Sam Smith Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Diet & Workout

Sam Smith Weight Gain

Samuel Frederick Smith aka Sam Smith is a British singer and songwriter. He was born in London, England on 19 May 1992. Being a celebrity he always remains in the news and social media. This time he is also in the news, not for his upcoming singing projects but because of his appearance. People are amazed at Sam Smith’s amazing body transformation. He gained weight as a kid and now has lost almost 50 pounds of weight.

The euphonious-voiced singer was known for songs that challenged the romantic love ideals that characterized popular soul music. Smith’s parents supported him in his singing from an early age after seeing him perform Whitney Houston’s “My Love Is Your Love” in front of them.

Smith continued her vocal training and soon began performing locally and with Youth Music Theatre UK. He went through six managers before deciding to move to London at the age of 18 to seek prospects there.

The song “Latch,” which had Smith’s ethereal tenor vocals atop an energetic electronic beat, became his first significant break when he collaborated with the house duo Disclosure. That song was published in 2012 and quickly became popular.

Sam Smith Weight Gain

Sam Smith has always had issues with his body image and has battled weight gain since he was a young child. When he was little, he enjoyed eating. There is nothing wrong with being a foodie, but for him, it became an issue when they lost control of their relationship with food. The situation worsened until he started to be ruled by food. He spoke about his issues with emotional eating in an interview with 60 Minutes Australia in 2017.

Sam believed that food was the panacea and cure for all problems. He would eat while in class and not enjoy himself. When his music wasn’t working out, he would eat. If he felt lonely, he would eat. Sam never skipped his meals, which made food his biggest problem because overeating caused weight gain and body image issues.

As a young child, he was so obese that No one would be shocked to see him. He was self-conscious about his appearance because he was made fun of at school for being overweight. He suffered from chronic depression as a result of his anxiety and self-consciousness surrounding his weight gain.

Sam Smith said that he had liposuction at the age of 12 in a video interview that aired on Instagram on the “I WEIGH” account on March 15, 2019. So, he had weight loss surgery to get rid of excess fat from his body.

However, Sam Smith’s weight gain issues started to reappear since he had not managed his overeating. He quickly reverted to their pre-lipo weight after the procedure. Lipo didn’t help him in any way since he didn’t address their connection with food, and he quickly put the weight back on.

The singer of the hit song “Too Good at Goodbyes” battled with their body image until his youth, and his weight increase persisted. Even when he first entered the music industry and was recording his debut music video, he was self-conscious about his size. He was concerned because, among other things, as he was making the album, he was growing physically every day.

Sam was unable to ever appreciate the music-making process because of the weight gain, which infuriated Sam Smith. He said he was trying to control the camera’s movement because he wasn’t happy with how he looked. His modest size fixation led him to frequently check himself in the mirror, squeeze his waists, and weigh himself every day.

How Did Sam Smith Lose Weight?

Smith has made significant dietary and activity modifications since 2015 to help him lose more than 50 pounds. He lost most of the weight in 2015, but over the past two years, he’s managed to keep it off and then some. Fans were stunned by the cover image of the most current issue of L’uomo Vogue, and many of them commented on how thin his face had grown.

Smith has been candid about his weight loss process, even though his Instagram account isn’t exactly rife with meal or gym photos. Smith has worked with nutritional therapist Amelia Freer, who also assisted James Cordon in losing some weight. In a since-deleted Instagram post, Smith praised Freer.

The caption said, by The Daily Express:

"My relationship with food has been completely changed thanks to Amelia Freer, who has also assisted me in losing over a stone in just two weeks. I appreciate how pleased you make me feel both inside and out, Amelia. I love you."

When asked how he accomplished it, Smith told Extra that he “essentially stopped eating as much,” contrary to the newspaper’s claim that he eliminated gluten, dairy, and refined sugar.

Smith admitted to Natalie Morales in a TODAY interview that he is not on a diet. Sam Smith in the interview further added that his relationship with food, on the other hand, has simply completely transformed. Smith claims that his weight was the one thing he could control after being bullied as a child for being overweight and gay. This year, Smith revealed that he now exercises with a personal trainer three times per week, practicing both weight training and cardio.

Source: YouTube/60 Minutes Australia

Smith is open about how challenging it is to manage his love of eating with maintaining a healthy weight, even though he has successfully kept the weight off for several years. “I will always feel self-conscious”, he admitted to one of the leading online media portals. “Because I adore food more than you can imagine, I’ll continue to attempt. It will always be difficult for me.”

Diets and Workout

Sam was self-conscious about his bigger form in the year before he released his debut album in 2014 and decided to lose weight. He frequently wore slimming all-black clothing to cover the parts of his body he didn’t like. Later decided to lose weight through a healthy diet.

On a paleo, low-carb diet, the Latch singer claimed to have shed 50 pounds. Amelia Freer, the author of Nourish & Glow and a supporter of a gluten-free Paleo diet was credited by Smith for his weight loss.

This diet promotes abstaining from alcohol while consuming organic eggs, chicken, vegetables, and other proteins. Sam Smith claimed in 2017 that his weight loss success depended on weight training and fully cutting out gluten, dairy, and refined sugar from his diet.

Smith’s friend Amelia Freer helped them shed more than a stone in just two weeks, completely changing his relationship with food. He began practicing yoga and eating ice cubes filled with herbs as a snack. On Instagram, they routinely share pictures of their wholesome meals and workouts.

The 30-year-old musician also exercises with a personal trainer three times a week, switching between weightlifting and cardio. While altering Sam’s relationship with food was essential to his early weight loss, he now looks to be gaining weight despite having formed a healthy gym routine.

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