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Meghan McCain Pregnancy

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Meghan McCain Was Always Became The Soft Target For Online Trolls For Body Shaming. With The Use Of a Proper Diet, She Might have Lost a Few Pounds But She Has Not Shared Any Exact Details. Meghan Is Currently Pregnant With Her Second Child. There Were a Lot Of Rumors About Her Plastic Surgery, But Meghan McCain Never SHared Any Details About That Ever.

Meghan McCain was born in Phoenix, Arizona in USA on 23rd October 1984. She is a famous columnist, author, and TV celebrity. She received the first public limelight through her blog Meghan Blogette where she depicted John McCain’s presidential campaign in 2008. In 2009 she worked as a writer for The Daily Beast. She also co-hosted a show named Outnumbered from 2016-17. She got married to Ben Domenech in 2017 and had a beautiful daughter named Liberty in 2020.

For a long time, Meghan has been targeted for a lot of hateful comments about her body size and whether she lost or gain weight. Is she pregnant or rumours are just in vain?

Here’s an article that will reveal all truth about Meghan McCain. From her weight gain to weight loss to her pregnancy & plastic surgery rumors.

Did Meghan McCain Lose Weight?

The 38-year-old, Meghan McCain is a famous American TV presenter, author, and journalist. She has done a great job on ABC News, Fox News, and MSNBC. Moreover, she has been a renowned figure throughout her career and did her debut at the Republican National Convention in 1996. She is the daughter of John McCain, a politician, and Cindy McCain, a diplomat.

Talking about Meghan’s weight loss, she had been through a lot of online trolls after she had her baby. She put on a lot of baby weight and wasn’t losing at all. Because of this majority of the online audience body shammed her.

But in recent images, she appeared considerably nicer, suggesting that she may have shed a large amount of weight. Meghan McCain has trimmed down. Was she going through a heavy weight loss program? Let’s read further to find out.

Although Meghan McCain hasn’t mentioned her weight loss, it is evident that she has significantly reduced her weight based on before and after pictures. She might have gone through an intense workout or diet regime. Because of this she currently looks slimmer than in her previous appearances.

There is little information, however, on whether she altered her lifestyle or shed some pounds as a result of the stress she felt while pregnant. Meghan has been following different regimes to lose weight. She has given many attempts to lose a few pounds from her body weight due to the criticism she received for her body size and weight. Meghan has never been thrilled with the remarks people make about her body size.

Just a few months before giving birth to Liberty, Meghan shared with The View that her biggest worry is to lose the baby weight. This was so because it would be another reason why people would troll her again.

Sources revealed that she also mentioned to her sister-in-law that one of the strangest aspects of being pregnant during the epidemic is that the world is not able to observe her changing figure because they are only able to view her from the waist up. Her fear was how the media would react to the weight she put on during pregnancy while returning to the show.

Meghan McCain Pregnancy Rumours

Meghan McCain and her husband Ben Domenech are expecting a second child after their first daughter Liberty whom they had in 2020. She shared her pregnancy news on her Instagram account on 15th September and wrote how her 2 years old Liberty is going to be a big sister. The former “The View” co-host added that the family is very blessed, lucky, and happy with the news and appreciated everyone’s greeting. She also wrote how her husband Ben is soon going to be outnumbered by all the girls at their house this winter.

Additionally, McCain also shared a picture of Liberty on Instagram where she was coloring a “big sister” sign sitting on the table. The comment section was flooding with blessings for the unborn child. One wrote that Meghan is among Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, while Daphne Oz was seen excited in the comments. Star Erika Jayne poured out all pink heart emojis in the section. Eboni K. was also seen congratulating Meghan in the comment space.

McCain told DailyMail that she and Ben are extremely blessed and excited to welcome a new member to the family and Liberty would be having a baby sister this winter. They have been counting the days to grow their family and only a few days were left to meet their baby girl. Later she also said her whole family specifically her grandma is finding it hard to wait until she is born to shower her with all love and warmth.

In the 2019 New York Times, Megan disclosed that she suffered from a miscarriage before having Liberty. And she blamed herself for it. She started blaming her age, her body, and her personality for it.

Meghan McCain Plastic Surgery Rumours

When you are a famous television or movie celebrity, you are automatically subjected to tons of rumors. You are constantly looked at for your appearance and how presentable you are on camera. So to maintain a good physical posture, plastic surgery has become the most in-demand solution.

There are tons of plastic surgery rumors from many celebrities. A few among them seem to be true and the rest! Yes ends up being a rumor only. Meghan McCain is no different, she has also been questioned about her going through plastic surgery procedures. Meghan was targeted by a woman who questioned her about her breast size.

Typically, this is the most unnecessary question to ask someone as it is a personal choice. The women tagged Meghan on social media and said that Meghan need reduction surgery. To which Meghan gave a very savage reply saying Ben has got no problem with the size.

Meghan denied all the rumors of her going through plastic surgery

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