MC Stan Tattoos And Their Meaning.

MC Stan Tattoos

Who doesn’t know the famous Indian rapper M C Stan, His real name is Altaf Tadavi or Altaf Shaikh. Recently we saw him in Bigg Boss season 16 on Colours TV. MC Stan continuously engaged in various controversies on the show. Though MC Stan was already famous before coming to the show but Bigg Boss made him a household name. He is quite popular among youngsters. If you are also a fan of MC Stan then you too might have noticed various tattoos on his body from MC Stan’s chest tattoo to tattoos on his fingers.

If you also want to know the meanings of MC Stan’s Tattoos then this article is for you.

But before we deep dive into MC STan Tattoos and their meanings, let me tell some personal and very interesting details about him first.

Who Is MC Stan?

He was born on 30th August 1999. As of now, M C Stan is 23 years old in 2023. He was born and brought up in Pune. He completed his 12th after that he wasn’t able to pursue higher education. According to Mc Stan himself, the reason for not being able to go to college was his popularity. M C said that he was so popular in his hometown Pune, that he wasn’t able to go to college.

He started performing various music performance at a very young age. When he was just 12, he started performing Qawwali. But later he was introduced to RAP music by his brother. And slowly rapping became his favorite genre in music. In his growing years, he used to listen to a lot of American rappers like Eminem, Lil Wayne, Young Thug, and many more. But he also learned B-boying and beatboxing.

In 2018 he released his first song “Wata” but his 2019 release “Khuja Mat” made him very popular. While he is very good at rapping but MC Stan also does compose, produces, and write. After that M C Stan released a lot of songs. He is quite popular among youngsters. His most viewed video on his YouTube channels is “SNAKE” which was released in 2022. That song has more than 75 million views.

MC Stan Tattoos And Their Meaning

Now let’s talk about MC Stan’s tattoos. It has been always seen that musicians, artists, and rappers have a special love for their tattoos. Their tattoos always hold something hidden meaning. Their Tattoos might seem normal to you and to us but there might be some story behind that. So, let’s have a look at behind the stories and meaning of rapper MC Stan’s tattoos.

Tattoos On Fingers– “S T A N”

There is a tattoo on M C Stan’s right-hand fingers. The tattoo on his fingers is his Stage name “STAN“. The Letters ‘S‘ on the little finger, ‘T‘ on the ring finger, ‘A‘ on the middle finger, and ‘N‘ on the index finger. So the tattoo becomes STAN.

Tattoo On Chest– “Compton”

On M C Stan’s chest, he has a tattoo. The tattoo on his chest is the English word “COMPTON“. Compton is a city in California, USA. Rapper “The Game” who is quite popular in this rap music field, belongs to this “Compton” city. “The Game” also has a tattoo of “Compton” on his stomach. So, it is possible that MC Stan might have got a “COMPTON” tattoo on his chest as a mark of respect to the other rapper”The Game”.

And the other side, Compton is also a very famous Tattoo studio, too.

Tattoo On Left Hand

MC Stan has different tattoos on his left hand. There are tattoos on all 4 of his left-hand fingers. 1 Alien Tattoo near his left-hand thumb and one full tattoo on his wrist.

MC Stan In Bigg Boss

MC Stan has participated in Bigg Boss season 16. According to a report posted in RollingStone, MC Stan is a top contender to win this Bigg Boss season. “Gender” and “Kal Hai Mera Show” artist became hugely popular among youngsters after appearing on the show. People have noticed that Stan is often a softly-spoken person but always ready to fight if there is any scene.

In the show, we have seen that MC Stan has a good friendship bonding with Tajikistan-based singer Abdu Rozik. And this friendship was very heartwarming for the viewers of the show. Recently we have also seen that a good friendship bond between MC STan and Shiv Thakre.

MC was also seen taking the toll and fighting and creating drama in the show. With all the ups and down throughout the show, MC Stan’s popularity in Bigg Boss is growing day by day.

MC Stan Short Bio/Wiki

Stage Name:MC Stan
Real Name:Altaf Shaikh Or Altaf Tadavi
Birth Date:30 August 1999
Age:23 Years
Birth Place:Pune, Maharashtra
Siblings:1 Elder Brother
Mother:Vahida Tadavi
Famous For:Rap Music
Height:173 cm or
1.7 m or
First Song:Wata (2018)
First Album:Tadipar (2020)
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