Paul Simon Illness & Health Update. Has He Died Of A Stroke?

Paul Simon Illness

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Recently there were a lot of rumors about veteran musician Paul Simon’s death. There were speculations that Paul Simon has died due to a sudden stroke but all this news just turned out to be rumors. In the past, he has suffered from mental illness but as of now, Paul Simon is healthy and alive.

Everyone knows Paul Simon for his famous mind-blowing songs but apart from having the best public aura, he has been going through a lot mentally. Many of you are not aware of his illness. People just know that this American musician has been a victim of depression for a long time but the reasons and story behind it remained untold.

In this article, we have revealed some of his dark thoughts when he was caged in depression and how he realized that life is more than just a slice of pie.

Stay till the end because we have revealed the love of his life! and illness details about Paul Simon.

Paul Simon Health

As of now, Paul Simon or his family has not disclosed anything about a current illness that the artist is suffering. Sources revealed that Simon appears to be healthy and fit as an 81 years old man. But Paul had experienced some mental health issues in his past and is doing better with time.

The American musician began recording songs in the 1950s, and his name is still famous in the music industry today. He was born on October 13, 1941, to Hungarian-Jewish parents in Newark, New Jersey.

He said baseball and music were the two important aspects of his life. This was so because his parents were from another country and were strangers in America hence music and baseball were the only things that he was interested in.

The musician first met American musician Art Garfunkel when he was eleven years old. They collaborated for their sixth-grade grade performance to create Alice in Wonderland. When they were both thirteen years old, they performed their first duet at a school function.

Paul Simon Illness

In an interview with Express in the 1980s, Paul disclosed that he was going through a bad mental phase specifically dealing with depression during his and Garfunkel’s tour.

Talking about his depression, he once told a magazine, “I’d say early Simon and Garfunkel periods, I began to feel it by 1966-67”. But later he said by 1969, his depression got so worse that he even stopped smoking weed. He told that smoking wasn’t helping him in turn making his mental situation worse. That’s the reason why he quit smoking after 11 years.

Later, Simon was asked about how and why he thought he got into depression. The legend seemed uncomfortable answering the question at first and then disclosed that it was because of his feelings for him which were very negative that led to developing depression.

Further continuing he said that people would look at him and wonder why he was depressed. And after recovering from depression he said that his fans were looking at a proper picture of him than he was. Now he realized that he has been focusing on a slice of pie and overlooking everything in the picture which bought him all the negativity.

Adding more to it Paul said that when a person is famous he also gains the pressure of maintaining the limelight and it comes with tons of negativity which is difficult to handle. Paul continued by saying that “bad news” or aspects of himself that he didn’t like would emerge and worsen his emotional state. These included his extremely public 12-year marriage to Carrie Fisher ending and being short or not having the voice that he wanted in his songs. “That is what you concentrate on as you begin to roll it together. Fundamentally, I was unable to take in the plenty in my life” said Paul.

He would ignore all the praising his fans did after hearing his songs such as “Hey Paul, I love your music”. He used to listen to these kinds of compliments from his fans that he stopped understanding its values while a normal person would have been on cloud 9 after hearing this. But he used to ignore it.

Paul, as well as many other people, tend to think that if he acknowledges how great things are truly going, the negative things would eventually stop or maybe he won’t be able to write if he admits that he is delighted. He believed the psyche creates a variety of devices to safeguard what it perceives as being vulnerable.

And ultimately these are the reasons that one stays unhappy despite a successful career which leads to victimizing oneself, Paul added.

Paul Simon Died Of Stroke?

Social media news had flooded with the latest rumor that Paul Simon is dead and people are believing it without cross-checking the information.

The American musician, Paul Simon was thought to be dead after suffering a stroke. Even though dealt with depression he did not have a stroke. While many Americans thought he had a brain attack in 2013 when he wrote the song Still Crazy After All These Years. But Paul is healthy and is alive and enjoying his 81 years of life.

Is Paul Simon Married?

Yes, Paul Simon is married. The interesting fact is that he married three times. The first two marriages fail to last long. But his last marriage lasted 30 years and is continuing. In 1969, Paul married Peggy Harper and got divorced after 6 years in 1975.

On 16 August 1983, he married Carrie Fisher but sadly the marriage only lasted till 1984.

He married for the third time on 30 May 1992 with Singer and musician Edie Brickell. They have been strong together and married for three decades now. Edie is 25 years younger than her husband. It is thought Paul finally found his soulmate as they have been together for so many years. She was also a member of the famous band Edie Brickell & New Bohemians. Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars was the first song of the band that was released in 1988.

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