Micah Tyler Weight Loss. How He Lost 100 Pounds. Before-After

Micah Tyler Before After

American Musician Micah Tyler is in trending news on the internet. Not because of his recently released music piece but due to the post he shared on his Instagram account. In a post shared on his social media account, Micah expressed his feelings about his weight loss. As he posted his before-after image on Instagram, his fans went crazy and started praising him for his 100 lbs of weight loss journey. Here is the detailed article about Micah Tyler’s weight loss journey. What he did to lose weight, What he ate to lose weight, and other details about his transformation.

But we will start with knowing more details about him first. Here are some of his personal life information that you might don’t know about Micah Tyler.

Who Is Micah Tyler

Born as Micah Tyler Begnaud on April 19, 1983, in Texas, USA. His parents were Peter and Gaynell Begnaud. He has one younger brother Daniel Begnaud. One very less-known thing about Micah is that he became a youth pastor after graduating from high school. At the time of becoming a pastor, he was just 18. And before coming into the music industry he even ran a food truck business.

Later he started his music career in 2013 by releasing his first music album “The Story I Tell“. He got fame with his performance of an original satirical song, “You’ve Gotta Love Millennials“. According to Wikipedia, this video gave him millions of views on YouTube & Facebook. After this, he released many albums. Micah is a Christian Musician.

Micah is happily married to Casey Begnaud and the couple together has three children.

Micah Tyler Weight Loss

The news about Micah’s amazing weight loss transformation started after one post on Instagram. In this post, he shared his struggle with weight gain and his inspirational and satisfying journey of weight loss.

In his post, Micah wrote that he struggled with his weight his entire life. About 10 years ago he was the heaviest in his life. Micah further wrote that when he was just stepping away from his position as a pastor to pursue his passion for music. Micah considers that time as one of the most stressful times of his life. At that time, he didn’t know anything about the upcoming times and how to tackle the situation when he had a wife and two young children to take care of. In those stressful times, Micah found comfort in food.

Fast food drive-throughs, boxes of pizza, and late-night gas station junk food runs became his routine life. This habit of his left him overweight. It was the time when he hated himself for not taking care of his habits.

How Did He Lost Weight

In his weight loss journey, he made a lot of efforts and he has shared all the details in his Instagram post. He shared the details about the steps he took to lose weight. Here is what he wrote further.

Cut Back On Soda

Micah Tyler took a decision to change things in his life. 10 years ago started his weight loss journey by cutting back on fizzy drinks. Sodas are full of added sugar. And added sugar is harmful as it adds more fat to your body. So it is the best way to start your weight loss journey by cutting back on added sugar food items.

Healthy Foods

Cutting back on bad habits is a preventive step for any person who wants to lose weight but the primary steps for weight loss start with eating healthy foods. Micah also did the same. He replaced all his bad eating habits with a good and healthy diet.


With help of these initial steps, Micah lost a few pounds. But as he wanted to lose more & more pounds, Micah started doing exercises, too. In starting as he lost a few pounds, Micah tried to push it more. He started eating more healthy foods and doing more exercise for fast results.

But as he mentioned in his post, due to his lifestyle and almost traveling for 200 days a year, it became impossible for him to stay consistent with his healthy habits of weight loss. He added further that his weight fluctuated a lot throughout the years. He tried different-different things for weight loss. From the Yo-Yo diet to starving himself, Micah tried a lot of things in his journey.

Through the years of struggle with his weight gain and weight loss, Micah finally lost around 50 pounds in the last 9 and a half years. But in the last six months, he became serious about his journey. In May this year, Micah & his wife Casey decided to take it very seriously. And in the last 6 months with his immense efforts, Micah lost 50 more pounds. And his weight loss touches the 100 LBS mark, In the last 10 years, Micah Tyler lost around 100 pounds of weight.

Micah Tyler Before After

Here are some images showing his before and after appearance. These pictures are the proof of amazing weight loss journey of Micah Tyler.

Micah Tyler Weight Loss


Micah Tyler Weight Loss Transformation

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