Lauren Sanchez Plastic Surgery. Jeff Bezos’s Girlfriend’s Before-After Photos

Lauren Sanchez Plastic Surgery

The present girlfriend of Amazon owner and the ex-girlfriend of NFL hall of fame footballer Tony Gonzalez, Lauren Sanchez came into the limelight after she appeared on Thursday Night Football. That’s not new news that Lauren comes in the news again and again as she is the girlfriend of Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos the 2nd richest person in the world. And she has been always noticed for being in a relationship with Amazon owner Jeff Bezos and the footballer Tony Gonzalez. 

People always noticed changes in her look throughout time. Whether when she was with her first husband or when she is with Amazon’s founder & CEO Jeff Bezos, people have always noticed certain changes in her looks. Everyone becomes very much interested to find out whether she has taken the help of any plastic surgery or not.  It is only possible through the help of knife work that has brought a huge change in her appearance or looks. Even both Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez have received a lot of allegations for taking the advantage of plastic surgeries.

But none of them officially ever confirmed this matter. To keep away themselves from the natural aging process and to look younger both of them have might taken the advantage of plastic surgery. If you are interested to find out interesting information regarding the plastic surgery of Lauren Sanchez find out all the details here quickly.

But before we go deep down into the details of Lauren Sanchez plastic surgery, I would like to walk you through some personal life fats of Mr. Bezos’s new girlfriend. So, let’s get started. 

Who Is Lauren Sanchez? 

Lauren Sanchez Is a very famous personality and she has gained all her success and popularity through news anchoring and as an entertainment reporter. She was born on December 19, 1969. Moreover, she has achieved all of her Stardom through anchoring and by following the reporter career. She achieved huge success and recognition for her guest host role in the show The View.

She has done a lot of other projects and achieved fame and recognition from the audience by co-hosting Good Day LA on KTTV Fox 11. Even she also worked as an anchor for Fox 11 Ten O’clock News and on Extra as a special correspondent. Moreover, she remained in limelight always being the ex-wife of Tony Gonzalez. But as of 2022, she is dating the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos.

At the same time, Lauren Sanchez made it into the limelight when she cheered for her ex-boyfriend previously in Thursday Night Football before his debut as an analyst. Keeping all of these things aside, she has been in the news for dating the Amazon CEO and the Hall Of Fame footballer Tony. In fact, being an entertainment anchor and news reporter, she has been questioned by her fans about whether she has taken the benefit of plastic surgery or not.

Lauren Sanchez Plastic Surgery

To look younger even in old age most celebrities take the help of different plastic surgeries. Some celebrities take the help of botox, some take fillers, and some actress takes the help of Breast enlargement. And we even don’t know how many types of plastic surgeries are there that famous people undergo for a better look. 

Lauren Sanchez has been accused of plastic surgeries every now and then. There are a lot of fan theories or speculations that Lauren Sanchez might have taken the help of plastic surgeries to maintain her younger look. According to the fans, Lauren Sanchez used to have very glowing skin and a fuller face. Here is a Reddit thread talking about Lauren’s plastic surgery. 

But right now she always presents herself in matte makeup style. Moreover, she even carried a heart-shaped face as an outline. As we all know the fact very well with time everything changes. Even the same thing can also happen with the anchor as she never admitted publicly whether she has taken the benefit of the plastic surgery or not. But according to the fans as she looked very attractive and elegant when she was working as a Fox anchor. At that time she also appeared in the ‘50 Most Beautiful Edition’ in the US Weekly in 2010 and received recognition from the audience. 

Therefore, since the anchor did not accept the thing officially, we the audience can conclude all of this was just a mere rumor. According to Lauren Sanchez, the rumor of going under the knife is totally false. But Lauren’s before and after pictures says a totally different story. Here is one picture comparing Lauren Sanche’s 2 different looks. 

Lauren Sanchez Before After
Source: Instagram/Lauren Sanchez

This huge difference in her looks might also be due to the natural aging process because we all look different when growing old. But with the natural aging process, there must be wrinkles too on her face and there are no wrinkles. And her lips look totally different. These changes might be due to Lauren Sanches’ various plastic surgeries.

How Many Plastic Surgeries She Has Done?

For several years this popular American news anchor Lauren Sanchez has been targeted by people for her different looks. She always has been accused of taking the advantage of plastic surgery. And her plastic surgery rumors are also the reason for her being in the news constantly. 

And when she frequently faced a lot of rumors about the plastic surgery on her face she remained in limelight and became the talk of the nation for everyone. For the last few years, she has been in news as her current boyfriend but most of the time due to her plastic surgery rumors. 

In fact, Lauren Sanchez remained constantly in the news and became a public image for the audience. Previously her lips were quite larger and her jawline of her is perfect than those in the previous pictures of her. Therefore, we can think all of these things are totally a misconception by the audience and she has not taken the benefit of plastic surgery at any point of time in her career.

Besides that, she has always maintained a very strict diet routine and exercise routine for herself to maintain her natural look and glow. Everything that made the limelight about both the Amazon CEO and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez is totally wrong. Even though she was accused of surgeries all the time but Lauren never excepted publically that she has undergone any surgery to alter her looks. Lauren Sanchez Plastic Surgery is always a talk of the town for people who knows her and follow her. 

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos’s Girlfriend

Both Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez became a hot topic for the audience when they started dating each other. Jeff Bezos is the CEO of Amazon and was married previously to another woman MacKenzie Scott for 26 years of a successful marriage.  In 2019 Bezos separated from wife MacKenzie. 

Even both of them publicly confessed that for the past few years they are in a relationship with each other and are happy with the relationship. Besides that, both of them have appeared at many events and occasions together. Since then the couple has become a strong and very attractive couple. Besides that, both of them have expressed to do something for the society and donate their wealth to charity for needy people. Not only that, the Amazon CEO and his partner have done a lot of campaigns together to help other people. Even they have also expressed a lot of things to do and to help other people in the future time.

In 2019 Bezos accused the National Enquirer owner of blackmailing him for his relationship with his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez. It was full of a lot of drama. Even Donald Trump‘s name came out in the whole controversy.

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