Letitia Dean Weight Loss 2022. Diet & Exercise. How She Dropped 4 Dress Size?

Letitia Dean Weight Loss Before After

If you are a fan of BBC’s TV show EastEnders then you might be aware of the character Sharon Mitchell. When the latest episode of EastEnders aired, it made people awestruck. Sharon Mitchell AKA Letitia Dean is looking totally different. People are speculating that Letitia Dean has done something recently with her to look different. People are noticing changes in her hair and weight. And Letitia Dean has definitely lost weight in 2022. And people want to know how Letitia Dean has lost weight, did she undergo weight loss surgery, or which diet & workout routine she followed in order to lose weight.

And how she lost 4 dress sizes in 4 months? You will get to know each & every detail related to Letitia Dean’s weight loss.

But before going further & knowing more about her new look, I would like to walk you through her personal life, so you can have a better idea about who is Letitia Dean and what were har obstacles in her weight loss journey and how did she overcome and lost weight.

Who Is Letitia Dean?

Her full name is Letitia Jane Dean. Letitia was born on 14th November 1967 in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. She is a British Actress and quite popular for her onscreen character Sharon Watts in BBC’s Soap Opera EastEnders. She is one of those actors who are associated with EastEnders since the show’s started in 1985. EastEnders is airing new episodes on TV for the last 37 years. To date, more than 6500 episodes are released of EastEnders.

Letitia Dean was in the cast of EastEnders from 1985 to 1995 then she was not associated with the show for almost 6 years and then she again was in the cast of the show from 2001 to 2006 and then after a gap of 6 years, Letitia Dean is associated with the show from 2012 to till date. Apart from EastEnders, Letitia also has worked in other TV shows too like Grange Hill, Brookside, The Hello Girls, etc.

She started acting at the very young age of 12. Her first acting performance was to play the character of Pepper in the stage musical “Annie“. Later she played the lead female Sandy in another stage musical Grease. Between the ages of 13 to 17, Letitia did a few roles in various TV programs.

But the opportunity that made her household name came in 1984 when she auditioned to play one of the main cast in BBC’s new TV show “EASTENDERS”. It was a character’s demand to have a bouncy, attractive, oddly vulnerable young woman look. The creators of the Soap Opera were looking for someone to fit the character’s demands. And their search ended at Letitia. Letitia Dean got the role of Sharon Watts in EastEnders.


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Letitia Dean Weight Loss

Speaking about her experience being an overweight actress, she said that she had quite a lot of horrible things said about her like she is too fat and the other actors complain that they can’t fit on the same set as Letitia Dean. And she further added that she has tried many things before in order to get slim. Letitia also told that in 2007, she took part in Strictly Come Dancing and the main reason for her participating in the show was that Letitia wanted to do something about her figure. In expressing her difficulties with weight loss, Letitia Dean revealed that she was so sick of extreme dieting and her weight yo-yoing.

The actress has been quite open about her weight loss struggle and her experiences with different weight loss methods. In some other interview, Letitia told that she tried almost every fad diet available on the market for weight loss. She tried everything from the cabbage soup diet to the Atkins diet to the eggs-only diet.

Later she revealed some details about how she lost weight and what helped her in getting fit & slim on High School Musical Live Show. And in the Strictly Come Dancing, she was looking fitFor losing, weight Letitia started going to the gym for the first time in her life. And she further told that after starting to go to the gym, she now likes to run and boxercise. It is kind of her favorite thing now.

Letitia Dean Weight Loss Diet

Having a healthy weight loss diet is a must for weight loss. Letitia also followed this must rule for her weight loss. Apart from, starting her gym routine for exercising, Letitia also started to focus on a healthy diet. She changed her diet routine and started focusing on reducing her calorie intake to 1300 per day to speed up her weight loss journey. To limit her calorie intake to only 1300, Letitia made many changes in her food choices and opted for a healthy diet.

Explaining more about her healthy food habits, Letitia told that she likes to eat pitta bread, grilled, skinless chicken breast, and lots of greens. And revealed that she noticed that after changing her food habits she had so much more energy than when she used to eat junk food. And due to her constant experiments and efforts for weight loss and changing to a healthy routine, Letitia Dean was finally able to lose 4 dress sizes in just 4 months. Letitia after a lot of effort finally lost around 24 pounds/ 2 stone of body weight.

Letitia Dean Before And After

Here are some of Letitia Dean’s weight loss before & after photos. The weight loss transformation of Letitia Dean definitely will give you motivation.

Letitia Dean Weight Loss Diet
Letitia Dean Weight Loss Before After
Letitia Dean Weight Loss
Letitia Dean Now

Letitia Dean Weight Loss Surgery

After her latest appearance at British Soap Award recently where she won the award for Outstanding Achievement, people started to notice that something has been changed and she has lost weight. After her weight loss transformation, people were even speculating that Letitia Dean might have undergone weight loss surgery for quick relief from the excess body weight. But all these speculations are wrong. Definitely, Letitia Dean has lost weight not with weight loss surgery but with a healthy lifestyle routine. She chooses healthy foods over junk foods in the order to lose weight. She also started going to the gym for shedding some extra pounds. That’s how Letitia Dean lost weight in natural ways, not with weight loss surgery.

Letitia Dean Now

In recent times, Letitia Dean is looking amazing now. After losing 2 stones of weight she is looking thinner than before. She is more healthy now and as per her interviews, she is feeling more energy after opting for healthy food. Her character is back with the new episodes of EastEnders.


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Fan Reaction To Letitia Dean’s Weight Loss

People are giving their shocking reactions to Letitia Deans’ weight loss. She is getting a lot of praise for her weight loss transformation. People have given her the name of “Skinny Queen” for her weight loss journey.  People are commenting on her latest photos that she is looking amazing and very fit.


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Sharon is a boss! Letitia Dean is also looking fantastic. #EastEnders

— Nosey (@NoseyMJ) June 14, 2022

In the end, I would only like to say that it is good to be healthy and fit. Letitia Dean’s weight loss is an inspiration for us. Even though having a tight schedule for her TV show, she still tries to keep herself healthy.

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