Lara Beitz Weight Loss. Diet, Workout & After Before Of Comedian

Lara Beitz Before After

Comedian Lara Beitz lost 40 pounds of weight during the Covid times. She is looking way fitter and healthier than she used to be previously. She shared pictures on her social media accounts about her weight loss. Here are the full details about Lara Beitz’s weight loss, diet, workout routine, and before-after pictures.

But before I tell you more about her weight loss, let me tell you some personal details about Lara Beitz that you might don’t know.

Who Is Lara Beitz?

Lara Beitz and some people even know her as Laura Bites is an American comedian. She was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Lara Beitz has been seen in many famous comedy shows like The Comedy Store, Lights Out with David Spade, and Laughs. She started her career as a professional comedian in 2010 and in 2012 she was awarded Milwaukee’s Funniest Comic in 2012. In 2015, she made her first TV debut with Fox’s Laughs.

Lara Beitz Weight Loss

As you go through Lara’s old pictures, you will see that she was always a bit heavy in weight. She used to joke about her weight a lot in her stand-up comedy acts. But as the covid time came, Lara got the time. She used all those non-working time in shaping her body. In those times she lost around 40 lbs of weight. She posted about this on her Instagram account.


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But the first time, Lara Beitz revealed about her amazing weight loss transformation in Joe Rogan‘s podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. She revealed many things about her diet and workout routine on the podcast. In the podcast, she told that she feels lighter now.

Further, Lara told that she feels like she has lost eight bags of potatoes. in her own words, she said, “I think of what it would be like to carry that around in a backpack, like through an airport, and then get to set it down. … My ankle weights and my hand weights together are 20 pounds. And if I think about carrying that around times two, even across a room, I would be tired.”

Lara added that she feels much better after losing weight. And she was suffering from back pain since her teenage days. And she was also suffering from joint pain for a long time. Lara thought that she would have to face this pain her whole life as she always thought she is overweight. But after losing weight all that pain was gone.

When she started her weight loss journey she was at 180 pounds and that was the highest weight Lara ever had. So, Lara started her weight loss journey by setting up a goal of losing weight of 25 pounds and reach to 155 lbs. But as a result of her efforts, she lost around 40 pounds of weight.

Lara Beitz Weight Loss Diet

Lara told Joe that she feels way better after losing weight and doesn’t ever want to gain weight again and just wants to keep it off. To lose weight Lara Beitz did many efforts. Here is the list of things things that she did change in her eating habits. Here is Lara Beitz’s weight loss diet.

Lara shared a post on her Instagram in Jue this year. In this post, she was talking about the diet that has helped her in her weight loss. Lara in her post said that she has stopped having flour and sugar. She also mentioned this in a podcast episode with Joe. Lara told that she thought that flour and sugar is inflammatory and might be the reason for her weight gain.

2 years ago, Beitz joined a support group for overeaters. After joining the group she made a list of her binge foods. After making the list, Lara realized that all her foods had flour or sugar in them. So, the comedian stopped eating all bad foods for good health. As she quit eating bad foods, she started having a balanced diet. She hired a dietician to measure her fruit, protein, grain & vegetable intake. Her balanced diet is the main factor behind her being able to maintain her weight loss.

A balanced diet is a type of diet that includes all the nutrition that a person requires for a healthy body. If you also want to lose, then I recommend you must focus on having healthy foods. But mostly all these healthy foods are not good in taste and that makes it harder for people to choose healthy foods over tasty foods. But what if I tell you that you can make your favorite foods healthy? Yes, it is possible. There is a simple method that can help you in making tasty foods healthy. Click here to watch the recipe video

Lara Beitz Weight Loss Workout

Apart from a healthy diet, the other factor that is very important for weight loss is regular workouts. Lara Beitz also followed the same path to losing 40 pounds of weight. For her weight loss, Lara Beitz gives all the credit to her fellow comedian Stasia Patwell. Patwell helped Lara a lot in her weight loss transformation

Stasia Patwell is a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, and stand-up comedian. She helps women in getting in shape. She runs a fitness program called “Schools Of Thot“. Lara also joined her workout program and lost weight. It is a fitness program that is a highly regarded personalized 8-week semi-private group training program. It includes 4 exclusive live Zoom workouts a week. Apart from this, there is a bunch of fitness training videos that are given to the program joiner. 

Lara Beitz Before After

Here are some of Lara Beitz’s before and after weight loss pictures. I hope you get inspiration from her weight loss transformation and start your healthy journey today.

Lara Beitz Weight Loss

Laura Bites Weight Loss

Comedian Laura Bites Weight Loss


Conclusion: Lara Beitz Weight Loss

Lara Beitz is quite famous for her stand-up comedy acts. Most time people call her comedian Laura Bites instead of Lara Beitz. Lara lost around 40 pounds and she shared these details on her various social media accounts.

She restricted herself from eating unhealthy bad foods and started eating a balanced food diet for weight loss. She got support from her colleague Stasia Patwell through her personalized fitness program. Lara set up a goal of 250 calorie deficit daily for weight loss. To achieve this target, she didn’t starve herself but did intense workouts and stopped eating bad foods. She didn’t have a pizza for a year and even didn’t touch any sugar products. That’s how Lara lost all her excess weight. 

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