Meghan Trainor Weight Loss. Diet, Workout & After Before Photos

Meghan Trainor Weight Loss

Meghan Trainer is quite famous for her sweet voice. The singer & TV personality Meghan has a huge fan following and when people got to know that Meghan has lost weight, the internet people were amazed by Mehgan Trinor’s weight loss transformation.

Meghan’s after-before weight loss pictures are speaking everything about her transformation. But don’t you want to know what made Meghan lose weight and how she lost all the weight and became fit and healthy?

If you also want to know about Meghan Trainor’s weight loss diets and her workout routine then you will get all your answers here. From her depression days to her becoming fit again you will know & everything about Meghan Trainor’s life. But first, let me tell you some personal details about the “All About That Bass” singer’s life and her struggle with weight loss, and what helped her in her weight loss journey.

Who Is Meghan Trainor?

Full Name:Meghan Elizabeth Trainor
Profession:Singer & TV Personality
Date Of Birth:22 December 1993
Birth Place:Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA
Age:28 Years ( In 2022)
Height:5 Feet & 4.5 Inches or 1.64 Meters or
164 CMs
Weight:149.9 Pounds or
68 KGs
Husband:Daryl Sabara
Net Worth:Around $14 Million

Her full name is Meghan Elizabeth Trainor. Meghan Trainor was born on  22 December 1993 in Massachusetts, USA. Meghan is an American lyricist, singer & quite popular TV personality. She got her singing abilities inheritance from her father Gary Trainor who was an organist himself. She started singing in her childhood at the age of just 6. Her family encouraged her so much in pursuing her career as a musician. Started with very small steps but later Meghan became a successful singer and well-known celebrity throughout the country. She has been awarded a Grammy award for being the best new artist in 2016.

Meghan Trainor Winning Grammy Award

Who Encouraged Meghan Trainor To Lose Weight?

In 2014, Meghan wrote and sang the song “All About The Bass” and released it in the same year. This song was a huge hit and even reached the top position on “Billboard Hot 100“. Around 11 million copies were sold in the world. This song was all about Meghan’s life struggle of accepting her appearance as she was always an oversize woman. The song was all about Meghan Trainor’s feelings of insecurities about looking at her own pictures.

The song was a big hit and many media houses praised her and gave her different names. After her successful album, when Meghan was interviewed by The Guardian, she was asked what it is like to be “The Poster Girl For The Larger Women“. While answering the same Meghan replied that she is definitely bigger than Rihanna. And she further added that pop stars these days have all the perfect barbie-doll bodies and they also talk about how they keep themselves in a good shape. Meghan also added that there is nothing wrong in doing this but it is also good to have a regular & average body type singer on the charts.

Meghan Trainor Bio Wiki

In another interview with Billboard, she was given the title of “Model of self-acceptance”. In response to that Meghan Trainor told in the interview that she doesn’t consider herself that or a feminist. She later added in her response that she just wanted to say “Love Yourself“.

You might be having a question in your mind a person like Meghan Trainor who was a prominent advocate of body positivism and self-acceptance how forced to lose weight? Then here is your answer.

Things changed for her when she met with Daryl Sabara who played Juni Cortez in Spy Kids. They met at a house party in 2014 and later in 2016, they started dating. Meghan Trainor openly gives credit for her weight loss to her then-boyfriend and now husband Daryl Sabara. It is like Daryl has polished her and helped her in becoming the best version of herself. The couple got married on Meghan’s 25th birthday in October 2020. And in February Meghan gave birth to her son.

How Did Meghan Trainor Lose Weight?

Meghan revealed her weight loss in the interview with ETonline. Meghan Trainor in the interview confessed that she lost 20 pounds of weight. And in one word Meghan told in the interview that the reason behind her losing weight is the desire to “Live Forever“. That’s why she has chosen a healthy lifestyle and lost weight.

She further added that she never had lost this much weight previously so she didn’t know that she can even gain back all those lost pounds. And that’s why she has to take care of a lot of her routine. In her attitude, Meghan told, “I just want to live forever, man. I wanna stay looking young forever“.

Meghan Trainor stated in the same interview that she started her weight loss journey by putting an end to her drinking habit. And stopped following all the bad habits that were causing harm to her health and weight. Meghan also said that she didn’t want to deal with acne anymore. She is just 24 and wants to stay healthy till she is 106 years old.

Meghan expressed her feelings for her husband Daryl Sabara and showed her gratitude for him. She gave total credit to her husband for her weight loss. Meghan told that her husband (Then Boyfriend) really changed her life. Daryl showed her how working out can be fun. Initially, Meghan didn’t believe in Daryl. But now she also enjoys doing exercises. Meghan expressed her love for the gym and said that she loves that feeling and now she is addicted to it.

Meghan further added in the same interview that her husband Daryl cooks for her and taught her how to cook. Before he met Daryl she didn’t know how to cook. Her husband taught Meghan secrets about how to cook tasty food with all the benefits for great health.

To lose weight Meghan Trainor did a lot of effort. She quit drinking and stopped doing all the bad things for her health. She started doing exercise with her husband and also started eating healthy foods. And that’s how Meghan Trainor was able to lose 20 pounds of weight. And in her weight loss journey, her husband Daryl Sabara helped her a lot. He persuade her to start going to the gym and he was the only one who introduced healthy cooking to Meghan.

Meghan Trainor Weight Loss Diet

Losing weight is all about eating healthy and working out regularly. If you follow these two steps every day then you will also be healthy and will be able to maintain a healthy weight. So, which weight loss diet or which healthy food does Meghan Trainor use in her diet to lose weight? Meghan herself gave an answer to these questions in the interview with SheKnows. In the interview, Meghan revealed that she always keeps 5 healthy foods & beverages in her fridge.

  • Water: Water is purely calorie-free and doesn’t have any fat. It helps you in burning more calories and even can suppress your appetite. Suppressed appetite means you eat less and that eventually helps you in burning more calories and in weight loss.
  • Lemons: Lemons are a high source of Vitamin C.  & many antioxidants. According to one research, people who have high levels of Vitamin C in their bodies have lower BMI (Body Mass Index). Apart from Vitamin C, Lemon is also a rich source of various anti-oxidants that boost digestion.
  • Turkey: This is one of the best food for weight loss. It is tasty food and the best alternative for people who want to get rid of extra body fat without compromising on their tasty meals. You can even try low-calorie Turkey if you are following a particular calorie intake plan in your weight loss journey.
  • Celery: Celery mainly contains water and fiber. We have gone through all the benefits of water for weight loss. And fiber is also very important for weight loss. Fibre makes you feel full for longer hours. Thus, you eat less often. It is also said that you burn more calories in digesting celery than usually it adds to your meals.
  • Chicken: Again a tasty meal for people who want both tasty foods and weight loss. It is a high source of protein. Protein apart from weight loss also helps in muscle growth and overall health improvement.

These are the 5 foods that Meghan Trainor always keeps in her refrigerator and all these foods are very healthy for weight loss. Losing weight depends a lot on what you eat. Most people are not able to lose weight just because they can stop eating all the unhealthy junk foods.

Meghan Trainor Weight Loss Exercise 

Apart from good eating habits, you must have an active lifestyle in order to lose weight. Having an active lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours sweating in the gym. Hours of workout are not for those people who are always tight on their schedule and super busy like Meghan Trainor. Being a celebrity Meghan has very little to no time for stuff like going to the gym. But Meghan wanted to lose weight, so, she joined the fitness trainer Shaun T’s Focus T25 program.

Stylist : @CharlieBrianna work out is T-25 by @ShaunT 💗👏🏻

— Meghan Trainor (@Meghan_Trainor) January 19, 2018

Focus T25 program is a 10-week program for people who want to do intense workouts in very less time. This program only takes 25 minutes a day and helps people in losing weight. The program contains 17 workouts and has an intermediate level of difficulty. The program helps people in achieving the below-mentioned areas.

  • Bodyweight Training
  • Recovery
  • Weight Loss
  • Strength
  • Muscle Building
  • Slim & Sculpt
  • Recovery
  • Cardio
  • HIIT

Meghan Trainor After Before Photos

Here are some amazing before and after weight loss pics of Meghan Trainor. I hope these images motivate you to start your health journey.
Meghan Trainor Weight Loss
Meghan Trainor After Before
Meghan Trainor After Before Photo
Meghan Trainor Weight Loss Transformation

Final Word: Meghan Trainor Weight Loss

Meghan Trainor is an inspiration for people who try to find excuses instead of doing something for their health. With her positive efforts, eating well, working out regularly, and stopping doing all the bad things for her health, she finally lost 20 pounds of weight. You too can choose the right path and become healthy.

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