Top 7 Psychological Tricks To Trigger Hero Instinct With Example.

How to trigger his hero instinct

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Hero Instinct is not about your man wearing a mask and superhero suit and flying around and saving the city. I know it is a bad joke. But the real meaning of Hero Instinct is that your man starts to feel like a Hero of your life. Like a superhero whenever his city’s people need him, the superhero comes instantly to save them, triggering your man’s Hero Instinct, we have to make him a hero of your life and whenever you need him, he comes immediately to save you to help you. For a superhero, his city people are his first priority and he is just obsessed with their safety and the love he gets in return. Hero Instinct helps you in becoming the first priority of your man. Hero Instinct has the potential to make your partner obsessed with you and your love.

What is Hero Instinct? How to trigger Hero Instinct in your man? What is the way to make your man feel like a Hero? What are the ways to make him obsessed with you? Is Hero Instinct real & working? How To Trigger Hero Instinct In Your Ex? If you also have these questions in your head then my dear friend you have found the right place for you on the internet. In this article, all your doubts will be cleared and you will learn what is Hero Instinct and how to trigger it in your man with easy examples.

If you don’t know then let me tell you that if you bring out the hidden hero in your man, then you have a chance to make him yours and keep him forever. But that does not require a lot of hard work from your side, You don’t have to make hard efforts and be around him always but you just have to use some psychological tips and tricks that will grow your relationship.

But How? Don’t worry just keep on reading this informative article and you will learn the psychology of men and how you can use James Bauer’s Hero Instinct to release Love Hormones in his mind and get the love you always wanted from him.

What Is Hero Instinct?

The Hero Instinct is the brainchild of relationship coach and author James Bauer. After years of experience in counseling couples, relationship coach James Bauer created a relationship guide specifically for women. He put all his experience into this book. The book is called “His Secret Obsession”. If you want to learn more about the book then you can click here to read the His Secret Obsession review. So, in his book relationships, Bauer has explained the ways to women readers how any woman can attract a man and keep him with her forever just by using some psychological tips. The Hero Instinct is one of those psychological tips that James explained in his book “His Secret Obsession“.

What Is Hero Instinct

A man basically wants 3 things from his partner. First, he needs to be respected. Second, any man always wants to feel like he is always needed by you & saving you And thirdly, he wants to get appreciated by you for his devotion towards you. If you fulfill all these 3 hidden desires of any man, then you can expect him to respect you and love you more & more. For him, you will become irreplaceable if you master these. But my friend, Hero Instinct is not about degrading yourself or compromising your self-respect for getting your man’s affection and love but it is a way to provide you with a psychological upper hand in your relationship.

I wish that everything is going smoothly in your relationship & you are getting all the respect and love that you always deserved but if you are not one of those limited lucky women who always struggle to get affection from your man or you are one of those ladies who have enjoyed a long and happy relationship but now the things are not in her favor. If your man is drifting apart and pulling away then Hero Instinct is definitely for you. But that doesn’t mean that Hero Instinct will give you the power to make any man your puppet. Instead, Hero Instinct is all about helping you & guiding you through your relationship, and stopping you from doing any mistake that can bring your relationship to a dead end.

How Hero Instinct Can Help You

You maybe know that every man likes to be a Hero and wants to be treated like a Hero. Doesn’t matter if he openly expresses this feeling or not but deep inside every man, there is a small desire to become a Hero not for the whole world but for his partner. This feeling of wanting to become someone’s hero is called natural & biological. Almost every man has this inside them. This biological drive of becoming or feeling like a hero for someone is mostly hidden deep inside a man. By using Hero Instinct you can trigger it into any man.

Let me explain this with an example of Hero Instinct. First, think about the word “HERO”. What comes into your mind after reading the word Hero? A Hero from a Hollywood movie? A Hero is someone who is always there for your safety, he protects you and the love & respect he gets in return from you motivates him more to be there for you anytime. As soon as you show him that you feel safe & happy when your Hero is around, your Hero gets motivated. Every man wants to become the hero of your life, want to protect you want to make you happy and the only thing that he requires is respect and love from you in return and this respect from you will make him love you more.

But let’s talk about the real world, too. You may have also come across advice from various people like, to keep your man with you forever you have to look beautiful all the time, and all the other nonsense advice. Believe me, my friend, you try to look beautiful, and still, there are chances that he finds someone else more attractive than you. The biggest issue is you do all these like giving him respect and love still sometimes your man pulls himself away or cheats on you or loses interest in the relationship with you in long term. Then what? That’s why every woman should understand the concept of Hero Instinct in their relationship.

Hero Instinct Examples

How To Trigger Hero Instinct

Now, you may have learned how important is Hero Instinct for a woman to understand so she can have a better understanding of her man & her relationship. But how to trigger Hero Instinct in your man? To learn deeply about How to trigger Hero Instinct, you should watch Hero Instinct’s creator James Bauer’s video. Below is the video.

His secret obsession james bauer

To trigger his Hero Instinct, I recommend you use these 7 psychological tips and tricks. These tips will always help you in becoming the center of your man. Below is the list of these 7 psychological tips. Please don’t forget to share these tips with others. Who knows your advice may change someone’s love life.

1)- Ask For His Opinions

Ask his opinions on little things. This will not make you look less on an intellectual level but for your man, this will increase the sense of necessity. Your man will start to think that you truly consider him a man of wisdom and a right decision-maker. Asking for his opinions will make him think that you respect him and need him with you. All these will increase his biological drive to be with you more.

If you ask him for his opinions then slowly he will also open himself to opinions from you. And this behavior will make your trust element more strong in your relationship. Asking for his opinions makes him feel like he is special to you.

2)- Give Him Chances To Protect You

No matter how strong and independent an awesome woman you are, a man still likes to be a hero for you. He still wants to protect his love interest. Protection doesn’t mean that he behaves like a muscle man all the time but protection does mean that you feel safe when he is around. You have to let him do this so you can show him that you feel safe when he is around.

Protection can be anything like giving his jacket to you when there is cold outside or holding your hand tightly in the crowd or being there for you whenever some creep is giving you dirty looks. Protection can be anything and if you let him protect you, it will trigger his hero instinct. Because when the matter of protecting his partner comes, every man becomes a hero from the inside.

3)- Become A Mystery Sometimes

I would never recommend you to unfold all of yourself at once in front of him. Don’t try to play games but give him surprises sometimes. Let him unfold your mystery slowly. Don’t rush anything in love. If you leave him intriguing then he definitely will desire more of you. How do you become a mystery? Don’t give unnecessary explanations. Be confident. Sometimes become unpredictable things like doing some adventurous thing that he can’t expect from you. Take him on a dinner night and order the craziest food on the menu that you never have tried.

Because in a relationship people get used to the habits of the other person. After a few months or years, you know everything about him & he knows everything about you. Your daily habits and routine life and all that is common and known to both of you. This makes the relationship boring but when you start to become a mystery for him, the relationship spices up again.

4)- Don’t Forget To Flirt

Text him, call him and a little bit of tease of love will do the rest of the work for you. This little flirting will make him think about you again & again. Whenever he meets you in person let him know what his voice does to you. What his touch does to your body. Flirting is always fun with your partner. And on a plus note, flirting is good for your mental health, too.

Flirting reduces stress, boosts your self-confidence, improves your communication skills, and helps in strengthening your bond with your partner.

5)- Be Supportive

Be there when he needs you the most in his life. If you have any issues with his habits or with anything always try not to criticize him in front of his friends and people who respect him. This is the biggest turn-off for any man. Support him, praise him for his good work, and give compliments to him whenever the situation requires it. Show him gratitude that you have him in your life.  Cheer him whenever he is at a low in his life. Show him that he is very important to you. A man always wants a strong woman in his life, who can become a pillar in his life when he is the most fragile and vulnerable.

6)- Make Your Man Laugh

I know that’s an unwritten rule that always a man has to make laugh his lady love. But that’s the old way. A human being’s heart feels strongly connected with the people who make them laugh. Laughing together is bliss for a happy relationship. And you making him laugh is like you silently triggering his hero instinct without him knowing. If you can laugh together then he will be there for you forever. Not looks, not paychecks, not your dressing sense not anything else but whenever a man thinks about his love interest the moments he spent laughing with you comes to his mind first.

7)- Give Him Space

I know you might don’t believe this my friend but that’s 100% correct that the relationships are stronger when you both are independent rather than depending more on each other. Relationships grow when you give each other space and spend some time apart. By giving him space you will also get more time to spend alone. Giving him space can also gives you time to think about whether the relationship and the efforts you are making are right or not. Everything is going in the right direction or not? But giving space doesn’t mean that you have to leave him for days on his own without contacting you. But giving space simply means that you don’t call him every hour or text him very often. Never ask him too many questions, dear. Don’t ever try to speed up things in your relationship.

You can watch this below 12-Word Secret Signal Text video to understand what Hero Instinct is and how it can help you in growing your relationship with the man of your dream.

His Secret Obsession 12 word secret phrase revealed

Hero Instinct Examples

There are a lot of practical ways or real-life examples which can help you trigger your man’s hero instinct. Here are some real-life examples you can use to trigger his hero instinct.

#1- Ask Him For Help

There are a lot of different ways where you can ask your man for his help. Don’t do everything by yourself. Allow him to be there in front of you to help you. Like ask him to help you in decorating your apartment or you can ask him for help with cooking. Even asking to open a bottle of wine & asking him to get something from a high shelf where you can’t reach has a lot of positive effects on his mind. Do not show him that you are so needy. Instead, ask him gently if he would like to help you in doing something.

#2- Surprise Him With A Gift

It is not written in any book that in a relationship only a man is allowed to bring gifts for his lady love. You too can bring gifts for him. Surprise him with gifts when he gets a promotion or he achieves something. This will boost his confidence in your relationship and he will think that he is in the right relationship.

#3- Ask His Opinion About Your Career

I know my friend you are an independent lady but that’s not wrong in asking his opinion. If you are confused at any point in your career, you can ask him for opinions. This will let him feel that you trust him. This will help your relationship is growing. Your bonding will be stronger.

#4- Say Thanks

In a relationship, couples do many things for each other that goes unnoticed many times. But the charm of your relationship increases with appreciation. Showing him gratitude for his help and his work is a way to encourage him to do more for you and for this relationship. This can help you in increasing the level of Love Hormones in him.

#5- Boy’s Night Out

It is not wrong when he wants to spend time with his friends or wants to party with his friends. Allowing him to do so will increase love & respect for you in his mind. And on a plus note, if you suggest to him from your side to have a night out with his friends will make him crazy about you. You don’t have to do this every week or month. Just give him the idea of partying with his friend once in a while and see the changes in him. When he is happy, he will try more to make you happy.

#6 Complimatne

It is not unknown that everyone should give compliments to their partners but you might don’t know the power of compliments. Saying to him that he is looking handsome today or like he is the smartest guy you have ever met kind of compliments have all different kinds of hits on his mind & heart. You can even tell him that he makes you so happy and whenever he is around you feel a sense of happiness and feel safe. Compliments will take your relationship to the next level and will trigger his hero instinct.

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Conclusion: How To Trigger Hero Instinct

After reading the full theory of Hero Instinct you may have gotten the idea about What is Hero Instinct 12-word text & how to trigger it in a man. You can use all of the above-mentioned tips to trigger any man’s hero instinct whether he is your boyfriend, husband, your ex, or even a person who is not in any kind of relationship with you but you have a love interest in him.

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