Master Copy Meaning And Difference Between Original Vs Master Copy Vs Replica

The Meaning Of Master Copy

So, in today’s generation or I would say today’s social media generation. Most people want to look perfect. They Want to wear branded products. Wants to have one or two branded products in their wardrobe. Clothing from Lois Vitton. Shoes From Emporio Armani Or Nike or maybe from some other brand. Not everybody wants the same thing but most people, who are socially active want to float their dressing style and their dressing sense.

But to have branded products is not an easy solution for everyone. So, Master Mind manufacturers have discovered a technic to fill this gap and provide a solution for this. This solution is called the First copy or replica or master copy. Many people considered them a fake copies and many want them to be called the first copies. So, here we will learn The meaning of Master Copy And the Difference Between Original Vs Master Copy Vs Replica.

The Meaning Of Master CopyNike Air Max Shoes

The Actual meaning is not defined but I can tell what actually Master Copy Is. Most manufacturers use the same material as used by the original brand. Or the highest level material just below the original material. They make the same design to design pattern to pattern ditto original product. Even with the finishing you just can not find out which one is original or which one is the master copy. But the price is far below then the original product. If you want to learn the trick to find out the difference, then you must read our article on the difference between the original and the first copy.

The Meaning Of The First Copy

The first copy is made from very low-quality material. The manufacturers try to replicate the design. They try to copy the color shades. But for them, it is not possible to use Original material or master copy material, because it will increase the cost of the product. And the main selling reason for first-copy products is they are cheap, very cheap in comparison to the original product.

Different Types Of First Copy Or Replica

In the First copy products, you will find different kinds of qualities. First Copy Or Replica products come in different qualities like 7A Quality, AAA Quality, 12A, 10A, and 5A. But The 7A quality is the most famous and most purchased type quality in first-copy shoes. If you want to know more about 7A quality then read our 2-minute article on the meaning of 7A quality.

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The Meaning Of The Second Copy

And now, there are Second Copies, too in the market. Second-quality products are the lowest type of copies. They just try to give you a logo. Not the material, not the design, not the finishing. You will get nothing but just a logo. Even sometimes, not even the exact logo.

The Difference Between Original Vs Master Copy Vs Replica Vs Second Copy

The main difference between The original and Master copy is that they are not manufactured by the Brands. Yes, in master copy material is most likely to be the same as the branded product. The finishing and design will be the exact same. So, the main difference is Master Copies are not manufactured by the brands. And it is the biggest difference. You pay for the brand, for the original product not for the same material and design. If you are planning to buy Nike shoes and are willing to pay for the branded product then you should and must get the branded product, not some master copy.

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And the difference between the original and first copy is first copy products are far lower in quality in material. Maybe they are very good at design. Just the same as the original one but they lack the finishing and material.

For instance in the watch. The difference between the original and first-copy watches is the material. In the making of premium watches brands uses gold, silver, titanium, or maybe diamonds are added. But, the first-copy watch manufacturers can’t use these materials.

Below, some charts are given to make you understand the full concept of Original Vs Master Copy Vs Replica Or First Copy Vs Second Copy. Three Charts are available. The basic comparison is in Finishing, Design, and between the material. Look and know the main difference between all of these qualities.

Main Difference

Here are the main differences.

The Finishing

Fininshing IN Branded Products

The Designs

Design IN Branded Products

The Materials

Matrail IN Branded Products

These were basic comparisons between all quality products. Now I want to tell you something.

Are replicas or first-copy products legal?

No, they are not.

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