Monica and Kodak Black Relationship. Are They dating In 2022?


The recent Instagram post of the singer Monica Denise with the Rapper Kodak Black has created a Buzz around the net. That, is they both Dating? People are asking on the internet whether are they in a relationship. Here is the full detail.

In her Instagram Post Monica Denise, The Post was captioned as “ I’m Forever With who’s With Me… That’s on My Life… Love You (@kodakblack)& My Z Queen Momma Fee Fee…. 🔒 In 4L”

Kodak also responded to the post in the comments as ” Love Youuuu 🥰🤞”

The photos were as good as usual but the caption was a little tricky. The caption of the post has made a buzz so much that made both star’s fans go crazy. To find out whether they are dating or if it’s just a rumor. Both the rapper and the singer looked so good in their latest photoshoot. everyone wants to know about the reality of both of the stars dating or if it’s just a normal photoshoot of regular life.


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Who Is Monica Denise

Name.Monica Denise.
Date Of Birth.October 24 1980
Place of Birth.College Park, Georgia United States.
SchoolNorth Clayton High School
CareerSinger, Rapper, Actress
Career Time 1993- Present

Monica is a very famous singer, actress, and rapper in The United States. She was born in College Park, California. on October 24, 1980. Monica debuted in the music industry in 1993. She has given so many numbers of super-hit songs. Like, The boy is mine, Still standing, After the storm E.T.C. Denise has achieved so many awards through her talent in all these years as well. Monica is recognized as one of the most successful urban R&B female vocalists to begin a career in the mid to late 1990s. She has sold 5.3 million albums in the United States and she is recognized as one of the most successful urban R&B female vocalists to begin a career in the mid to late 1990s. Which is kind of a milestone to be achieved.

Who Is Kodak Black?

NameBill Kahan Blanco
Stage NameKodak Black
Birth NameDieuson Octave
Date of BirthJune 11, 1997
Place of BirthPompano Beach, Florida,
Career Time2009- Present

The Rapper was born in Pompano Beach, Florida, The United States, On the 11th Of June 1997. After listening to the name Kodak black the image that pops out in my brain is the body filled with tattoos even on the head, And Dimond-plated teeth. Yeah, That’s Kodak Black (Bill Kahan Kapri) Is a famous American Rapper. Rapper Kodak Black’s Birth name is Dieuson Octave. In 2018 Kodak changed his name Legally to Bill Kahan Kapri. There is no doubt Kodak is a successful Rapper in the industry but his life is also been around so many Controversies as well.

According to Wikipedia Kodak is been arrested by American Authorities 8 Times for different charges. Black has faced charges like Firearms, grand theft of a firearm, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, marijuana possession, and many more. He has been in prison for almost 10 years. In 2021 current President released Kodak Black from prison for his conviction in 2020. 

Apart from his Controversies, Kodak has also given so many hits in the industry. Kodak is also famous for his “Teeth“. Yeah. You read that right. Kodak previously had gold-platted teeth and later he replaced them with Dimond.

Are Monica And Kodak Black In A Relationship?

As I said Before This all started with the Insta post. In which the singer Denise wrote, “I am forever with whom is with me…” This Caption started curiosity among the fans of both sides.

Is Kodak And Monica Denise Dating



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so many people on Insta have reposted the star’s post. Some of them have only called it a collab and some have sensed there might be something going on between these two. Kodak was also spotted in a live concert with Monica a few days back. Both stars hugged each other on the stage, Which is considered quite normal. At the same concert, the singer and rapper were also spotted clicking selfies with each other. The source video is available on YouTube.

Even Twitter is also aware of this post and so many accounts on Twitter have reposted the photo.

Conclusion: Monica And Kodak Black Relationship

There are no official statements from any star side or management that they are seeing or dating each other. The photos and caption of the photo seem to be quite professional. The singer Monica may have posted the photo with that caption to express how good it was working with Kodak. Kodak was also seen giving his homemade Tea. Which just shows a humble gesture of the stars towards each other. It’s just the curiosity of the fans of both stars who wanted to know the truth behind this story and started a spark that took all over the internet. So in our search, there are no official statements from any side as of now.


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