Lisa Raye Dating History. Is Kountry Wayne Her Boyfriend In 2022?

Lisa Raye Kountry Wayne Dating

Every day is a buzz for Hollywood actors. Due to fans’ love and curiosity, their relationship status and dating history are always out there to make headlines. This is the same for Lisa Raye, her dating history has been a topic in everyone’s mouth. Social media followers and dear fans are keen to know about her love life, past relationships, and current status.

Lisa Raye has dated a couple of American well-to-do men on different career paths in the past and she has been married to two of them for a few years. Maybe you are one of Lisa’s big fans and you can’t wait to read all about her and her relationship gist.

Let’s jump into the article already. Here, we’ll talk about Lisa Raye, her dating history, her husband, and the overtone gossip about her and Kountry Wayne. Keep reading to find out more.

Who is Lisa Raye?

A quick summary of Lisa Raye

NameLisa Raye McCoy
Age54 years
Birth PlaceChicago, Illinois 
Birth dateSeptember 23, 1967
OccupationActress and Business
Marital StatusSingle
Height5feet 7inches

‘’I make no apologies for loving the finer things in life or the men I choose to date. I  don’t feel bad about the person I am. Now, I do have an edge, rawness, and realness and I can tell you I’m gonna keep that’’

The above quote is Lisa’s favorite saying, which she really follows in her personal life, and also describes her, too. The line means that Lisa Raye is a confident woman who is always confident about her decisions. And whatever decisions she makes for her life, it’s purely her choice. 

Lisa Raye McCoy is an American businesswoman and actress born to American parents David Ray McCoy and Katie McCoy on the 23rd of September 1967 in Chicago, Illinois. Lisa’s father was a businessman and her mother was a model in her young days. Lisa grew up in Chicago and had her primary school education at St. James College Prep. 

She proceeded to Kenwood Academy and Thornridge for High School, where she graduated in 1986. After graduating from high school, she attended Eastern Illinois University to obtain a degree in Hotel management.

Lisa Raye Career

It was time for Lisa to choose a career path, so she ventured into business, fashion, and acting. The business didn’t bring her so much fame & success, and then she came into the spotlight for her lead role, Diane Armstrong in the comedy movie ‘’The Players Club’’ a film written and directed by Ice Cube. The film was a breaking ground for Lisa financially and career-wise.

She also acted as a main character in the movie ’Reasons’’. And the following year she made appearances on several TV shows like ‘’In the House, Moesha, etc. Later in 2003, she starred as a supporting actress in the comedy series ‘‘All of Us’’ as Neesee James. 

This gained Lisa Raye more popularity and she was selected as a 37th NAACP award nominee. The event took place in California in 2007, and she won the award for the character she played on the show. In 2011, the talented actress played Keisha Greene in another comedy drama. ‘’Single Ladies’’ which lasted up till 2014. These roles all together have made Lisa Raye the superstar that she is in Hollywood.

LIsa Ray

Lisa Raye McCoy Relationships

The TV diva likes to keep her life private likewise her relationships, but information has it that she has been in at least five relationships. She was married to a famous American footballer, Tony Martin, and a prominent politician, Michael Misick in 1992 and 2006 respectively. LisaRaye McCoy’s love life has been pretty famous and she has been linked to many men throughout her career. But how many of these dating rumors are true? Lisa mostly doesn’t speak much bout her personal life and relationships

Both marriages lasted for two years each and did not end on a good note. In between, Lisa Raye has had an interesting relationship history but rumors have spread that she’s seeing Kountry Wayne. 

Read on to know what the truth is.

Lisa Raye Dating Kountry Wayne?

Lisa and the prominent American comedian Kountry Wayne have stirred assumptions that they are dating. The two celebrities were seen dancing and vibing to a love song and also seen in Wayne’s latest video together. Now the question is, are they truly dating?

In the video, it can be clearly seen that Wayne & Lisa look quite comfortable while dancing with each other They were seen sharing quite good chemistry that even you & I and everyone can think that they might be in a relationship

Well, there is no evidence that Wayne and Lisa are dating, it was just a flirt dancing video that anyone can do. Unfortunately, it happened right after Kountry Wayne broke up with his girlfriend and baby mama, Jess Hilarious, thus raising a dust of speculation. However, Lisa did not confirm dating Kountry Wayne, so everything remains an assumption.

Let’s see the men Lisa Raye dated and was married to in the past.

Lisa Raye’s Dating History

Spouse (s)
  • Married Tony Martin in 1992 and divorced him in 1994.
  • Married Michael Misick in 2006 and divorced him in 2008
Boyfriend (s)
  • Dated Kenji Pace from 1988 to 1990 and had a kid with him.
  • Lisa had a fling with Terry Norris in 1997
  • She dated Dati Turner in 2009 
  • She was in a relationship with Al Sharpton 
  • Lisa was also rumored to be dating Gary Payton

The high-value actress is currently a single mother to Kai Morae Pace. She gave birth to her with Kenji Pace in 1989 when they were still together. A few years later, she married Tony Martin, unfortunately, the marriage did not last more than two years, so they divorced and went their separate ways in 1994, although the reason for their divorce is not known.

Twelve years later Lisa got married to Michael Misick, the famous Chief Minister of the Turks and Caicos Islands in 2003. Their wedding was a  flamboyant and elaborate ceremony with 300 guests in attendance. They took their honeymoon to different countries and cities of the world, including Dubai, Bali, and Jerusalem to mention a few.

When they were married, Lisa was mostly called the First Lady of Turks and Caicos. In August 2008, both of them had a divorce, this was Lisa’s second time going down the divorce lane in 14 years. Misick, on the other hand, resigned from office after he was found displaying some acts of corruption. He ran away from Turks and Caicos and was eventually caught in Brazil where he was brought to justice.

Rumor said that she dated four other men, Gary Payton (A professional basketballer), Terry Norris (A professional American boxer and champion), Datari Turner (A producer and actor), and  Alfred Sharpton (An American human right activist and minister) even though Lisa said they were just friends.

Lisa Raye Husband

Although every couple screams ‘’till death do us part’’ in front of the altar, some people find a way out with divorce when they can’t stay anymore. This has been Lisa for some time, maybe marriage isn’t just meant for her. She has given a two-time trial already and both ended with the same result as we can see from her dating history.

Firstly, she was married to Tony Martin, in 1992 and it ended in 1994, secondly, she married the love of her life Michael Misick, in 2006 and their marriage ended in 2008. She later opened up that she regrets their union; it was never meant to be.



Que: Who is Lisa Raye Engaged to?

Ans: As of 2022, Lisa Raye McCoy is single and not engaged to anyone.

Que: Was Lisa Raye married to Al Sharpton?

Ans: No, she was not married to AI Sharpton, they were only in a relationship that did not lead to marriage.

Que: Does Lisa Raye have a Daughter?

Ans: Yes, Lisa Raye gave birth to a girl child on the 5th of December, 1989 with Kenji Pace. Her name is Kai Morae Pace.

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