming fit and healthy. For healthy weight loss focus more on eating healthy and then has an active lifestyle. You will surely lose weight.

Sheryl has a job to be on TV. Even though she always runs short on time due to her busy working schedule, still, Sheryl has managed to lose a significant amount of weight. She is healthy now and we are happy for her to be healthy and fit. And I am sure that this weight loss transformation of Sheryl Underwood’s weight loss journey must have inspired you. And if you also want to lose weight then tips from Sheryl will definitely help you.
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