Michael Symon Weight Loss. Diet Detail & Before After Pics

Michael Symon Weight Loss

Food lovers know the name, Michael Symon. A celebrity chef and a TV Celeb Michael Symon is well-known for his various delicious recipes from pasta to cabbage to greek to brownies and others. He always remains in news for his excellent culinary skills. But this time, Michael Symon is in news not due to his new food recipe invention but due to his speculated weight loss. People who follow him and his cooking shows are convinced that Michael Symon has lost weight.

The Internet people are also eager to know the answers to various questions like how Michael Symon lost weight, how many pounds of weight he lost, his weight loss diet, and workouts.

Here in this article, you will get to know all the details about Michael Symon’s weight loss. But before we move further into Michael Symon’s weight loss transformation and his before-after photos, I would like to tell some unexplored facts about his personal life.

Who Is Michael Symon?

Michael Symon, an American-born chef par excellence is a celebrity chef, restaurateur, anchor, and television personality. The chef who is of Greek-Sicilian and Eastern European descent was born on the 16th of September 1969 under the Virgo zodiac sign.

The exceptional chef graduated from the Culinary Institute of America as far back as the year 1990 and already had his career as a chef. He has always been passionate about what people eat and after his graduation, he worked in various indigenous restaurants in Cleveland for a couple of years before he decided he was ready for something of his own.

After being nominated as the National rising star by the Restaurant Hospitality magazine in 1997, he finally decided it was time for him. So alongside his wife who was then also a fellow dream chaser, they launched their first restaurant in Cleveland called Lola Bistro. He was shot into fame after he won the American Iron Chef competition and would then go ahead to start his career as a television personality and anchor. He attended every worthy food show in America and even anchored some of the more prestigious ones. 

Michael has been a multiple-time guest on food network an American cooking show, he has also anchored more than 100 episodes of the show and counting. He appeared on Secrets with Sara hosted by Sara Monthon, and was ready, set, cook! He has also been featured on food nation by the famous Bobby Flay.

He hosted up to 10 episodes of the program Dinner Impossible when they needed a replacement anchor for a temporary post,  and also hosted Burgers, Brews, and ‘Que’. though very temporarily. Food Feuds also saw him come to perform his magic in the show a couple of times.

His second restaurant, which he opened alongside his wife and partner, Liz Shanahan, and a friend Doug Petkovic was named Lolita. It was launched in 2005 after the first restaurant in 1997 Lola proved to be a very successful venture in Cleveland. The successful launch of the restaurant had them featured in the first episode of the soon-to-become popular cooking TV show Best thing I ever ate. 

Michael Symon Weight Loss

Michael Symons’s weight loss process was not really made public, and neither were his reasons. But having attended a lot of TV shows and follow-up interviews, he couldn’t really keep it a secret for long the reason he embarked on a weight loss program and his diet and workout routine.

Michael was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the early age of 20, this diagnosis seemed to work directly against the career he had chosen because as a chef, you had to stand for various hours at once and do a lot of grasping because of the utensils you have to cook with. 

The illness is an autoimmune disorder that causes your immune system to mistakenly attack your own cells and it was a very painful experience for him. According to Michael, he had to regulate what he eats so as to be able to tackle this unlikely illness. So in general, he turned to food, the thing he knows best, as a way to take care of his health challenges

He was also said to have discus lupus, a condition that causes the individual severe rashes that get worse when exposed to sunlight. These two medical conditions forced him into a healthy diet and exercise which in the long run has done him a lot of good both in maintaining his health and looking fit and healthy

Michael Symon Weight Loss Diet

The chef in one of his interviews mentioned the things he had to avoid in terms of food and the things he had to double up on which has eventually allowed him to drop more than a couple of pounds in the past years and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Michael is a meat lover and does not hide that fact. He has even gone ahead to write a book for his fellow carnivores, but he mentioned the fact that because of his health and as part of his program, he has had to do a vegetarian diet at least twice a week.

He also had to avoid dairy products as they made his arthritis almost unbearable. According to him, avoiding much consumption of dairy products has helped reduce his arthritis pains by more than 80%.

He has also dedicated his life to low cholesterol diets, this undoubtedly is partly responsible for the trip body and 185lbs max weight he is currently on. He has mentioned these methods in more than one interview as his health maintenance food routine.

The best way to lose weight is to have a low-carb healthy diet. But healthy diets are made from foods which mostly are very untatsy. Even though they are very healthy but in the end, they are so tasteless and people often stop eating healthy foods just because of the taste. But what if I tell you that there is a solution to this? You can enjoy your tasty and favorite foods and even lose weight. Yes, losing weight while eating all the tasty foods has become easy.

There is a meal plan which is different for each individual. According to your age, gender, food preferences, and other details, you get a customized diet plan which is best for your body shape. This low-carb healthy food plan has recipes that suit you in both ways on taste and on weight loss. If you want to learn more about this weight loss diet, Then I recommend you must watch this free video about the diet plan that can help you in losing weight without you stopping eating your tasty favourite foods.

Michael Symon Workout Routine

According to Michael, he does not do many complex routines for workouts. Focusing on his diet and walking about 20,000 steps a day has kept him in tip shape and at the top of his game. He capitalized on his knowledge of his field to take care of close to 80% of the weight loss plan. Simply augmenting with the walking.

Michael Symon Before After Pics

Though the accurate details about Michael Symon’s weight loss have not been disclosed from Michael Symon’s side or from anyone related to him, his before and after photos say all the truth. It is clear that Michael has lost weight.

Michael Symon Before After Weight loss
Michael Symon Weight loss Transformation

Michael Symon’s Wife & Child

Michael has been married to Liz Shanahan for over 22 years but they are yet to have a child of their own. Though Michael has a grown-up son Kyle Shanahan, not much is known about him.

Conclusion: Michael Symon Weight Loss

The art and science of food transcendent what we always think food to be. Some people see food as a means to enjoy rare delicacies, others may see it as a means to fill your body with wanted nutrients and quality ingredients, while some may still see it as just a means to tackle hunger and take a shot at satisfaction.

No matter the various individual reasons we may find for associating with food, the fact is that it is needed by everyone for survival. Also, everyone associates with food in one way or the other, supposedly on a daily basis, except you are fasting. 

While we may all go ahead to recognize the importance of food. For some, food is not just an ordinary means of satisfaction. They have also backed their beliefs with the evidence of making food and cooking is their source of livelihood, career, and hobby, and a way to solve most health challenges for them. 

These individuals are called chefs. Today we had a brief look at the celebrity chef Michael Symon’s weight loss journey. This chef has not only gained national recognition by being a chef but has also grown a net worth of over $6 million and a proper diet for healthy weight loss. All from being a man who cares about food. We talked about the Cleveland-born celebrity chef, Michael Symon. Michael Symon has lost a significant amount of weight after changing his lifestyle and diet. 

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