Rebel Wilson Weight Loss 2022. Keto Diet, Pills Or Surgery? Before After Photos.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Before After pics

Have you seen recent photos of our beloved Pitch perfect star Patricia Hobart or Fat Amy aka Rebel Wilson on Instagram or on the internet? If you have seen then you also must be wondering about Rebel Wilson’s weight loss. And maybe you have some questions in your mind right now like, how did Rebel Wilson lose weight? Did Rebel Wilson have used keto pills or a keto diet for weight loss? Did she have undergone weight loss surgery? How much weight did Rebel Wilson lose? How did she become skinny and thin? Get all answers here in this detailed article about Rebel Wilson’s weight loss journey.

Rebel Wilson documented 2020 as her “Year of Health” journey on social media 2020. Rebel Wilson started her weight loss journey in May 2020 intending to reduce her weight to 165 pounds. And she achieved her weight loss goal of reaching 165 pounds by November 2020. To achieve her weight loss goal, she lost 77 pounds by November 2020.

Who Is Rebel Wilson?

Rebel Wilson’s full name is Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson. She is an Australian actress, singer, producer, writer, and comedian. She was born on the 2nd of March, 1980. After graduating from law school in 2009, She went on to star in the movie Pitch Perfect. Her character in the movie was called “Fat Amy” and the character is still loved by most of us. Once the actress expressed her feelings on Instagram stating that since she was 20, she always found herself on a little bit of a weight roller coaster. Losing a few pounds and again gaining them back was a normal activity in her life.

Rebel Wilson in an interview with BBC told that when she finally decided to look after her health and increasing weight in 2020, she got a lot of pushback from people even from her inner circle, from her own team. People from her team were thinking that the actress’s success is somehow linked to her weight. Her career’s most successful films like Bridesmaid to Pitch Perfect or even Jojo Rabbit were somehow linked to her screen image of an overweight actress.

Fat Amy Pitch Perfect

Adding further in the interview Wilson admitted that her emotional eating was one of the main reasons behind her weight gain and deep inside her mind she also knew that these emotional eating behaviors were not healthy for her. And she went on to express her feelings more in the interview. She further told the BBC that the year 2019 was one of the best years of her career. She had 4 successful movies released in 2019 but in the next year, she just focused on her health and lost 77 pounds in 2020 the response and the attention she received for her weight loss was far more than being in an Academy Award-nominated film and all of that movie stuff.

Immediately after she posted her weight loss photos on the internet, people went on being obsessed with her weight loss. She was getting all the attention. People started to treat her differently. But according to her interview with NY Post, Rebel Wilson, weight loss was never about size or number for her rather than for her it was all about just being the healthiest version of her.

In the same interview, she further added and express her feeling about how different treatments a woman receives from people just on her weight and body type. She told that she knew what it is like to be a woman who is essentially invisible to people. Sometimes people treat you like you almost have no value just because you are not seen as good-looking by them. People get this bias towards you only because of your appearance. And you can not deny the reality of this behavior of people.

Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss Journey

The actress finally decided to lose those extra pounds and started to go on a healthy life way. In an interview with the other online magazine, Rebel Wilson told that before losing the weight she was used to eating about 3000 calories per day. And she was mostly having carbs in her diet, so she most times felt hungry. But then she changed her diet plans to a nutrition-filled diet. In her diet plan, the first thing she did was to reduce sugar and gluten intake and focus more on whole foods like sheep’s milk yogurt, fresh fish, and vegetables.

And from her journey of weight loss, Rebel Wilson learned something and also shared those personal experiences with other people. On a live television with the channel, she told that there is no one book or right product, or the right thing people can buy for weight loss. You just learn little things about what will work for you and what not throughout your weight loss journey.

Rebel Wilson attended an Austrian wellness retreat program in 2020. In the program, she met with an Australian Doctor. This doctor suggested to Rebel that the best way for her to get rid of extra body fat is simply walking. Not a high-intensity but a moderate pace of walking for an hour every day. Before this meeting Rebel was doing hard sweating workout sessions in the gym for weight loss. But after this doctor’s advice Rebel thought not to indulge in exhausting workout sessions anymore instead she thought to give some grace to her body and follow the easy-going path of moderate-pace walking as the doctor had suggested.

And according to her, in 2020 she followed the easy-going way of weight loss. That’s why in her Year of Health she lost weight at a slow pace and gradually. But she was able to achieve her weight goal in the end. Sometimes she was doing some hard sessions but her major workout session throughout the year was walking for an hour every day.

Now, that’s not possible for everyone that walking will give them also the same results as given to Rebel. We all are built differently and we all follow different eating habits and different daily life routines. But the people who want to kick start their journey of weight loss can start with walking. Walking will give your body movement and flexibility which your body needs to go in further for heavy workouts. Start with just simple walking and then gradually test your body’s strength with other exercises. And don’t forget that from heart health improvement to lung health improvement to improved blood circulation to weight loss there are numerous health benefits associated with just simple walking.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Diet

If the term”weight loss” comes up, two things always matter. First is how active you stay and second is what you eat. No weight loss goal is ever achieved without a balanced diet according to our body’s needs. Most of the part of your weight loss journey is dependent on what is your eating habits and how well you are eating. The positive results we are seeing in Rebel Wilson’s body after her weight loss are also associated with a balanced weight loss diet. She was also following a weight-loss diet. And the diet she was following is called Mayr Method Diet.

What Is Mayr Method Diet?

In recent times the Mayr diet has become quite popular after Rebel Wilson’s weight loss. Many celebrities and health gurus are promoting this diet. Some experts believe that the Mayr method is the easiest and fastest way to lose weight.

The Mayr Diet is a 100-year-old method. It was originally created by an Australian physician Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr in the year 1920. This Diet revolves around improving your gut health. DR. Mayr had a strong feeling that everything about our health is connected with gut health. He thought improving gut health can help in weight loss. Our eating habits affect everything from our physical health to our mental health.

The Mayr method is a little restrictive about what you can eat. This weight-loss method mainly focuses on removing certain types of foods from your meals so they can boost your digestive system. Apart from removal, the Mayr method also suggests indulging in mindful eating practices such as chewing food completely and avoiding distractions while eating. Though many of the practices of the Mayr method are advised to adapt in your regular life for long-term health benefits the timeline for the main method is just 14 days.

How To Follow The Mayr Method

VIVAMAYR is a medical center & luxury health resort that claims to help you in following the Mayr method for detoxification & rebuilding your health and body by following the base principles of the diet. But it can be very costly because you have to stay there for the full practice of the method. And the starting price is around $2200.

Apart from this, there is a simple method that you can follow at staying at your home. For that, you can use a book named “The Viva Mayr Diet: 14 Days to a Flatter Stomach and a Younger You.” The book is a 14 days instruction guide that instructs you to remove sugar and caffeine from your diet and add plenty of alkaline foods and reduce the use of gluten and dairy product. It also recommends avoiding distractions while eating like watching TV or using your mobile phone.

What You Will Learn From Mayr Method

The 14 days of the Mayr diet help you in learning many things for overall health improvement. But the main principles of the method are mentioned below:

  • The Mayr method suggests you eat your biggest meal early in the day. Recent studies have proven that people who eat a larger breakfast than dinner are able to burn twice many calories as people who have larger dinners.
  • The method recommends that you chew your food at least 40-60 times. Chewing food more times helps with easy digestion and absorption of food.
  • Stop eating at the moment you feel full. You will have to learn the method of stopping yourself at the moment you feel full. No more eating above the fullness.
  • This method also recommends avoiding drinking water while in between your meals. Drinking water while eating interferes and slowed the digestion process.
  • It is advised in this program to eat foods only that are cooked after 3 PM.
  • Mayer’s method also tells its followers not to eat anything after 7 PM.

Foods That Are Allowed In Mayr Method

The Mayr method is a restrictive diet that restricts its user from many types of foods. This method has specific types of foods specified that users can eat. Mainly the foods which are easy to digest are included in the method. The list of foods that are allowed in the Mayer diet is given below.

  • Grains: Millet, Risotto, Oats, Polenta, etc
  • Seeds: Sesame Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Flax seeds, Chea Seeds, etc.
  • Nuts: Walnuts, Macadamia, Almonds, etc.
  • Vegetables: Mushrooms, Kale, Peppers, Broccoli, etc.
  • Fruits: Oranges, Apples, Bananas, Peaches, etc.
  • Beverages: Green Tea, Fruit Juice, Water, etc.
  • Non-Veg: Salmon, Turkey, Beef, etc.

Secrets Things That Helped Rebel Wilson In Weight Loss

There are plenty of things and life lessons you can learn from Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss journey. But there are some basic things that you have to understand before starting any journey. The basic principles of life that we learned from Rebel Wilson and her weight loss journey. If you follow all these steps then you will also be successful in your health journey.

Respect And Love Yourself First

In an interview, Rebel Wilson said that she is a very confident and skilled person but still she suffers from having low self-worth and not loving herself sometimes. Then she started emotional writing. She started a way to set a 12-minute timer and in this time she write all the emotions she is going through at that time. And after that, she writes down 5 things that she is grateful for that day. This helped her a lot.

She slowly started to feel that numbers on a weight scale are not her real identity. She is way more than that. That’s why in one interview Rebel told that she is proud to have achieved her goals and wants to encourage other people out there that being fit will be your goal of yours not to fit in some sort of beauty standards that society have.

It’s Okay To Be Imperfect

No one can be perfect. It’s okay to be imperfect and you have to accept that first. You can not start with heavy exercises in the starting. You just can not stop eating all those favourite foods at once. This is a journey, a health journey that starts slowly and gradually picks up its pace. It’s okay to have 1 cheat day in a week. It’s okay to skip 1-day workouts in a week. Start with imperfection and try to improve. Even Wilson had some cheat days in her Mayr diet days.

Patricia Hobart Weight Loss

Use Your Favorite Way

Find your favourite and enjoyable way to get fit. Because if you are not liking the thing you are doing then it won’t convert into good results ever. Just like Rebel, she started her journey with simple walking exercises. She does 1 hour of exercise 6 days a week and takes a rest on 1 day. During her 60 minutes workout session, she mostly walks and does some sessions of other exercises. But ow as she has achieved her weight loss goals, now she mainly focuses on eating healthy and walking only.

Proper Diet Routine

If you are living on pizzas and burgers then you can’ expect to have a fit and healthy body. In an interview, Rebel Wilson told that as a kid she used to eat fast food several times a week. But her” Year Of Health” changed everything for her. She had to stick to consuming only 1500 calories per day. And those all nutrition-filled diet routine has paid off.

Now the Pitch Perfect actress has achieved the desired weight and she does not want to lose weight anymore she is in maintenance mode.  Now she has been on a 2000-2500 calorie intake per day routine. Whatever she eats, she still practices her mindfully eating practice. And now sometimes she has some ice cream & chocolate cheat days and sometimes she also has more snacks cheat days. But you have to learn calorie control and healthy eating first always.


On live television, she described meditation as her “Come Back Into The Body” exercise whenever she feels stressed out. Meditation can help you with self-awareness. You gain a new perspective on every situation. You feel calmer and can have a peaceful mind. Meditation can also help you in reducing and remove negative thoughts and negative energy from your mind. Helpful in increasing patience and tolerance. You can become more flexible in any situation. It helps in increasing your strength and stamina. And there are plenty of health benefits of meditation. When you are on a strict diet for weight loss, you crave many things and this craving can make you a different person sometimes. Meditation can help you in getting back into your place.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Photos

Here are some of Rebel Wilson’s before and after weight loss pictures.

Rebel Wilson Before After Images

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss
Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Before After pics
Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Before And After

Rebel Wilson In Swimsuit

The actress Rebel Wilson has never tried to hide her weight. She always was a confident and skilled woman. Here are some photos of her celebrating her health success in her swimsuit. Here are some photos of Rebel Wilson in a swimsuit before and after her weight loss journey. And her most famous blue swimsuit photos, too. These photos will give you goosebumps and motivation to start your health journey today.

Rebel Wilson In Swimsuit(1)
Skinny Rebel Wilson In Swimsuit
Rebel Wilson In Swimsuit Bikini
Rebel Wilson In Blue Swimsuit


Skinny Rebel Wilson Workout Photos

Most of her workout sessions were walking for 1 hour. Apart from walking Rebel sometimes had intense gym sessions, too. Here are some images of Rebel Wilson’s workout.

Rebel Wilson Gym Photo
Rebel Wilson Gym Photos
Rebel Wilson Workout Images
Rebel Wilson Workout Photos

Fat Amy AKA Rebel Wilson In 2020

Here are some photos of Rebel Wilson from different years. This transformation of her through the years will inspire you. Here are some photos of Rebel Wilson From 2020.

Rebel Wilson weight loss 2020
Rebel Wilson weight loss in 2020
Rebel Wilson 2020

Rebel Wilson In 2021

Rebel Started her weight loss and health journey in 2020 and we can see the positive difference in her body and health in just 1 year. In 2021 Rebel Wilson was looking amazing after her weight loss.

Rebel Wilson weight loss in 2021
Rebel Wilson weight loss 2021
Rebel Wilson 2021

Rebel Wilson 2022. Her Now Photos

From year to year Rebel is progressing in her health. From fat Amy to skinny Amy, Rebel Wilson has achieved a lot. And this is all due to her hard work, her dedication, and her belief in herself. Even after reaching her goal, Rebel didn’t stop. She continues to keep her weight healthy and we can see the difference in the change in her. She was looking amazing in 2021 after her weight loss and even looked very pretty and fit and healthy in 2022.

Rebel Wilson weight loss 2022
Rebel Wilson weight loss in 2022
Rebel Wilson 2022

Yes, That’s true. We also think that she is getting younger and looking prettier as the years are going.


Que: How Much Weight Did Rebel Wilson Loss?

Ans: In 2020 Rebel Wilson Lost Around 77 Pounds.

Que: How She Looks Now. Current Weight?

Ans: Her Goal Was To Achieve 165 Pounds’ Weight Level. And She Achieved That In November 2020.

Que: Did Rebel Wilson Have A Weight Loss Surgery?

Ans: NO, Rebel Wilson Has Not Under Gone Any Weight Loss Surgery. The Results She Has Achieved Are All Natural.

Que: Did Rebel Wilson Used Any Keto Diet Or Keto Pills?

Ans: NO, She Did Not Use Any Keto Diet Or Keto Pills.

Que: Which Diet Did Rebel Wilson Use?

Ans: Actress Rebel Wilson Used Mayr Diet For Her Weight Loss.

Que: Who Are Rebel Wilson’s Parents?

Ans: Sue Bownds Is Her Mother.

Que: Who Are Rebel Wilson’s Siblings?

Ans: Rebel Wilson Has 3 Siblings. Liberty Wilson, Ryot Wilson, and Annachi Wilson.

Que: What Is Rebel Wilson’s Age?

Ans: Rebel Wilson Was Born On 2nd March 1980. She is 42 Years Old Now.

Que: What Is Rebel Wilson’s Height?

Ans: The height Of the Rebel Wilson Is 5 Feet & 4 Inches.


Hello, our beloved readers! We have written this article by doing extensive research. We try to give you all the correct and accurate information. Still, if we have forgotten something to mention, then please comment down your views.
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