Savannah Guthrie Weight Loss. Is She Sick? Skinny Due To Some Illness?

Savannah Guthrie Weight Loss

Savannah Guthrie Weight Loss. Savannah Guthrie is a well-known American Journalist, especially known for co-anchoring of NBC’s The Today Show. We have seen many times her fearless journalism on TV. Savannah is in news this week due to an upcoming one-hour primetime special on June 17th with Amber Heard. This will be the first time that Amber Heard will speak publically after her Ex-husband Jhonny Depp’s defamation case against her. But Savannah Gutherie is becoming the center of the talks not due to her upcoming TV interview but due to changes in her body that people are noticing. She is looking skinny and thin in comparison with her previous appearances. People are speculating that she might be sick and that due to her illness, she might have lost some weight.

I have searched a lot to find out the exact answer to the question of how Savannah Guthrie has lost weight. Here are some details that I have found about Savannah Guthrie and her weight loss. From her sickness to her exact weight loss diet and her routine plan, you will get to know everything related to Savannah Guthrie’s weight loss.

But before going deep into Savannah Guthrie’s weight loss, I would like to walk you through her life so you can have the exact idea of how she lost all her excess weight.

Who Is Savannah Guthrie?

Savannah’s full name is Savannah Clark Gutherie. She was born on 27th December 1971 in Melbourne, Australia. Savannah is a quite popular American broadcast journalist and attorney. She is the main Co-Anchor of the NBC News morning show Today since 2012. She first started her association with NBC News in 2007 as a legal analyst and correspondent. Her work as a legal analyst and correspondent was to report on trials throughout the country. Later Savannah was announced as the co-anchor of Today’s show alongside Al Roker. She has appeared as the chief legal analyst across all NBC platforms and related programs. In her career, she took interviews with people like Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Conard Murray (Cardiologist Of  Michael Jackson), & other big names.


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Savannah Guthrie Weight Loss Diet

Savannah is a busy woman. She is always on a tight schedule. And being a mother of 2 and a professional woman, Gutherie doesn’t get much time for herself. And this makes it hard for any working woman to focus on her health. Still, she manages good health and a skinny figure in 2022. Her weight loss was also a matter of talk in 2021. But losing weight was not an easy task for Savannah Guthrie.

After getting inspired by celebrity people and her co-anchor Al Roker’s weight loss, Savannah also started a Keto Diet routine to shed some extra fat. The Keto Diet is a low carb high-fat food diet that is quite popular for weight loss among celebrities like Rebel Wilson.

Being on a new journey Savannah Gutherie had both types of experiences with her diet negative and positive. She started the diet routine just for the test but she quickly lost interest as she was not seeing the desired improvements. And having such a hectic TV job with a very busy schedule makes it harder for anyone to see quick results.

She was on the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen show with her Today Show co-host Hoda Kotb & Today’s health & nutrition expert Joy Bauer. According to her interview with Andy Cohen, Savannah told that she tried Keto Diet for 7 weeks but she didn’t get any results from it. And she further added that she ate a lot of bacon and she liked it. But Bauer did not quite agree with her experience with Keto Diet and showed her displeasure on the show.

Bauer told in the same interview “Like, Savannah knows, I am dreaming of her picking up the phone to call me to say, ‘I’m done! Help me transition.”  Bauer further added that the Keto Diet is very, very, very difficult, but as a jumpstart it’s fine. And she advised trying Keto Diet for 1-2 weeks.

Once, Savannah Guthrie appeared at Dr. OZ’s show and answered about her Keto Diet experience. She said that she was following a strict restriction of high-carb foods in her diet and that was not a reason for her to be thrilled. But being on a low-carb diet, she also gets to eat the foods like cheese & bacon that she would have never eaten before & avoided. She thinks that Keto Diet has made her mind sharper and she also mentioned 1 or 2 incidents where she felt that how her mind has become sharper on the show. And further, she also mentioned that her mind has become sharper but she feels less energy after being on a keto diet due to low carbs. And she needs those carbs to feel like she wants to go on a run or do aerobics or whatever she might do, Gutherie added.

But the matter here is that Savannah Guthrie finally has lost weight. Which diet she used & which method helped her in her weight loss is the real matter here.

Savannah Guthrie Weight Loss Plan

From waking up at 3 A.M. to staying active throughout the day with a tight schedule, Guthrie follows a life routine to stay healthy and in shape without adding much weight to her figure. Here are some ways that Savannah follows in her routine life to have a healthy & fit body.

Enjoying Carbs

After having some negative experiences with a low-carb diet, now she tries to enjoy carbs in her diet. According to Today, Guthrie said that she is not an anti-carb person but she always tries to do her carbs early in the day so that by the end of the day she can become carb-free. She further added in the interview that on weekend nights, she eats anything and drinks anything she wants to. And she thinks that doing such a job or being a parent is not possible without caffeine, a little wine, and dessert.

Better Sleeping Pattern

Enough and regular sleep is very important for better health. Good sleep improves your brain functioning and also improves health. Savannah also follows this. She told in a funny way that she and her kids sleep at the same time. But being serious about good sleep, she told that sleep is very important for good health. As she hosts a morning show and for that, she has to wake up early at 3 AM and do a tight schedule job, it is a need of her body to have enough sleep. For that, she sleeps early so she can have good hours of sleep. Savannah is quite fond of reading books and on a plus note, reading makes her sleepy at night.

Playing Sports

Playing sports is a good way of burning more calories and improving your strength. It helps in relieving stress, improves the functioning of your brain, and helps you in feeling energetic and a lot of health benefits are associated with playing. Savannah decided on a goal for her to start taking Tennis lessons to improve her game during Today’s “Summer Of Yes“. Playing tennis helps in fat reduction, increases bone density, and improves metabolism and overall health improvements.

Bari Classes

Bari is a hybrid old type of aerobics exercise. To try something different type of exercise, Savannah likes to do Bari aerobics because in the 90s Savannah was an aerobic instructor and he likes to do cardio bouncing on a trampoline and strength training. She does classes for Bari in New York three times a week.

Savannah Guthrie After Before

Below are some of the photos of Savannah Guthrie after & before her weight loss.

How Did Savannah Guthrie Lose Weight
Savannah Guthrie Weight Loss After Before
Savannah Guthrie Weight Loss

Is Savannah Guthrie Sick?

Savannah Guthrie is definitely looking fit and skinny than she used to look before. But I don’t think that there is any illness involved in her losing weight. Savannah is completely fit and healthy and doing great in her profession. Savannah Guthrie’s weight loss is a result of her hard efforts and dieting plan and she is not sick definitely.

Amber Heard Interview With Savannah Guthrie

After the verdict of the court in the defamation case from her Ex-Husband Jhonny Depp against Amber Heard, this is the first time Amber Heard will appear in such a long 1 hour interview on NBC’s Today. Amber Heard will give an interview to Today’s journalist Savannah Guthrie. This interview will be telecasted on the 17th of June.


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Savannah Guthrie Botox

Yes, Savannah Guthrie has tried botox a few times. First, she revealed that when she was on her show with other co-hosts. She said that she did it in 2009. She did it on her forehead. And in august 2015, she underwent Botox live on air on her morning show during a segment about plastic surgery secrets.

Savannah Guthrie Botox

Has Savannah Guthrie Lost Weight?

Yes, Savannah has lost weight. Being a journalist, she was quite open about the efforts she was making to stay fit and healthy. She tried diets like the Keto diet for weight loss but she didn’t have good experience with that. Later she opted for a healthy lifestyle for staying fit and maintaining a skinny figure.

How Did Savannah Guthrie Lose Weight?

Savannah is starting experimented with Low carb high-fat diet but she didn’t get the desired results so she later quit it. After that, she opted for eating low carbs and early in the day. She started doing some Bari aerobics and playing Tennis. Savannah has enough sleep. These all lifestyle changes helped Savannah in losing weight.

Conclusion: Savannah Guthrie Weight Loss

In the end, I would like to tell you that Savannah is a working professional woman with 2 babies to take care of. She wakes up early at 3 AM in the morning so can host her morning show on NBC. She is a hard-working woman and if you go through her Instagram, then you might also notice that she is a happy woman in her life. Nothing looks fake about her. She presents very real part of herself in front of the camera. For losing weight she followed some routines in her life. And these routines helped her in losing weight. Her weight loss and healthy & fit body are an inspiration for people who blames their busy jobs for not being able to take care of their health.

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