Nicole Nafziger Weight Loss. Did 90 Day Fiancé’s Lost Weight?

The people we see on our TV sets regularly are the ones who we follow the most. As fans, people are always eager to know more about their favorite celebs’ personal life. Who they are dating, which projects they are doing currently, their health updates, etc. If you ever have watched “90 Day Fiance”, then Nicole Nafziger is not an unknown name to you. In fact, Nicole is quite famous for 90 Day Fiancé. She has been in trend on the internet recently not because of any TV show but because of her weight loss.

People are very eager to know more about Nicole Nafziger’s Weight Loss. People are having various questions in their minds like did she really has lost weight or it is just she is claiming. Here you will get all the details about her weight loss.

But before I tell the details about how Nicole Nafziger lost all her excess weight, first let me tell you more about her personal life and the issues she faced in her life due to her obesity.

Who Is Nicole Nafziger?

She is a popular American TV personality born to American parents Tyler Nafziger and Robblee Nafziger on November 8, 1993. Nicole is the only sister to Ashley Nafziger and an assumed graduate even though information about her educational background is unknown.

Her acting career took a turn in 2016 when she first starred in the prominent TCL series 90 Days Fiance. Nicole Nafziger is a beautician and a good businesswoman who has done so well for herself by combining her entrepreneurial spirit with a flair for glamor. To crown it all, she opened a beauty store to add money to the list of things she has made for her personality.

She has a daughter, May, from her previous relationship but information about the father of the little girl is not known. The diva thought it wise to share her weight loss journey with her online fans which she started in 2017.

She’s also rumored to have visited Morocco to meet her co-actor in the Tv series, Azan Tefou in 2020 just before Covid-19. They continued the long-distance relationship but according to USAmagzine, the relationship ended in July 2021. 

Nicole has opened up that she loves Azan so much, they are dating and they intended to get married. But things didn’t go as planned for the couple and they mutually decided to end the relationship. The reason for separation was not shared by anyone from the couple.

Nicole Nafziger Weight Loss

Nicole mentioned that she has been on her weight loss journey since 2017, but pictures from her Instagram handle prove otherwise. One thing she doesn’t fail to do is to give updates about her weekly fitness progress. In one of the updates in 2017, she took to her page to announce she has lost 13 pounds of weight taking her keto and low carb diets and that she hopes to see more results.

Nicole Nafziger Promoting Weight Loss Product

She was seen mentioning something about her journey on social media. In One of her Instagram posts, she mentioned a lot of things about her weight loss journey. In the post, she said, ‘’During this 2-week challenge I lost 13 lbs from my keto low carb #diet I am very happy and excited about these results and can’t wait to continue and see more results! It was not easy! I had my bad moments and my cheats. To the haters, keep following me please because, in the end, I get to show that you were wrong. I’ll have a beautiful, healthy life with my future husband and my amazing daughter. Keep trying to talk me down because I will only rise above you and your petty attempts to hurt another person. sorry not sorry #push on positivity positive vibes healthy lifestyle healthy life happy life 90 day fiance Aznic’’.

Fans were happy about her achievement and many people on the internet have their doubts about her weight loss. Because in these pictures of Nicole, no changes were reflected. No major change was there in her body size. And people noticed that. In 2018. She shared another post, this time a mirror shot she took on her active workout wear. She said she’s fighting to be healthy for herself, concentrating on Dietbet and even promoting them on her Instagram account.

November same year she shared another picture of herself wearing her yoga pants while praising Dietbet for the second time. But also in this picture, no significant amount of change was seen in her body size. This has made her fans accuse her of cheap lies and deceit for making her followers buy the weight loss products she claims work for her. Some of them complained about stomach upsets in her post comments in 2019 and by 2020 she went into social media ghost mode leaving her fans to feed on nothing but a picture she posted in January saying that she’s proud of herself.

In 2021, She continued advertising products but stopped saying anything about her body, followers couldn’t take it anymore but asked Nicole if she was losing weight or cashing out with them.

All said, it means that Nicole has not found any tangible result for her weight loss since the onset.

Nicole Nafziger’s Net worth

The 90 Day Fiance’s cast member Nicole Nafziger is believed to be having an estimated net worth of about $300,000 which she has made over the years from her TV shows and her business. She hopes to put in more effort and grow bigger to a more interesting height in her financial life.

Nicole Nafziger Azan Baby

Do Nichole and Azan have a baby together? Well, it’s tricky to answer!

The TLC star and single mom stirred pregnancy insinuations following the ultrasound pictures that she posted on her social media accounts. This served as a hint to her followers that she is having a baby with her boyfriend Azan amidst their breakup in 2021. 

Many people saw that ‘’oh we should expect another baby, but this time with your lover. Surprisingly, it was clickbait content that got everyone talking and thinking that she was expecting a second baby.

Funny enough, this is not the first time Nicole pulls outs this kind of stunt, leaving her fans to wonder and speculate. Not quite long after people started talking, she took to her Instagram story to clear the air that she was not pregnant.

She said, “No, I am not pregnant, “Sorry for the confusing post. Hope everyone is staying safe out there! Peace and love to all.”

Nicole Nafziger Now In 2022

NicoleNifzinger is now living her life out of the spotlight. She resigned from the TV series and has gone back to her regular job as a barista in Starbucks before she left it to meet her Moroccan boyfriend for 3 months.

She said, ‘’The coffee company is more than just a job for me and that it helped me to become who I am today. Every day I look at work because I enjoy what I do. I love the people I work with,”.

She enrolled in a program at State College of Florida, Manatee–Sarasota (SCF), to obtain the prerequisite to a radiology certificate. There are no updates on how college life has been treating her ever since, probably Nicole decided to stay down the trend.

A fan has confirmed seeing her serving coffee on the other side and truly, Nicole has always had her fan’s support anytime she does the right thing to fend for her baby and herself. Here is the Instagram post shared by Nicole herself. The post was made on April 9, 2022.


In summary, Nicole has not lost weight just the way she claimed, barely comparing her old and recent pictures. Maybe she has not done what she’s supposed to do. It is also a confirmation that not all weight loss products in the market give the expected results. And mostly she did all this just to sell some weight loss products and nothing more. 

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