Mike Pompeo Weight Loss 2023. Diet Or Surgery? Before After Pics

Mike Pompeo Weight Loss

Mike Pompeo, I don’t think the name needs any introduction. A cute Image of a Former Director of C.I.A. (2017-2018) and the 70th United States Secretary of State During the Presidential term of Donald Trump 2018-2021. Pompeo is also the first person to hold both positions. Mike has always been in the news for quite an obvious reason, His Position.

Recently after the term of former president Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo is again in the news. Not because of his Political or Democratic status, But because of his huge weight loss, Yes Mike has recently lost 90 pounds of weight in just 6 Months. Yeah, you read that right.

People have gone something like mad to know more about his weight loss and his methods so that people can also help them in their struggle for weight loss or being healthy. People wanna know if Mike had some sort of surgery for his weight loss or if it was just his hard work at the gym and diet.

But before we deep dive into Mike Pompeo’s weight loss journey, I would like to tell you more about his personal life. So let’s start.

Who Is Mike Pompeo?

As I said Before the name does not need any kind of Introduction. Still, Mike Pompeo is a former secretary of state Of The United States Of America. And former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency as well. Mike is also a Businessman, Politician, and American diplomat.

Name Mike Richard Pompeo
BirthDecember 30, 1963
Career70th United States Secretary of State, 6th Director of C.I.A., Ex Army Official.
Birth PlaceOrange, California, 1963
Degree inLaw, from Haward Law Shcool.
Education from United states Military Academy
Political careerU.S. House of Representatives(2011-2017) Present.
Political Party Republican

Pompeo was born On December 30, 1963, in Orange, California, U.S.A. His parents were Wayne Pompeo and Dorothy. Mike’s Ancestor’s tail is quite long and ways back in 1890, his grandparents migrated from Italy to America.

Mike Pompeo’s Career

The Former State Secretary’s Work and Career list are quite long. After completing his Graduation from the United States Military Academy Mike Served the nation for five years. Then Mike took a Law degree from Harward Law school. After completing law Pompeo worked as a lawyer in Washington.

Then in 1996, Mike started his own Aero Space Company Thayer Aerospace with his three friends from West Point. In 2006, Mike sold his share of interest in the company and became the president of  Sentry International Which is an Oilfield Equipment Manufacturer.

Then in January 2011, Mike Became the U.S. House of Representatives From Kansas. Mike remained in the position till 2017, Then Donald Trump Became the president of the United States. And Pompeo Became the 6th Director of C.I.A. from 2017-2018. In April 2018 Mike Pompeo became the 70th United States Secretary of State. And remain in position until 2021.

Mike Pompeo Weight loss

After the end of Donald Trumps Presidential term. In June 2021 when Mike got on the Weighing Machine and find out he is just 10 pounds away from 300 and continuously gaining weight it made him concerned about his health. He woke up the next morning and told his wife Susan Pompeo that “Today is the day.”

The former Secretary of State then set up a gym in his basement with dumbbells and an elliptical. Then started working out.

Mike Pompeo has lost 90 pounds of huge weight in just 6 months’ time. Pompeo’s Day-to-day life has always been through so much traveling as we all know being a Secretary of state is not an easy job. He often had to eat out and usually, everyone prefers junk foods over healthy ones. Eventually, junk food leads to obesity and they are the major cause of Unhealthy Weight Gain. And Pompeo faced the same.

How Did Mike Pompeo Lose Weight

Mike’s Weight Gain is clearly related to his work. Consistently fly for 13-14 hours a day and keep working through all the time so you can utilize as much time as he can. Pompeo gained over 100 pounds of weight in the last decade and sure being the State Secretary and in order to keep up with work, it’s hard to maintain any routine or a perfect schedule.

When Mike found out he is almost 300 pounds mike decided to change his life by changing his daily habits. He build a gym in the basement of his house and started working out. In an interview with the Post Mike said “I had no trainer or Dietician I did it all on my own.” Yeah, there are so many Fitness Trainers and dieticians who just said it is next to impossible to do it on your own, But Mike has explained pretty well how he lost 90 pounds of weight.

Mike said “Although it is true that losing weight has been an ongoing struggle for me. Pompeo stated that to finally feel healthy, one must be in the right mindset and discipline. He said that “it’s about getting the right thing done and being disciplined.” This process was what he used to handle all of his high-pressure government positions, but not to his health until now.

In order to lose weight Pompeo has to change the habit of having cheeseburgers and fries on his desk while he use to work late at night or travel across the world. 58 years old mike claim that he lost all the weight by doing minor changes to his life and by not having carb in his diet.

Mike started doing exercise in his basement gym with some dumbells and an elliptical machine. He workout almost every day. In an interview, He further said that “I did not go down every day, But almost every day. I go down there and try to be there for half an hour or more.”

What Changes Mike Did Do In His Life To Lose Weight?

Going to a restaurant with family and friends on regular basis and having pasta and bread and cheeses and dessert is some sort of family tradition for Pompeo. When Mike decided to change his life and be in shape Mike didn’t stop the gatherings but instead of having pancakes dipped in syrup he now prefers having egg whites along with a salad. All mike did to lose weight is a Mojar change in his day-to-day life to be in shape and lose weight. The former director of C.I.A. said that” first, I had to be in a good shape mind only then I can be in a good shape body.”

Pompeo isn’t the only politician to promote their fitness. George HW Bush was a keen runner and made frequent use of the Air Force One treadmill on long international flights. After undergoing quadruple bypass surgery, Bill Clinton began street jogging. After a chair fell on him during a cabinet meeting, Mike Huckabee decided to take control of his health and was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. Although the Republican candidate for the presidency lost 100 lbs, he acknowledged that it was due to a drastic diet and long-distance running.

With Mike Pompeo Weight Loss Controversy

There are many Fitness trainers who are claiming that Mike can not lose this much weight on his own by just doing 30 minutes of workouts in 6 months of the time period. If you have searched the net then you might have also found so many posts after reading that you may also think twice about whether his weight loss is genuine or not.

Bryant said,

“I would love to know the totality of what Pompeo did,”. “For someone to lose 90 pounds in six months, you’re talking 15 pounds a month on average. No research shows it’s healthy to lose two and four pounds per week. Four times four is 16 pounds. It’s possible that it could happen, but I don’t see it happening by only working out 30 minutes a day.”

Mike Pompeo Weight Loss Surgery

There are plenty of people on the internet claiming Mike had weight loss surgery to get his weight off. But there are no official statements from Mike’s side or from any other media house about Mike Pompeo’s weight loss surgery. We assume that he might have not undergone any weight loss surgery but naturally, he has lost 90 pounds of weight.

Mike Pompeo Weight loss Before-After photos

Here are some of Mike Pompeo’s before and after pics. These images are proof that age is just a number and there is no age bar when it comes to being fit and healthy.

Mike Pompeo Weight loss
Mike Pompeo Weight Loss
Mike Pompeo Weight Loss


Que: How Much Weight did Mike Lose?

Ans: After realizing he is almost 300 Mike decided to change his life and started working out and cutting carbs from his diet and successfully lose 90 pounds of weight in just 6 months.

Que: What is Mike Pompeo’s Net Worth?

Ans: According to Celebrity’s net worth, Mikepompeo’s net worth is $800 thousand USD.

Que: How old is Mike Pompeo?

Ans: Mike is 59 Years old in 2023.

Que: How Tall Is Mike Pompeo?

Ans: Pompeo is 178 Centimeters, 5 Feet, and 10 inches tall.

Que: Current Weight Of Mike Pompeo?

Ans: Currently Mike Pompeo Weighs Around 220-240 Pounds.

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