Renee Rapp Dating History. Is She Gay? Her Girlfriend.

Renee Rapp Dating

Renee Rapp has ruled the entertainment industry through her role in the Sex Lives of College Girls and her audience is showing positive responses to her role.

Her character did raise some controversy regarding her sexuality because it takes some courage to act gay if you are straight in reality. Renee responded to all the questions that arose due to her role in the show and also revealed her feeling towards the role and the series.

It has been a debate in the town regarding her sexuality and her former and current partners.

Shall we take a look at what these rumors are about? And try to know the truth.

Renee Rapp Girlfriend

If you have been a constant follower of the series The Sex Lives of College Girls, you might have seen that Leighton, Kimberly, Bela, and Whitney have finally finished their first year at Essex College.

You might have felt a sudden wave of mixed emotions about how things got messed up but you know what!! You aren’t alone here. Renee Rapp who played the character Leighton left her girl club and broke up with her girlfriend and got back with her former love, Alicia played by Midoris Francis.

Rapp revealed in a recent interview with Deadline just ahead of the 8th episode that Leighton receives a message from former flame Alicia. The text was about if Leighton would reconnect with her after they broke up in the 1st season as Leighton wasn’t yet over with the breakup.

After receiving the text Leighton decides to meet Alicia, which is no big deal until she bought her new girlfriend, Tatum (played by Gracie Dzienny) to a women’s center fundraiser and immediately finds that the two may not be as compatible as she had once imagined. Later Tatum throws some negative comments about Leighton’s buddies which in turn angers Leighton.

Currently, Renee Rapp is proud that she acted her character so well that people are loving are loving it but she also had doubts about playing a gay in a series. She was very anxious about her queerness and that people would be watching and might be judging her.

Recently Renee revealed to People magazine that when the 1st season was about to get released, she was going through a period of anxiety because of enacting a queer character in the series. She told she was extremely anxious about the release of the first season as she had different people in her life and she wasn’t comfortable showing them because of the fear of getting judged.

The majority of those people, she claimed, were “fortunately” no longer in her life. She admitted that she was eagerly anticipating the release of the 2nd season because she was less anxious about hearing homophobic, slut-shaming, or other offensive remarks.

Is Renee Rapp Gay?

When actors play roles of characters that are different from their personalities, people often take it seriously and judge the person.

Renee Rapp played the character Leighton in the Sex Lives of College Girls, who is gay and has a girlfriend in the show. People took it seriously and are now questioning her sexuality.

She even revealed her insecurities about playing this character as it is opposite from who she is and was terrified of the fact that people would judge her based on the show. Is Renee Rapp gay? This question was answered by Renee when asked in an interview with Vulture.

She told about her sexuality in an interview stating – She uses the word queer. She is just a 21-year-old girl and suddenly goes to her partner and says “I believe I am this, thus we need to talk about it”. Again she says “No, I’m this”. It is a weird, developing tale.

According to her the most beautiful thing about this generation is that youngsters have the grace about finding out their sexuality and how everything changes in that process and embrace the discovered part of themselves. She disclosed that the things that made her most enthusiastic about the show and were the most challenging to film. But in the context of a comedy series, she felt extremely comfortable expressing that aspect of herself. She now laughs about the trauma she had while shooting. She says it was very funny how they delivered the scenes for the show.

So, it is clear that Renee Rapp is identified as Bisexual.

Renee Rapp’s Dating History

According to Showbiz Cast, Renee Rapp was romantically involved with Broadway Start Anthony Cipriano in 2019. He made his debut on Broadway in 2019 as Phoenix in the musical Jagged Little Pill. Antony is all ready for his new Disney Plus series named National Treasure – Edge of History. But according to a report released by Hollywood Mask, Renee and Anthony are not together since 2021 and have parted ways for good. The couple once shared photos of hanging out together and looked happy and in love but the reality turned out to be different!

This report also gave a hint that Renee might be dating singer Charlie Puth in 2022. But this hot news has not been officially confirmed yet so let’s wait for the announcement. 

Renee Rapp’s Dating Partner in 2022

According to some sources, 22 years old Renee Rapp is likely to be single currently. Renee Rapp makes it a point to avoid the spotlight and keeps a low profile when it comes to discussing her private life. Renee may not be openly seeing anyone, but there is a chance that she is seeing someone in private. So it’s risky to conclude too quickly.

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