Shauna Sand Lamas Husband & Daughters Details

SHAUNA SAND Lamas with daughters

Shauna Sand Lamas is a very successful and popular model and an established actress. At a very early stage, she started her modeling career. She started her modeling career when she was just nine years. Even to become a successful model in the modeling industry and secure the position, she has to come up a lot of long way in this journey.

She is more often known and recognized as the Playboy magazine’s Playmate of May 1996. In fact, there are so many stories present in her life, from her personal life to her professional life. And the audience is also showing a great interest in collecting information about her personal and professional life. If you are also curious to find out the details of this famous model turn actress Shauna Sand Lamas, then find out all the details here in this article quickly. 

Shauna Sand Lamas after making her position secure with her modeling career has successfully received a lot of projects in television. Some of the most popular television series done by this popular actress are Las Vegas, Charmed, and Air America. Some of the super hit movies done by Shauna Sand Lamas are “The Deviants” and “The Chosen One: Legend of the Raven.”

Shauna Sand Lamas came into the limelight many times regarding her personal life affairs and rumors. Even though, she has very useful followers on the social media platform Instagram. She has often become the talk of the center for everyone for her amazing figure and for her work. At the same time, she also gained a lot of attention from the audience during her marriage time with her husband.

The personal life information of Shauna Sand Lamas is also very much interesting for the audience. She was born on September 2, 1971, in San Diego, California, United States of America. She holds American nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity. Shauna Sand is her birth name. From her childhood days she was also very much interested in dancing and at the age of 5 years old she started learning dancing moves.

 In fact, she has known different types of dance forms like Jazz, ballet, and many more. She has so many interesting sides, both professional and personal life. However, eventually, with her modeling career, she started receiving a lot of admiration and popularity from the audience. She made a lot of public appearances and showed her excellent talent in the fields of acting and modeling.

Shauna Sand Lamas’s Husbands

The marriage life of Shauna Sand Lamas is also very much interesting. She is involved in more one married life. Her first husband’s name was Lorenzo Lamas. He was also a very successful actor and has done a lot of successful movies. After dating for a few months, the couple decided to get married, and they married on April 27, 1996. The couple also led six years of successful married life with each other, and the couple had three beautiful daughters.

Unfortunately, after six years of marriage, the couple decided to take divorce each other, and in 2002 they separated. The daughters’ names of Shauna Sand Lamas are Shauna Sand Lamas, Isabella Lamas, and Alexander Lamas. However, after taking divorced from her husband, the relationship between both of them became quite bitter.

Eventually, in 2015, he got married to another woman. And from his second marriage, he has a son; Shauna Sand Lamas slept with her son, and news became a big issue for her first husband. He did not talk to her for two years after hearing the news from the media, even did not talk to his own son. 

After some time, rumors have been spread on the Internet that Shauna Sand Lamas again started dating Romain Chavent. And eventually, on October 4, 2006, she married her second husband. But unfortunately, the marriage only lasts for two years. And in 2008, they were mutually divorced from each other.

On January 15, 2011, she again married another man named Laurent Homburger. Unfortunately, her third marriage to Sand did not work out well, and in the same year, the couple took a divorce. She was also arrested for the domestic violence case against her husband. Crops have found a lot of injuries on Homburger’s body. In fact, in 2011, she went to jail, and after paying $50k, she was released from jail.

 After taking four years of a long gap from the incident, she again started dating another man. She started dating Stevie Simpson and was also engaged to him. In fact, the couple also received a lot of attention from the public when they appeared on the red carpet. However, in this time of marriage with Stevie Simpson, She was abused many times during her marriage period.

And finally, after some time, she decided to separate from her husband, and she filed for divorce. Right now probably, she is single and living her own life with her daughters alone. 

Shauna Sand Lamas’s Daughters

Talking about the kids, Shauna Sand Lamas then, she has three daughters from her first marriage with Lorenzo Lamas. Her daughters’ names are Victoria Lamas, Isabella Lamas, and Alexander Lamas. Recently rumors were surfacing that Victoria has been dating Leonardo Dicaprio but everything is rumored as of now.

Shauna Sand Lamas Kids

 She has been married many times but has had no other kids from her other marriages. In fact, she has made a lot of headlines in the media for her multiple marriages and relationship rumors. But she never hides any of her relationships from her audience. She has given all the details regarding her marriages and the names of all her ex-husbands. 

Moreover, in her personal life, she has also gone through a lot of ups and down. Sometimes she has been accused by one of her husbands of torturing him. And on the other side, she has also faced the same situation from her last marriage.

Therefore this is the whole information regarding the line of this famous model turned actress Shauna Sand Lamas. If we find out other details regarding her personal life, then we will surely update you all very soon. 

Shauna Sand Lamas’s Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Shauna Sand Lamas is $1.2 million. However, she also has other sources of income. From her modeling and acting career; she has earned a lot of money which helped her to lead a very lavish lifestyle.

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