Leva Bonaparte Weight Loss. Southern Charm Cast Member’s Transformation 2022

Leva Bonaparte Weight Loss 2022

If you are a fan & regular watcher of the American reality TV show Southern Charm then you are definitely aware of the beautiful & amazing cast member Leva Bonaparte. Recently Leva Bonaparte is in the news due to her weight loss. People are amazed by Leva Bonaparte’s body transformation and want to know more details about how Leva Bonaparte lost weight, how much weight she lost & what did she do to lose weight.

If you also want to know the details about Leva Bonaparte’s weight loss then you will get all the information here.

But before we go deep into Southern Charm’s Leva Bonaparte’s weight loss journey I would like to tell you more about Leva and her lifestyle and why she felt the need to lose weight.

Who Is Leva Bonaparte?

Leva is one of the cast members of Bravo TV’s famous American reality TV show Southern Charm. The Southern Charm show is all about the personal and professional lives of seven socialites who share the same neighborhood in Charleston, South Carolina. The show was released in 2014 and Leva Bonaparte is associated with the show since 2020.

In the Bravo TV show, Leva with her husband Lamar bought a new house and moved to their new neighborhood. In the show, Leva was having doubts about having their second child. Besides, raising her first child who is still a toddler, Leva Bonaparte has to manage & run 4 restaurants.

All these build up a lot of stress on Leva Bonaparte emotionally and to fight off this she has to go to take therapy.

Leva Bonaparte Southern Charm

Leva Bonaparte Weight Loss In 2022

Leva Bonaparte shared on her Instagram that she became the target of online body shammers. Bonaparte is a positive person and she took this body shaming in a positive way and replied to haters via her social media post. In a post shared by her on her Instagram, Leva stated that when people tell her that she looks chubby on TV she says it’s okay and even after looking chubby she looks cute. In the same post, she also advised people to accept their bodies in all shapes.

Leva Bonaparte further added & confirmed that she gained some weight during Covid-19 due to stressful times for business and personal reasons. She was a bit insecure but her insecurities didn’t stop her from moving in her life further. She also stated that after becoming a mom, women see changes in their bodies and it is an obvious & natural thing. But Leva Bonaparte accepted the change in her body after the delivery of her baby boy and she liked the way she looked then.


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In her other Instagram post, Leva revealed more details about her weight loss transformation. She said that she is a quiet private person and believes that emotions & body are incredibly sacred and private things. But she is constantly getting messages from her followers & fans about her weight loss & what she did to lose weight.

Reveling about her body transformation journey, Southern Charm cast member Leva Bonaparte stated that she never had any type of elective surgery in her life. She has always been very careful about her eating habits, and exercise routine and always takes care of being hydrated. The problems started when she found herself struggling in getting pregnant. Being in her mid-30s & not getting pregnant, was an experience of being poked and prodded and all anxiety.

She underwent various hormone treatments in order to fix her pregnancy issues. And these treatments resulted in Leva gaining 15 pounds of weight. But she was happy with her weight gain because finally she was able to get pregnant and delivered a baby boy due to treatments.

But during her pregnancy, Leva had very bad food choices. Due to her bad food choices, Leva Bonaparte gained 70 lbs of weight during her pregnancy. Fortunately, after the delivery of her child, Leva was able to lose 3/4 of those gained weight during her pregnancy. Leva further told that she felt that the rest weight she gained during pregnancy was very hard to lose. So, she accepted that and moved on with the rest weight she gained and still wasn’t able to lose. And to lose 1/4 of the gained weight was not her priority.

How Did Leva Bonaparte Lose Weight?

Leva made herself comfortable with the weight she wasn’t able to lose after the delivery of her boy. But the situation changed during Covid Pandemic. She again gained weight and it was the highest weight she ever had in her life. It was so stressful time for her.

Leva Bonaparte thought to herself that, that was high time, enough is enough & she had to make some changes in her body. To lose weight Leva Bonaparte started doing cardio for 40 mins 5 days a week. She made changes in her eating habits and stopped eating carbs. After all these efforts, Leva was able to lose around 20 pounds of weight.

But even after losing some weight, Leva was still struggling with her weight. She thought that her body is not what it used to be before she deliver a baby and still there are areas with stubborn fat that she wasn’t able to lose. She decided to meet a doctor for that and Leva finally decided to go to meet the plastic surgeon Dr. Clayton Crantford.

Initially, Leva was very skeptical & full of anxiety before meeting the doctor. But after meeting Dr. Clayton all her doubts were cleared and she was very confident and trusted his judgment completely. And Leva Bonaparte also said that she is in love with her tweaked body & new look.

According to ScreenRant.Com, Leva Bonaparte underwent plastic surgery for her weight loss. As per the official website of Dr. Clayton Crantford CCPlastic.Com, they provide many services for weight loss and other body part improvements like Liposuction, BOTOX & others.


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Leva Bonaparte Weight Loss After Before

Here are some motivating & inspirational Leva Bonaparte after & before weight loss photos.

Leva Bonaparte Weight Loss 2022
Leva Bonaparte Weight Loss
Leva Bonaparte Weight Loss After Before

Final Word: Leva Bonaparte Weight Loss

Leva Bonaparte is such a positive person and an inspiration for many women. She always promotes body positivity and ignores the body shammer trolls. She says “Don’t SHELF things because you don’t feel like your best self. Power through. Life has seasons😘 Her story of weight loss and body transformations is an inspiration for pregnant women. Leva gained 70 pounds of weight and lost almost 3/4 of the gained weight naturally. You too can do that, you too can lose weight, & you too can become healthy again.

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