Lil Scrappy Death & Car Crash. He Isn’t Died. Fake News Decoded

Lil Scrappy Dead

American Rapper Lil Scrappy is in trending news for the last 4-5 days. It is a very weird kind of reason why he is in news in recent times. Someone altered his information on Wikipedia and added 12th September 2022 as his death date. There were a lot of rumors about him being dead in a car accident. People were crazily sharing his death news on various social media channels.

His fans were showing grief on social media and mourning over his death. People were asking questions about whether he is alive or dead. But the reality is far away from these rumors. Are you also having questions about Lil Scarapy’s death then you will get all your answers here? But before we go into his death details, I would like to tell you more about his personal life.

Who Is Lil Scrappy? 

His birth name is Darryl Raynard Richardson III and he uses Lil Scrappy as his stage name. He was born on 19th January 1984 in Georgia, USA. He came into the limelight because of Lil john. Richardson was performing at a local bar in his hometown when he was noticed by Lil John and then signed an album with him.

Rapper’s first album was released in 2004. The album reached the 12th spot on Billboard 200. It was a split release. His second album was released in 2008.


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In 2017, Lil Scrappy married his long-time girlfriend Bambi Richardson. The couple has 3 children together two daughters Cali and Xylo and a son Breland.

Is Lil Scrappy Dead?

The short answer is no. Lil Scrappy is alive and healthy. It was all rumors. Some nasty elements spread that news on social media and changed his death info on Wikipedia. Rumors were all over the internet about his death. To clear out the rumors, Lil Scrappy himself came out and said that he is very alive. He shared videos on his Instagram Stories with his toddlers. He was seen playing games with his children. And the detail that started this rumor about his death from the Wikipedia page has been removed. The news also has been confirmed by The Sun.

Lil Scrappy Alive

Lil Scrappy Car Accident

Lil scrappy had a fatal car accident in 2018. Some of his images from the previous incident of the car crash were used by some people in the name of his death in 2022. As reported by TMZ, after leaving the nightclub in Miami, Lil Scrappy’s white Mercedez was rammed into a utility pole. The surveillance footage of the accident was shared by TMZ.

He broke his loot in 7 places in this crash. He was rushed to the hospital in Miami and was released from the hospital after 8 days of treatment. After the incident, Lil Scrappy was in a wheelchair for quite a long time. Police later closed the investigation stating the reason Scrappy fell asleep while driving and end up crashing her car.

Fans Reaction

People shared their various reactions to the news of Lil’s death. Here are some of the reactions of fans on social media.

The news of Lil Scrappy died was all over the internet and people were crazily sharing their thoughts on his death. But in the end, everything was turn out to be just rumors.

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