Marlyne Barrett weight loss. Is Chicago Med’s Maggie Sick? Surgery In 2022?

Marlyne Barrett Transformation

NBC’s medical drama Chicago Med’s season 8 episode 1 was released on 21st September. As the latest episode arrived, one cast member of the show got the attention of people. The person is Chicago Med’s Maggie AKA Marlene Barrett. She was looking quite different from her previous appearances on the show. People on the internet have started to speculate various things about Marlyne Barrett. There are lots of queries on the internet about Marlene Barrett from her sickness to weight loss.

Here in this article, you will know all the answers about Marlyne Barrett’s appearance change. From her illness to her weight loss to surgery to her cancer details. Which diet and workouts she followed in order to lose weight and some of her before and after pictures.

Let’s get started with knowing more about her. Here is some personal info you might not know about Chicago Med’s nurse Maggie Lockwood’s (Marlene Barrett) personal life.

Who Is Marlyne Barrett

Her real name is Marlyne Nayokah Afflack. She was born on September 13, 1978, in Brooklyn, New York. Marlyne started her carer as a stage actress. In the late 90s, she was working as a VJ TV station Musique Plus in Canada. In later years Marlyne starred in many TV shows as a guest. Some of the popular shows she worked on as a guest include Mariska Hargitay‘s Law & Order: SVU. Apart from this show, she also appeared in “The Wire”, “Conviction”, “Damages”, “American Crime” etc.

She worked on TV before she got her first film role in the movie “Love, Sex and Eating the Bones” in 2003. In 2015, she returned back to TV with NBC’s medical drama series ” Chicago Med”. Initially, Maggie Lockwood’s character was not the main cast instead she was in the recurring cast for the first 13 episodes. From the 14th episode, her Nurse character was added to the main cast. And from there she has been associated with every season of Chicago Med.

Gavin William Barrett is her husband. The couple got married on May 15, 2009.

Marlyne Barrett Weight Loss

As the recent episode of Chicago Med aired on CBC, fans started to notice a sudden change in Marlyne Barrett’s appearance. Nothing has been confirmed from Marlyne’s side but we all can see the difference. She definitely has lost some pounds in the new season. People have been appreciating the 44 years old actresses’ new look.

How Did She Lose Weight

Yet nothing has been shared by Marlyn or any big media house about the Chicago Med’s cast member’s weight loss, but still, we have found some details in our research that might have helped Marlyn in her weight loss. Though there is not much information available about Marlyn’s personal life on the internet we found something that she loves to do every day.

From her Twitter, we found out that, Marlyne Barrett is a Gym goer person. She likes to stay fit and healthy. She never skips her workout sessions. Marlyne enjoys her time working out with her husband Gavin William Barrett. She herself shared a pic on her Twitter handle saying that, Workout with her husband is always a new joy to the event.

In the pic that Marlyn twitter on her Twitter, it is clearly seen that the couple likes to go to the gym and actively think about their both’s fitness. The couple is seen working out on gym equipment.

In another Tweet, she expressed her love for working out. She wrote that she is feeling great in a healthy body.

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Marlyne Barrett Weight Loss Surgery

There is no news about how many pounds of weight Marlyne lost in recent times. She has not disclosed any details yet. But it is definitely clear that she has achieved her fitness by eating healthy and going to the Gym and not by undergoing any weight loss surgery. So, Marlyne Barrette has not gone under surgery for weight loss.

Many people online and even some media websites also speculating that Marlyne Barrett has undergone Gastric Bypass Surgery for weight loss. But as there is no confirmation about undergoing Gastric bypass, we can not confirm anything yet. Still waiting for Marlyne Barrett’s comment on the speculations of surgery.

Before After Photos

Here are some of her before-after weight loss pictures.

Marlyne Barrett Weight Loss

Marlyne Barrett Before After

Marlyne Barrett Transformation

Marlyne Barette Cancer/Sickness

Actually, people are searching a lot about Marlyne Barrette’s cancer details online. Until recent times, we all believed that in real life, Marlyn Barette is not sick or has not been diagnosed with any cancer. And in reel life, her character Maggie Lockwood in Chicago Med was diagnosed with metallic breast cancer. According to Black America Web, when Marlyne was asked about her reaction to knowing about her character Maggie’s breast cancer Marlyn said, she was shocked to know that Maggie is a brave character and she will overcome this.

And as the latest updates have come out, we are shocked to know that Marlyne Barrett is suffering from cancer in her real life, too. According to the report posted in People magazine, The Wire actress has been diagnosed with cancer when doctors found a football-sized tumor on her uterus and left ovary in July. As Marlyne is a quite personal person, she didn’t disclose any details previously.

Marlyne started feeling unusual in April this year. Barrett told that she started feeling a lot of fluid accumulation in her abdomen. She told she was looking like she is 9 months pregnant in that situation. And also she was suffering from shortness of breath at the same time. And after multiple tests, finally, on July 18, she was informed by doctors that she had a mass on her ovary and uterus. The Cancer news was shocking for her as there is no family history of either uterine or ovarian cancers.

Marlyne further told that her real-life mom is a survivor of breast cancer. She remembered those days when her mom was diagnosed and she was having a constant feeling that she don’t want to lose her mother.

So, Marlyn in her real life is definitely sick and suffering from cancer. Currently, she is under aggressive chemotherapy. We pray for her speedy recovery.

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