Moon Reading Reviews. Is It Even Legit? Or An Astro Scam?

Moon Reading Review

Moon Reading Reviews. There are many times in our existence when we are embattled with some things we may not be able to understand about ourselves or the things and situations around us. Some other times we just do not understand how the world is going or the direction our lives are taking or even where we are going to end up.

This existential crisis could show up at any time in our life but is more evident during midlife as an adult or the budding teenager stage, many a time these feelings leave us confused and lost in the dark where we can’t trust our training or even education to get us through.

At this point, it is advised to rely on something that is beyond yourself, something or someone that knows more about the experiences and how to tackle them. Something that affects you and all the other people in the universe and yet is particular to you… something like astrology and moon reading.

Moon reading has been around for centuries and has remained relevant in helping people find their true selves and purpose. Have you ever tried staring at the moon for an extended period? If you did then you’d be sure to notice that there is a deeper sense of connection between the calmness you feel at that moment and the moon. Your subconscious experiences a more peaceful existence in that one instant.

A couple of people see it as a good way to relax, even lovers prefer moonlit nights as a time to bond and deepen their love. So what does the moon have to do with our lives and existence? This is where the beautiful art of moon reading comes in. 

What Is Moon Reading

Moon reading has been around for centuries but never before has it been this within reach, two authors with extensive experience as astrologers and in rendering moon reading services for decades came together after a lifetime of work and decided to share.

Knowing the positive effects of moon reading and how much it has changed their lives and the lives of those they had offered readings, knowing the relevance of the stars and what your sign says about you and how it affects our daily lives, relationships, fortunes, and interactions. These two decided to offer their services to a larger number of people by using the 20th-century marvel called the internet.

These two are Brad and Jeremy, both of them have extensive experience in moon reading, astrology, reading celestial maps, providing birth charts, and of course providing natal charts. And even though they came up with this revolutionary wonderful idea, they didn’t see it fit to give themselves credit on the app so little to nothing about them was noted on it.

These experienced scholars and reflective astrologists decided to develop this program based on astrology and their experience as tarot card readers. They made this service free for anyone who would want to get a moon reading, this made it clear where these two were placing importance in the birthing of this project.

The major aim of launching this moon reading site for them has always been and will always remain, to help people find direction for their lives, explore and discover their purpose, and live fuller, healthier, happier lives.

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What are the features of the moon reading site?

The moon reading program is an online program that through computing the position of the moon on the day of your birth will help you with very detailed information about your major and minor characteristics, your emotions, and your feelings which together affect a lot of relationships and life choices you will make as an individual.

The moon reading program offers extensively free reading services and provides you with other features that enable a better and proper understanding of the interpretations derived from the reading. 

The program also gives you access to natal charts, which are charts of the planet placement during the time of your birth, these charts are directly tied to your future and what is going to happen with your personality traits. The provided natal chart is complete with a map that contains the sun, moon, venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune.

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Though all the planets are contained in the natal chart, the most important remains the moon because that is the sign that will reveal to you your inner self, desires, and characteristics. Focusing more on the moon sign, the moon reading report exposes aspects related to your soul, emotions, and personality.

Another important feature of this program is the map of the solar system which is provided in 3D, all this is geared towards helping your understanding, giving you a clearer picture of the moon’s position at the time of your birth and the astrological breakdown of its significance and effects on your inner self and personality. 

The visual aid provided by the 3D map proves to be very convenient for understanding and building precision for the insightful analysis you are going to get. All the information about you on the site is confidential and kept secret, available only to you. The information is kept safely in the software library and from there is it used for the complex analysis that births the accurate results of your moon signs, their meanings, and effects on you and your personality.

Another excellent feature of the program is the attached meditation video, this video is targeted at helping you relieve stress and open up your energy, by connecting astrology with meditation, this video helps you get faster and more accurate results for your life. Helps you identify ways to open up yourself to the positive energies of the universe and be able to harness the energies that are present in your moon sign.

The meditation video is packed with insightful methods and techniques that help you discover more of your inner self and inner capabilities, and connecting this with your zodiac sign takes it more than a notch higher, it opens up a new world to you.

The meditation video was crafted after the makers dedicated themselves to further extended studies of the zodiac signs and how exactly to harness the powers and deep insight held in them. The zodiac designs which are twelve in number offer you deep insights into your strengths, weaknesses, passions, and interests on an extensive scale, and in a way, they are beneficially useful to you. 

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How Does Moon Reading Work?

The mood reading is done on the official site, all you are required to provide as information is your birthday, the month, day, time, and year, if you happen not to know the exact time you were born, provision is made for that in that you will be given two readings and its ups to you to choose the one that is more of you. 

After you have provided all the required information on the website, the program provides you with a 3D representation of the solar system and the position of the planets during the time of your birth. Then it goes ahead to calculate the moon’s position during the time of your birth and what significance that has to you and its effects on your soul, personality, and emotions.

You are provided with a customized video of the solar system’s position at the time of your birth and very importantly, the position of the moon during that time. 

What are the benefits of moon reading?

Moon reading has a lot of teeming advantages, so far no downsides or disadvantages have been recorded for moon reading as every individual that has received a reading has only positive reviews to give. Some of the major advantages offered by the moon reading program on this site will include;

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  • Explains the true meaning of your life

The readings you get from the program are so accurate that they tell you, by using the information of the planets and moon placement at the time of your birth to tell you exactly the true meaning of your life and your life’s purpose. The program is designed to help you find an anchor to the exact purposes you are meant to fulfill and how you can go about them. 

  • Tells about the past, the present, and the future

The moon reading service offered to you on this site tells you using the birthday information you provide, the conditions of the universe, and the position of the moon when you were born. This information tells you how your life has been, what is currently happening in the timeline of your life, and what to expect from the future or what the future holds for you. 

Using the available information, your relationships and alignment of things to look out for are accurately detailed both on your past, present, and future timeline.

  • Reveals your strengths, weaknesses, inner talents, and secrets

Your moon sign is one of the most important factors when it comes to determining your inner strengths and understanding your innate desires and subconscious reasons for some of the actions you take. Your moon sign reading tells you in detail about your strengths and other qualities you may need to look out for which can be weaknesses if not handled right. 

The honest review does not leave anything out, no matter how unpleasant it may sound, but of course, doesn’t tell you about a potential or occurring weakness without proffering you a solution and how best to tackle it based on your strengths. By laying it all bare in front of you, it will be easier for you to tell yourself the truth and accept the adjustments you need to make to have the best form of life. 

  • It gives you the details about the effects of other planets and their placement at the time of your birth in your life

The placement of the planets during the time of your birth is like your own personal signature on the world, with a scale spanning the whole solar system, so it also plays a very important part in understanding more about yourself and your characteristics. 

This service provides you with accurate readings of the positions of the planets in the universe at the time of your birth and the strengths that come with them, plus the effects they will have on you both in the long run and in the immediate time.

  • The service is free

The moon reading program offers free moon reading services to the user, no initial payments, and no hidden payments of withheld information. You get the full reading for absolutely no price, hence you have nothing to worry about as it concerns being defrauded or not getting the worth for your money because you are not paying anything in return for this life-changing service.

The moon reading is free, further insights that are connected to other readings that you may wish to explore may require a fee, but getting your complete and accurate moon reading does not cost a dime on this site.

 Plus the reading on this site is more accurate than on their various sites, even paid ones.

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Are there disadvantages to getting a moon reading on this site?

Despite the perfect services offered by the site and its makers, there might still be some complaints from users because it is very difficult to ever please everyone. Here are a few things people have considered as limitations to the service.

  • The service is only available online

This reading is only available in video form, though it is accompanied by audio and a subtitle, it is still only accessible and can be played as a video or in video format even if you’re just listening to the audio.

 This makes it not so easy to listen to it on the go, but in a few minutes, you can get your accurate reading and go about your daily activities with the right information needed to make a better life and better days for yourself by knowing the things you should about your inner person, strengths, and weaknesses.

  • There is limited information about the other planets on the moon reading

The other planets which are mentioned and measured are not so generally expanded on as the moon sign which is the crux of the reading. Further paid service may grant you access to an expansion of the roles of these other planets in your life and their long-term general effects.


The moon reading program and service offered on this site is one of a kind in the amount of accurate information it gives the user and the effects it exposes to you. The strengths and weaknesses mentioned here also come with instructions on how to look out for your energy and make the most of the opportunities your zodiac star sign and your moon sign will bring your way.

Offering you information about the past, present, and future, this service helps you cover your whole timeline to enable you to leave out a satisfactory life to the fullest, leaving nothing important untouched as well as revealing to you the most silent subconscious pitfalls of the time and moon position you were born into. 

There have only been positive reviews about this program and every individual that has given it a try has experienced far from regrets to share. Give it a try. 

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