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Haven’t we all played darts when we were kids? It used to be summer evenings and all our friends would come to a place and we all would pick pointed missiles to aim for the board. Back then it used to be competition among cousins during the holidays and get-togethers. A game that was played by many for fun and relaxation became the passion of the dart champion Luke Humphries. His epic wins make us look up to him as an inspiration. He played from a young age and has taken part in many World Championships and recorded defeating many well-known champions like Gary Anderson.

When talking about Luke Humphries, the most burning topic about him is not his achievements but his weight. Many rumors have claimed that he has lost weight. But how much is this rumor true? Do we see a difference in his pictures? Let’s not keep guessing about it and read the article to find out the real truth.

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Who is Luke Humphries?

Born on 11 February 1995, Luke Humphries is a professional darts player for England. His hometown is Newbury, England. He plays for Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). Some of you might be wondering about the term ‘darts’ so let me tell you what it is. Dart-throwing is a competitive game played between two or more people where they bare-handed throw small pointed missiles towards around board hung on the wall known as a dart-board. He won Professional Darts Corporation World Youth Championship in 2019. In 2017, Luke Humphries won 5 PDC Development Tour titles. As a result of this, he automatically got qualified for the 2018 PDC World Dart Championship. He defeated Adam Gawlas with a 6-0 score and won the 2019 PDC World Youth Championship at the age of 24.

After this in the quarter-finals of the World Youth Championship in December, he was selected for the Premier League. He played under the tag “challenger” and battled with Gary Anderson in Exeter and defeated him to become the first challenger to win the game by 7-5. This was the best-ever match in his whole career.

The major achievement that he made throughout his career was to appear for UK Open in March 2021. He won the quarter-final over Dave Chisnall and made it to the semi-finals. He defeated Michael van Gerwen in the semi-finals and made his historic way to the finals of the UK Open.  Humphries at last was defeated by James Wade in the finals by 11-5.

Later, in 2022 Humphries made his first PDC European Tour finals. In this, Luke defeated Martin Lukeman in the finals by scoring double 4 to win 8-2.

Luke Humphries has been in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend Kayley Jones. There is no report regarding their marriage but the couple has been together forever and it is quite evident from their Instagram images. Luke recently took to his Twitter to announce the birth of their baby boy on 21 October 2022.

Luke Humphries Weight Loss

There has been a lot of buzz around social media regarding Luke Humphries’s weight loss. Is this true that he lost some visible amount of weight? A comparison between previous and current photos reveals the difference in body weights. But his fans took to concern for his weight loss because dart games don’t require a slim body or have no effects of body weight on the game.

Luke Humphries Weight Loss

Luke accepted his weight loss rumors to be true and let his fans know the actual reason behind it. He let his fans know that playing darts is not easy as it seems. The challenger admitted that he lost weight to gain more stamina. This will help him in his game to deliver more epic results. He said losing excess weight is both healthy for life and the mind and one feels the flush of positive energy. His weight loss was quite evident in UK Open 2021 and was very positive about the match even though couldn’t win it.

Luke Humphries Abgenommen

According to Luke, he utilized the whole lockdown to stick to his workout regimes and follow a good diet plan in late 2019. He claims this routine has helped him in maintaining a sound mind and body and he expects this would also help him in becoming a better player in the future.

Luke has lost a considerable amount of body weight. He looks fitter and more active than he has ever looked. Luke revealed that he lost 2 stones (12.7 kg) since 2019 Christmas. He said important changes were needed to make his darts career to the next level hence, these changes were necessary. As a result, he works harder than ever. In an interview with DartsNews, Humphries responded positively when asked about his weight loss. He disclosed, he took full advantage of the lockdown.

In February 2021, Luke tweeted about being very much excited for the new dating season and losing 2 stones of weight near Christmas and feeling all positive, and working towards leveling up his career and playing better in future

Luke Humphries Diet

It is a known fact that dart players always have an ill-arranged schedule for their meals. They tend to eat a lot at one time and may starve the next few hours due to a heavy training schedule. The players tend to put on a lot of weight due to wrong meal timings.

In an interview, Luke Humphries admitted the bitter truth of darts players. He revealed there was no specific time for eating and one could be losing at 3 pm or 7 pm after finals. They would eat mostly at the wrong times and mostly with unhealthy diets. So later, he decided to switch towards nutritious meals.

He did regular exercises during the lockdown and lost a significant amount of weight. He has been following nutritional diet plans that have helped him achieve the desired weight. Luke follows this regime and talks about continuing the same in the future.

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