Manjima Mohan Weight Gain Real Reason. Karthik’s Wife.

Manjima Mohan Before After

Recently there is news that South Indian actress Manjima Mohan is about to get married to Gautam Karthik. As the news surfaced on the Internet, people started to take interest in the actress’s life. Everyone is quite curious to know more about Manjima Mohan and especially her weight gain. South actress Manjima Mohan came to the limelight after she has gained a lot of body weight. She faced numerous criticism and comments on her physic. She is a very successful actress in the south industry and has done a lot of movies. By playing numerous characters she received love from the audience and appreciation.

Negative Comments On Her Weight

Even the actress Manjima Mohan has given a lot of examples to the fans when she heard a lot of negative comments about her body. She gave the example of Sai Pallavi when a fan of her mocked her. Not only that currently she is involved in the promotion of the next movie FIR. And while promoting her she has said a lot of things about body shaming.

In fact, she raised her voice about the body shaming matter when a group of her fans left comments on social media platforms. She has a lot of negative comments that spread throughout the whole social media platform about her body weight. In an interview, a lot of female fans of Manjima Mohan asked about the body shaming comments and how she managed to tackle those things.

To reply back to all of our fans, she replied that everyone should live a healthy lifestyle. And leading a healthy lifestyle does not mean you have to be lean or slim. Without being slim, you can still lead a healthy lifestyle by following all of the healthy tips. She also replied to all of her fans that body shaming will always be a part of this industry. 

And one should enjoy herself in all of the forms of them. If one is happy being healthy then body shaming does not matter. Even she set an example with Sai Pallavi in how she confidently portrayed herself. 

Who is Manjima Mohan?

In the southern industry, Manjima Mohan is one of the main and top-leading actresses. She was born on March 11, 1993, in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. She has done her higher school education at Nirmala Bhavan Higher School in Kerala. After that, She went to Stella Maris College from there she completed her B.Sc degree in mathematics. 

How Manjima Mohan Gained Weight?

Manjima Mohan has done numerous movies in her career not only in just Tamil industry. She also successfully worked in both Telugu and Malayalam industries. After she encountered an unfortunate accident she has to suffer from a fractured leg. And due to this reason, she took a short break from her acting career.

After that, she has to go through a lot of treatments and has to face unbearable pain. Even at that time she also struggled with a back pain problem. And due to all of these things, she detached herself totally from the acting life. In these times of rest, she became quite inactive and lived a life without much hard work and didn’t focus on her physique and appearance. And it is said that when she was taking rest it eventually made her gain a lot of excess weight.

Manjima Mohan Weight Gain

However, she was not worried about her physical or over body weight problem. She has gone through with this trolling from the audience. In fact, she also added that she has gone through a lot of mental stress but she quickly overcame this situation. 

Marriage With Gautam Karthik

The actress has confirmed the news of her marriage to actor Gautham Karthik. It is expected that this beautiful couple may get married on 28 November 2022. However, the official confirmation of their marriage date has been published want one month ago. 

They will celebrate their marriage ceremony in a private way with close family members and friends. Both of the actors worked with each other in Devarattam’ in 2019. Since then they became good friends and eventually fall in love. The relationship between both of the actors was in private.

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