Robin Quivers weight loss. Diet, Cancer & Before After Pics.

Robin Quivers Weight Loss

Audiences and fans have always taken the inspiration to lose their body weight from their favorite celebrities. It becomes a motivation for thousands of people to lose body weight naturally and in a healthy process by following the weight loss journey of celebrities.  The audience has also taken inspiration from the personality of Robin Quivers. Recently Robin Quivers weight loss is in news.

For the last several weeks, she has been in the limelight of the media due to her fighting with cancer disease. She has made all of the news for her long-term battle with the disease cancer. In fact, she has spoken about the whole struggle during the battle in the Howard Stern played sidekick in the Monday morning. 

In addition, she has added the line that in the last year she had gone through surgery to get rid of the large mass in her pelvis area. Moreover, she also discussed the chemotherapy and her constant struggle. There was a tumor on her bladder and to get rid of the tumor from there she has to take the help of chemotherapy. 

Robin Quivers Also discussed her disappearance from the XM show’s studio for a long time. In fact, she has also taken the help of her Twitter to discuss all of the things regarding her surgery and her Cancer disease in multiple posts. Besides that, her weight loss journey is also very much interesting and people are also very much curious to know the details.

If you are interested too to find out all of the details regarding the weight loss journey Robin then find out all of the significant and single details here in this article. Today with the help of this article, we are going to discuss everything that is necessary for all of you to know about the weight loss journey of Robin Quivers. 

Who Is Robin Quivers?

Before starting the discussion about the weight loss journey of Robin Quivers first we need to know about her personality in detail. In simple sentences, Robin Quivers is a very popular American radio personality. On the other side, she is also popular as an actress and author. She becomes popular for her long-running co-host show The Howard Stern Show

She was born on August 8, 1952, in Baltimore Maryland. Her mother was a housekeeper and her father was a steelworker. She has an elder sister along with two adopted brothers. In an interview, she said that both of her parents were not highly educated but passed only seven grades. In fact, she has also accepted that in her childhood days she was molested by her father. 

From the Maryland General Hospital at the age of 17, she has taken the pre-nursing program. In 1970, she passed out her schooling at the Western high school, and then later she took admitted to the University of Maryland in Baltimore. Besides that, in May 2012, she announced publicly that she needed the help of surgery to remove the tumor from the bladder. 


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And after the surgery at her house in New York, she continued her commentary for the show through the ISDN line. But this fact was hidden from the listeners.  In fact, her partner in the show Stern said that she was the attraction of the show and if she was not there in the show then he will not be there too. After a huge gap in her professional career, on September 9, 2013, Robin Quivers declared that she has successfully conquered her disease with the help of radiation and chemotherapy. Her surgery became successful and she returned to her show again on October 2, 2013. 

Robin Quivers Weight Loss 2022

Robin Quivers after she has concluded the whole journey of the fight against cancer disease realized how important it is to maintain good health. After the long journey of 17 months, she made herself follow a healthy diet routine to maintain a healthy body weight. Even the strict diet routine which she has to follow during her surgery has helped her to lose a lot of body weight. 

Robin Quivers Before After

On the other side, she has also realized how the real foods have helped her to save her life during the battle. Later she adopted all the healthy foods in her life to maintain both good mental and physical health. In fact, all of her followers even became much more curious and interested to know her whole diet routine.   

Robin Quivers Diet

After her struggle with Cancer disease, she again reached the limelight of the audience when she reduced a lot of body weight by following a healthy lifestyle. She almost produced more than 80 pounds to become healthy. Besides that, she has also added that thing that the whole journey of weight loss has been witnessed by her co-host Stern. All of the entire team of the show including her co-host has inspired her to lose body weight.

She received help from all of them and the wake-up call from them whenever she needed it. By focusing only on the plant-based diet she has managed to reduce more than 80 pounds naturally from her body. And the whole plant-based diet has helped her to save her life. In fact, she also concluded that by maintaining the diet routine she has not received the result quickly.

She has done a lot of fasting as well to decrease her body weight. Now she is very happy to see the present pictures of her when she appeared with a healthy personality. At the same time, she has followed all the vegan recipes and strictly followed them. In the chart list of vegan recipes, there were more than 90 favorite recipes of hers.


Robin Quivers became very furious to get rid of common problems like high cholesterol levels, obesity, and diabetes. Therefore, she has switched to a plant-based diet routine to get rid of all of these health issues. Besides that, she also engaged herself to walk 3 miles in a single day to reduce her body weight.  Moreover, she participated in numerous City marathons. 

Even she completed one Marathon in just 6 hours and 9 minutes. And like this way, by keeping herself engaged in the walking exercises and by following the vegan diet routine, she has successfully managed to reduce her body weight. Eventually, all of the common health issues have gone equally. 

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Robin Quivers Previous Weight Loss

On the other side, the previous time, Robin Quivers decreased her body weight too.  But there is no information available from which we can get to know how she managed to reduce her body weight. As a personality, she is also very much Jolly and fun-loving. She has a very good sense of humor which has made her the talk of the nation.

However, she has made all of her popularity through her career by hosting the popular show with her co-star Stern. Moreover, Robin Quivers gained the attraction of the audience when she was captured in the grip of cancer disease. However, with the god grace, she has overcome the struggle. And after 17 months of struggle, she again returned to her show and shared all of her experiences during the journey. Therefore, this is the all information regarding her weight loss journey till today.

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