Miley Cyrus Plastic Surgery, Teeth & Veneers Details With Before After Pics.

Miley Cyrus Teeth Before After

There has been a huge beauty evolution for Miley Cyrus, which started at an early age. She is basically famous for her appearance in the popular show Hannah Montana is remembered for her controversial persona as Miley, who grabbed the attention of the audience through her fame and attention-gaining skills. 

Miley started getting her eyebrows shaped at the age of 13, back in 2006. But yet since then her natural brown hair, teeth, and nose were not deformed. Later the same year she had much lighter hair and used to wear grown-up makeup. Her smile profile was altered and her gums were more exposed. Again in 2006, she got her hair dyed darker than its natural hue.

Miley Cyrus’ plastic surgery

In 2007, Miley went back to her medium brown hair and also added chunky blonde highlights, to compliment her star quality.  During the 2007 American Music Awards, Miley got some work done. The difference that could be spotted easily was her smile. She had veneers and gum reshaping done to present a straighter and not-so-gummy look. Even around the same time, it was rumored that she had undergone a rhinoplasty procedure.

At the 2008 Hannah Montana premiere, she was just 15 years old and carried a slightly goth look with her hair colored black and even curled. She even used sooty eyeliner and had pale skin and super-skinny eyebrows. 

At the 2009 Teen Choice Awards, she took a 360-degree turn and became country music chic. She got gorgeous reddish-brown wavy hair, a slight brown tan, and lots of jewelry (including a nose piercing and a nose ring). Moreover, she did not look like a normal 16-year-old but rather had her nose perfected which seemed button-like, and had white, bright teeth.

According to popular opinions of her fans, she has always maintained a good physical figure. But The Blast said that a cosmetic injector found out that she might have undergone a lip plumper session and cheek filler too. Yet, nothing has been confirmed. 

Miley Cyrus’ Teeth surgery

It has come to notice that Miley got her teeth rectified several times between 2006 and 2007. Miley did admit that she got surgeries done inside her mouth but never spoke blatantly about what she had gotten done.  Dental enhancements have several connotations like teeth surgery or veneers or Invisalign braces.

According to Elle, Miley did wear lingual braces which were delicately placed behind her teeth during the shooting of Hannah Montana. This was a great idea that helped her to hide her braces from people because people generally know braces are placed over teeth. For somebody so popular as Miley Cyrus, visible braces would have been a hindrance to her successful career since her face was known to all.

Miley Cyrus Veneers 

Miley is one of those celebrities who is very open about her transformation journey though that is something related to her personal life and not of public interest. She only spoke once about her five wisdom teeth extraction and nothing much apart from that. Miley got her adorable crooked tooth fixed which was indeed very charming. Her fans were taken aback by the change and the Disney star spoke a lot about her teeth in the 2009 interview with Parade.“I like these [teeth] crooked. I love my teeth. My dad won’t let me fix my teeth or cut my hair. He loves it. He’s like, ‘It’s you!”

On Instagram, after Miley posted an X-ray of her teeth, TMZ booked a dental assistant to judge whether any possible dental procedures were done. Play at the top Pragmatic Play Casinos and experience their impressive selection of games that combine engaging gameplay with exciting winning opportunities. The specialist later gave a report that she had veneers fitted on all her upper teeth and other than that were a few cavities. Lorry Hill adds that Cyrus definitely had undergone dental operations and insisted that she had lingual braces in her teen years during 2007. Hill also added that it seemed Miley got the veneers done right after her braces were removed. Miley’s teeth looked noticeably different in 2021 than in 2017. 

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